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A year or so ago, when Cami and I were visiting her sister Candis and Nephew Nathaniel in LA, we had lunch at the Dish restaurant in La Canada. All of a sudden, Cami, who was sitting across from me, says, “Don’t move Daddy,” and takes a picture of film actor Vince Vaughn who is sitting in the booth behind us. (see photo above, I’m the green tee-shirt)

Now, what made this whole thing a little weird was that Cami and I had just seen him in a movie called “The Internship” the night before. I’ve always thought of him as a pretty funny guy, and in fact, his “The Wedding Crashers” is one of my all-time favorite movies.

However, he sure wasn’t funny today, though, which was making my Daughter Candis upset because his language was atrocious.
Vince was ranting, “The f**king critics claim that I play the same part in all my movies, then when I step outside the f**king box and do something serious, the f**king a**holes say that I should stick to what I do best, p**cks!”

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what movie he meant. I’ve seen him now and then in some relatively straight parts, but nothing I would call out of the box.Then I saw it! The movie’s called, Seberg, and is about Jean Seberg, an actress from France who came to Hollywood to shoot a new film. While there, she got involved with the black movement, and the FBI tried to ruin her. Vince plays the part of a racist, bigoted, sexist, FBI agent who was harassing her. Hey Vince, the critics are right, you should stick with what you do best.


In Russia, China, and various other countries, when the government tells them to do something, they do it. In America, we’re so arrogant that when the government orders us to do something, we take it under advisement.

Speaking of arrogance, what the hell are the French so arrogant about, they haven’t done anything memorable for several hundred years.

The first rule of Show Biz is, get noticed. The second is, figure out what the public wants and give it to them.

I don’t think I’m racist, but I may be prejudiced, hell, who ain’t.

Speaking of racist, a retired running back with the Miami Dolphins told me that the most racist people in the world are black ladies when a brother gets involved with a white woman.

Jack McCoy told me long ago that whoever funds the survey usually does much better in it.

When is somebody with deep pockets gonna put a band together in Winnipeg called Bachman Turner Cummings & Young? I’m pretty sure these guys would fill stadiums worldwide.

The only way to grow is by doing something that you’ve never done before.

If you can change one person’s mind, you can change the world.

Depressed people may be the life of the party, but believe me, they’re not having any fun.

What a person’s trying to say shows up immediately after the word, but.

How come the more expensive the shipping, the slower the delivery?

Who a man sleeps with, changes little, but who a woman sleeps with could change the world.

You get another chance to be somebody every day.

How can America claim to be concerned about world hunger when North Dakota alone can feed the whole world they send money instead. Hell, who doesn’t know that the corrupt politicians in those countries take their share first?


Alexander Mair: Gordon Lightfoot and I were at the Buffalo concert too. The promoter was a pair called Harvey and Corky Harvey Winestein. (Guitar Man)
Geo: No doubt you guys had better seats than me, Al.

Billy Bob Harris: George, thank you for running the tribute(s) from Larry Gatlin and The Righteous Brothers honoring our selfless healthcare workers on the front line of the COVID pandemic. As you know, I was a young stockbroker in Dallas and had zero journalism, radio, or media experience. Still, by the grace of God, I got to piggyback (for about 15 years) on the smashing success of this radio station as it was blowing up the charts in radio history. It would be impossible to exaggerate what it did for my career and life experiences. As I recall, in the late ’80s, New York-based Infinity Broadcasting bought KVIL for more than $80 million, which was the highest amount ever paid for a stand-alone radio station in the U.S. at that time. I’m forever grateful to Ron Chapman, you, and all of the people that you mentioned were the heartbeat of KVIL, which I was so blessed by being at the right place at the right time, and most particularly with the right people. (Corona)
Geo: My pleasure, Billy Bob, we all owe the front liners so much, and just so you know, that blog is already my second most read this year.

Jill Lucas: The tribute to our first responders was moving & amp; heartfelt! Billy Bob Harris is probably the most selfless human on Earth! His wealth of friendships is incomparable! I have been blessed with his Friendship for 51 years, and many of my most cherished life experiences include him! He is what every person strives to be as a Friend and just a GOOD person! When he sent me the Bill Medley tribute…It affected me. Personally! I lost my precious Mother on 12/30/19 & amp; my shattered Heart was having a hard time with being aline in our Home we shared for 30+ years! She was my Best Friend & oh how she loved Billy Bob! The Righteous Brothers sang directly to me with every word of…”You Will NEVER Walk Alone”! It was as if God, himself, had sent me a message from Heaven! I just wanted to share this! God always knows what we need, and when we need it! #Amen (Corona)
Geo: Amen, indeed, Jill.

Thanks, Billy Bob, I enjoyed George’s stories and one liner’s, and the picture of you and Holly—two of my favorite friends. You are also a Dallas legend!   All the best,  Danny Robinowitz (Corona)

Thank you for sharing George’s blog with me.  No doubt those were the greatest years in radio and happiest memories for you. Hugs. Tracy Glover

Billy Bob – -this is the coolest thing ever!  You haven’t lost your touch!!!  Terry Savage

Thanks for sending, Billy Bob!!!!  Kate Ditzler

I am logged in.  Gene Street

That is great.  Thnx Signed up to receive his blog. Billy Emerson

Awww! That was AMAZINGlY beautiful!  I got chills!!  God Bless them and all our healthcare workers. Thank you for sharing! XO  Holly Forsythe

This is awesome! Love it and great job!! XXOO  Kim Gatlin (Corona)

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Out Of The Box) New 6/08/20

  1. Al Mair: I spelled Winestein wrong. This is the infamous Harvey of Hollywood fame. (Out Of The Box)

    Geo: One wouldn’t want to be confused with him, Al.

  2. Geo wrote: Speaking of arrogance, what the hell are the French so arrogant about, they haven’t done anything memorable for several hundred years.
    Isn’t inventing the guillotine and French fries enough George? Course both were invented more than 200 years ago….so they have fallen down in the inventing things department. (Out Of The Box)
    Geo: Hell they can’t even get that right, Dougie, they think they’re called, Pommes Frites.

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