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 Jay Williams, the former GM of F105 (WVBF) in Boston recently emailed some kind words to me saying, “George even though you weren’t formally educated; you always managed to bring an interesting perspective on life to the radio.” Thank you, Jay, you’re right about the education but even though I’m not intellectually qualified to debate with the elitist professors who lecture at the likes of Stanford, Berkley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale, I’m itching to do so. (Did I leave any geek schools out, If so I apologize.)
Ok, my learned socialist friends answer me this, “If Hitler had won the war, would Mr. Ford or the Dodge Brothers be running Detroit now, or would it be Mr. Benz and Mr.Toyota? Why do we vacation in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam where American soldiers died, but not Cuba? Better start making vacation plans for Iraq and Iran before all the hotels are gone. Oh and if Germany Italy and Japan still own the lands we conquered, why don’t the North American Indians or even the French in Canada who took them first still own them?” It’s pretty obvious to me that Castro (pictured above) didn’t get the memo when this was all decided.


Speaking of the French, what percentage of them do you suppose are employed by the federal government in Quebec eh?

What I’ve never understood is as liberal as Harvard is, how do the people who graduate from its business school manage to not be liberal?

So my buddy Big Bob and I hit a few bars tonight including one called Twin Peaks which is one of our favorites. The bartenders are all in their early 20’s, skinny with all the bumps in all the right places and the ability to make a couple of old guys like Bob and myself feel special. Anyway as we’re sitting there nursing our drinks and enjoying the view, we can’t help but notice this black dude sporting dreadlocks hanging around the bar area. He was laughing while taking pictures of the giggling bartender’s asses and Bob and I couldn’t help but say in unison, “Fucking drug Dealer.” Sure enough, when we left for the evening, he was out front doing a little business with a few folks who were parked out front. Now my question is if Bob and I can spot drug dealers that easily, where the fuck is the DEA or whoever else’s job it is to keep this scum away from young girls?

Sometimes I just have to wonder who’s crazier, me or some of the women who have been in my life?

Ponder this, what if when the baby clock went off and men were no longer interested in sex?

We’ll know the sexual harassment stuff has reached the tipping point when some guys start complaining that their manhood is in question because they haven’t been accused.

I wonder who was it that told Stevie Wonder that he was black and how did they explain it?

One of the best things Pierre Trudeau ever did when he was the Prime Minister of Canada was to kick Charles DeGaul out of the country for his inappropriate behavior. I doubt very much that his son would have the balls to do so today.

Avoiding a problem only allows it to grow all out of proportion.
I wonder how things would have gone had Jesus been married?
Speaking of marriage, when couples go through a divorce, I wonder why it’s always your friend who was the good person?
The media may not acknowledge or remember your acts of kindness, but the folks sure do.
It looks like the only way to get rid of the so-called important people in America is to accuse them of inappropriate sexual behavior. For some reason, Americans are ok with those who lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, or accept bribes. Weird!
With all this sexual harassment stuff going on I wonder when the lawyers are going to start advising Mr. Businessman that it’s not wise to hire women because of the legal ramifications. Time to start your own business ladies.
Do you have to be part of the extreme left to become a professor?
The only presidential candidate who will get my attention will be the one who claims that he/she is going after big business.
A lot of women are attracted to powerful men, but most of those men are smart enough, if inclined, to let it come to them. It’s the men in positions of power who really don’t have any who are most likely to harass.
I think maybe the reason that Congress doesn’t come up with a new way of financing election campaigns cutting out the need for contributions from big business, is because they plan on stealing some of it?
When too many words are used explaining some charges on your bill, you’re usually getting scammed. Most of those words are legalese preventing them from getting arrested for screwing you.
Is it the Singer or the Song? Well here’s a clue, the songwriter doesn’t have to go on the road unless they want to.

Are “Rock Stars” sexually harassed?

Wow, Stephen Hawking is gone, what a mind huh. He proved the point that sometimes adversity leads to brilliance.

Why does every government agency feel a need to suck up to “Big Business?”

With the football season over, and March Madness taking over TV, here’s some football trivia that could keep it alive for you plus maybe win ya a few drinks at a sports bar.
Q: What Heisman winning QB from Stanford who was drafted by New England but then cut went on to win 2 Superbowls where he was the MVP in one of them but remarkably is not in the hall of fame?
A: Jim Plunket of the Oakland Raiders.

Speaking of March Madness, I wonder what the folks think about the controversial firing of Bobby Knight back in 2000 now that not only are they are no longer winning NCAA championships, they’re not even in the tournament? 

Lots of sexual stuff going on right now so here’s a fun look at the word that’s always in the middle of it all. (Very R rated)
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