Oh Stanley Where Art Thou. (new for week of june 08/15)


As I watch Chicago and Tampa I’m thinking that the Canadian Government needs to stop subsidizing things like the CBC and start underwriting activities that Canadians really want. I’m talking about Hockey Man!
The fact that Canada still produces the best Hockey players in the world leads me to believe that every province deserves to have at least one NHL team. How about a team in Kelowna and another in Regina or Saskatoon or maybe both, the fact that the Maple Leafs are always sold out means Hamilton is ripe for a team and how about Quebec City and Halifax. You also might want do what they used to do in Montreal and give the Canadian teams first dibs at all the players born in Canada. I see an Eastern and Western division which ends up with the winner from Canada playing America’s champion and I’m thinking that you may have to play that Stanley Cup in a football stadium and consider getting armed guards.


It really doesn’t matter who you were, it’s who you are.

I wonder what kind of a budget Lincoln had to run for president on.

Seeing as the liberals and conservatives who agree on so little agree on lobbyists I for one would like them to explain why they are good for America.

Speaking of our government why do they continue to tell us to hug Muslims, do they have some redeeming quality that I am unaware of because North America certainly doesn’t need their oil no matter what the oil companies say.   

I think political correctness is hiding a bunch of creeps and thugs.

You know that tingly feeling you get when you first fall in love, it’s what all reason leaving your body feels like.

The smarter the woman the better the lover.

The difference between I love you and I’m in love with you is comparable to night and day.

An artist once told me that the innocence seen in the eyes of a little girl leaves when she is about 14.

Sometimes being well endowed will get you a free ride for a little while but never freedom.

What do you think about gay women that con a man into getting them pregnant then living off the child support payments with her lover or is that also politically incorrect to bring up.

Since 1776 America has been at war for 222 years.

When you retire you never want to be one of those people who has to admit to themselves that blew their only shot at greatness.

Most of the hits on the hit charts were never hits.

So with KISS toppling WTOP as the billing leader in America do you think that involved selling or allocation. 

Not everything can be counted on or counted out.

If the Arabs didn’t have oil what would we chat with them about.

Nobody knows how to make someone or something popular.

Unless the Republicans can figure out how to use wealthy and integrity in the same sentence they better prepare themselves for another shock.

I read somewhere that almost half of all Americans just vote for a living.

Only the rich are afraid of the wealthy the rest of us don’t even know who the hell they are.

Without change Butterflies would not exist.

I wonder if there are any Hitlers listed in the Berlin phone book.

One of the reasons I was at all successful at AC radio was because I didn’t like the music.

You don’t accidently meet anyone, there is a reason for everything.

I once overheard a beautiful woman ask Jack McCoy why he didn’t date women his age, he responded with … They need naps, I don’t.

No matter how smart you may think you are just wander into an Apple store, they’ll straighten you right out.

American Pharoah wins the triple crown how cool was that.

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9 thoughts on “Oh Stanley Where Art Thou. (new for week of june 08/15)

    • I was at conference with “Bucky” once Doug where he dragged out a step ladder, climbed to the very top of it to better explain the Geodesic dome. I did believe I could see it.

  1. George, you asked if there are any Hitlers in the Berlin phone book.

    I searched the directory online and there were no listings for a Hitler, meaning one of two things:

    1. There is no Hitler
    2. The Hitlers are wise enough not to have a listed phone number.


    • By this time next year Bruce he will be doing what we only dream of doing all day and he doesn’t have to chase any of them. They deliver.

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