One Moment Can Change Your Entire Life !



When I was the new board op at CKY in Winnipeg I luckily got assigned the perfect seat at my first KY Christmas Party. My table mates were national TV and Radio legend Jack Wells and his wife Flika. Joining us was newly arrived PD and afternoon guy Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) with his wife Barbara. You would have thought I would have been tongue tied but somehow I managed to get the whole table laughing. which was no easy task for a rookie board op. How could I possibly prove it was me making them laugh you may ask. That’s easy, just take a look at my wife Lana seated beside me in the photo and you can see she’s the only one not really laughing.

Speaking of CKY it looks like a long over due reunion is finally going to take place next May. CKY produced many people from a lot of different eras who managed to change the sound of Radio in North America. Unfortunately though we have waited much too long and a lot of “The Greats” are no longer with us. That being said it still looks like its going to be a great party with people like Chuck McCoy, Jimmy Darin, (Hilliard) Ford Gardner, Mark Parr, Gary Russell, Deno Corrie, Embree McDermid, Michael Gillespie, J. Robert Wood, Gary Todd, Dean Scott, Andy Frost, Roy Hennesey and Trish McNorgan (Jo Evans) indicating that they are hoping to be there.

I made so little money in those early days at CKY,  I’m sure they paid me out of petty cash. Years later I sold them back all the things they taught me so I think we’re all caught up.

I understand at the recent reunion of CKRC folks turned out to be more of a huge salute to a deserving Gary Miles who was the former GM, before moving on to run Rogers Radio in Canada.

What! Casey Anthony is Not Guilty ! My take on it is the Jury just didn’t want to live in a World where Mother’s kill their Children, now they don’t have to.

Rich Stevens said … Seeing as they acquitted Casey I’m sure all the Jury members will be delighted to have Casey baby sit their kids on the weekend.

Less than 24 hours after the trial a member of the Jury has already said he ain’t talkin’ with out a big check.

Ron Chapman e mailed me after seeing pictures of my Daughter on my Blog, that he hated to be the first one to tell me this but, Cami was Hot. OUCH!

Donna Schaneen has left the building amidst many rumors concerning why she was mentioned in my Blog so many times. Gentleman don’t speak freely about these kinds of matters so you will have to get the details from her.

Listening to WRMF lately I think the new ownership would do well to take a line out of a great promo Chuck Riley once cut for me. ” You Have To Study History In Order Get A Closer Look.

Without being a Beatle I doubt very much that John, Paul, George, nor Ringo would have had solo careers.

While we’re on the Beatles I figure the financials stack up this way. #1. Paul McCartney #2. Yoko Ono #3. Heather Mills #4. Olivia Harrison #5. Ringo Starr (who still tours which John and Paul warned him he would be doing forever if he didn’t start writing some tunes soon.)

Jack McCoy told me once that if you control the language you control the budget. Case in point is during the era of Programmers you heard words like Quarter Hour Maintenance, Recycling, Powers, TSL and Lunar rotations. They had access to a lot of promotion money. Next came the sales folks with Cost Per Point, Market Share, and Added Value. Heap some heavy coin on them Babe. Then the Researches jumped in with P1’s, Perceptual studies and Listener ship Tracking, not to mention Auditorium Testing. Hell they even managed to become a line item in the yearly budget. The Accountants were next and are still strong today. They came ROI, IBITDA, GAAP, and BCF. These guys even stopped using words and thus were able to easily gather in the huge salaries and get stock options. Now it’s the Techies who are the soup du jour with words like, New media, Multi Media Platforms, Band Width, Social Media, Twitter, Apps, etc. etc. etc. How much do you suppose this new language is going to cost us.

Randy Michaels told me he hates the “C” word. No no not that one, the CAN’T word. I think he likes the other one

Speaking of Randy, What formats do you think he is going to run on his new Merlin stations. What’s your prediction enquiring minds need to know … Comment below.

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  1. Randy once said give me great programming and an average sales team & I will make you money. Give me a great sales team and average programming and I won’t. With the team Randy is assembling, it’s clear that great programming will be the focus. It looks to be a great ride for all involved. I’m envious!

  2. With Walter Chicago is going to be “all news” because boys and girls once upon a time this was the first all news FM in the midwest, Jim Farley (now WTOP) aka NIS the NBC news and information service I was a stringer for while working for the original WRMF the big 1060. (I also helped Walter with KHJ and KFRC and worked for him for 7 years)
    New York, I think you’re going to see FM talk ala NJ 101.5. Though Randy is going to try to talk him into more news than talk..NJ 101.5 during the week does quite a news morning show before going into talk… This one could be historic.

    That’s what I think…

  3. PS the last space shuttle launch is Friday, more than likely going to go on Sunday..If that’s the case I will fly down from DC to see it in Titusville. (I know where to watch ya see but so does the rest of the world)..

    • Enjoy Lou! While serving as Fairbanks National PD I only got to make my way to the original WRMF the Mighty 1060 once. Bob Bright thought he had a rebellion stirring and wanted my help. When I got back Hilliard said well the expensive of your visit wiped out any hope we had of showing a profit this month or maybe even for the whole year.
      Mr Fairbanks informed me that WRMF stood for Radio Melbourne Florida. When we eventually moved it to the FM in Palm Beach he told me it now stood for Radio Miami Florida and not Richard M. Fairbanks as we may have thought. In both cases I said … Yes Sir!

  4. George,
    Do you remember years ago, how fascinated we were with the history of radio?
    Then we made history. Now we are history…

  5. Keith it’s always something(-: I think we were all lucky guys because we got to work for owners who were deathly afraid of not being #1. Guys like us with crazy schemes were very welcome in their stations and their homes.

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