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How many Radio Legends cleverly disguised as Montreal Canadiens can you name? List them below.

Wow my old radio partner Bill Yde just sold his traffic company he started with $900.00 in his pocket for 266 Million. I’ll have to dig through some old boxes and see if I can find any binding agreements between us. (-:

Another friend, Ivan Braiker looks like he also got to cash in some big chips with his company Hip Cricket. Why do I think both of them are well on their way to forgetting my name.

How about them Sox spanking the Yankees at Fenway.

The reason Santa Clause is smiling in all those pictures you see of him is because he discovered the joy of giving. I bet even he would like a little return action now and then.

I did something recently that I regreted doing. I stumbled upon a personal note my daughter had written about her Mom. Half of me said I shouldn’t share it with her Mother the other half hoped something like this would be shared with me. Hey I had a 50 50 shot I figured, it went badly. I told my Brother about it and he said you had no choice you had to do it because the 50% possibility of the note doing some good. That out weighs the possibility of a negative reaction. He reminded me about why I quit smoking. Candis had saved up all her baby sitting money when she was 13 or 14 and gave to me what she called ” The Gift Of Life” in the form of a product called Smoke Enders. I had no choice, I had to quit smoking. That’s why you shared the note Reg said.

The only thing worse than living with someone you no longer want to live with may be living with someone who doesn’t want to live with you.

I think Authors are much smarter than most Air Talent, they know its all about the book. The Air Talent still think it’s all about them.

I also think it’s about “The Game” not the Athletes

When I first started doing AC type programming we would look for top 40 Jocks who had a lotta style but weren’t as young sounding as they needed to be anymore. We would talk them into moving to AC where we wouldn’t change their sound or their style, just their content. Now I think it’s time to move them into talk.

Now that you can publish your own Blog as I do I guess the old Publish or Perish is now a thing of the past.

The only big change I’ve noticed since Obama was elected is much higher gas prices.

Just because Radio has been doing it forever doesn’t mean it’s not dumb.

My definition of ART is … The Observation Of Life with your slightly exaggerated and emotional comments about It.

Of all the women I have encountered during my lifetime, My Grandmother, My Mother, My Sister, My Aunts, My Cousins, My Wife, My Fiances, My Lovers, My Girlfriends My Gal friends and all My Acquaintances. My Daughters so far have been the most powerful.

Have you ever noticed that the more you plan things out the more of a disappointment they turn out to be. Yet sometimes the things that just happen to us turn out to be a nice pleasant surprise. Maybe we should just let things happen a little more often.

I met Reid Reker for the first time when I moved to San Diego and remember saying to him  … Man this is beautiful I love it here. He responded with, what’s not to like. The Ocean, the Mountains and the Desert they are are all here take your pick. I hate it though because I can’t see any of it. All I can see are the Millionaires who own it.

I’m not a big fan of the Arab world but I sure like their immigration laws.

Warren Cosford and I had a recent conversation about how lucky we were growing up in the world when Rock & Roll had just begun. Not only did we love it as all our friends did but we could play it too which made us instant experts and led us to our lifetime careers.

The toughest time in a young woman’s life may be finding a young man who will treat her even better than her daddy treated her. Well thats my plan anyway.

Anyone can say no but only a few can say yes.

Mike McVay and I both agree that there are a couple of things that after showing them off to your friends you sometimes wish you could just return them. “Houses and Women”

Bad Boy Bobby is at it again …

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    • That is a pretty good life but I bet it also has some not so good moments. You will have to check with my two Princesses on that though(-:

  1. In an industry that glamorizes frailty and gives awards to songs with self-destructive lyrics like “Rehab,” isn’t it great to hear George recognize his powerful daughters?

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