Pedophiles Rights. (new Blog for the week of July 11/16)


Years ago I had the oil painting done of my two daughters (shown above) which didn’t turn out as well as I hoped for but c’est la vie. When I asked the artist when he thought I should do a portrait of Cami he told me to wait until she was about 14. At that age he claimed she would pretty well look like she was gonna look for the rest of her life but she’d still have the look of innocence in her eyes.

It’s not about a deranged black man killing 5 policemen in Dallas, it’s about what the black community thinks about it.

The longer the explanation the more likelihood of it’s being untrue.

Stupid and/or greedy people are the most dangerous creatures on earth.
Judge a man not by his answers but by his questions.
You are who you hang with.
If Canadians and Americans spoke a different languages they’d understand each other better.
I wonder why Tim Tebow being unstoppable in the Red Zone wasn’t enough.
Be 1st, Be Better or Be Different otherwise be prepared to lose.
How long do you suppose till pedophiles are screaming for their rights?
You only need to do what ever it takes to be happy today because tomorrow never comes and the past exists only if you think about it.
The only smart thing I may have done in my life was not marrying all the women I fell in love with.
Hey Washington, on a scale of 1 – 10 how’s your war on terror and drugs going.
Do news anchors really believe that they can change our minds about anything.
How come the market reacts so quickly to anything and everything but adjusts so slowly kinda like gas prices that also rise quickly and fall so slowly.
Lest we forget, it was our liberating Kuwait that got all this bullshit started which has cost us billions. Hey did they ever even send us thank you card?

Wow Jeff & Jer plus Delilah are going into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. Proud to have had the honor of working with them.

Speaking of chasing oil doesn’t anybody realize that with all the oil we have in North America it would be impossible to use it all up.

Few people realize that the only qualification needed for becoming part of the news media is a job but being qualified to also work at Hooters doesn’t hurt either.

Most women are aware that we lust after them, they’re only confused about why.
Women hate womanizers unless they’re the one being womanized.
A well educated assertive man can handle anything thrown at him except a beautiful woman.
Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.
It’s very fun working with people in radio who want to become super stars and very boring working with those that are just trying to hang on.
Things are what they are but unless you work on how you dream them to be they will never be.
A lot of schools can teach you how to do business but none can teach you how to do gifted.
The off button is radio’s real enemy whereas the scan button has always been its best friend.

The thing that makes running different and harder to do than any other sport is you’re either running or your not.

Being in love means having your significant other’s back even when they’re wrong.

A bunch of politically correct buzz words is not going to correct what went on in Dallas.

Nobody ever retires from show business the phone just stops ringing.

Why do people who finally make enough money to actually pay taxes spend most of their time trying to figure out how not to.

I just read somewhere that the Canadian Postal workers are threatening to strike or maybe do work slow downs or something. Recently I received some mail from Canada that took 15 days to get here and I couldn’t help but wonder how they could possibly go any slower.

The secret to success is your continuing to pursue it.

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6 thoughts on “Pedophiles Rights. (new Blog for the week of July 11/16)

  1. A lot of controversial statements, George. I suppose that’s the point.
    Regarding womanizing, I once heard Randi Rhodes on the air trying to explain women to men: “Women only want men to consider them do-able; and then just leave us alone.” Something to that effect. It answers a little of the confusion.

    • And men Ken are hard when they’re soft and soft when they’re hard. Women only know how to deal with one of those but when they figure out both, look out.

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