How to get Women To Hit On You. (new for Oct. 19/15)

Years ago when we launched the first ever Adult Contemporary Radio Station at CFTR in Toronto we also put up a bunch of billboards over town. We were on our own though because our advertising agency though refused to become involved claiming that our boards depicted violence and would only serve to get us noticed. Being on our own now and not knowing what we were doing we rented a vehicle and drag one of the extra double sided billboards we had on a small trailer to the busiest areas in the city. Unfortunately for us though it kept breaking down (shown broken down on busy Yonge Street during the lunch hour) which was very embarrassing and I can only hope that no one noticed. 🙂


I think that most of us agree that there must be some sort of an invisible man out there called God, I mean how could all this be just an accident. What we don’t agree on though is all the very visible humans who claim to represent and speak for him.

I believe that radio has lost sight of the fact that most clients advertise to get results not because spots are cheap.
Just ’cause I don’t do it doesn’t mean I don’t know about it.
Each time you discover something’s actually possible, you continue your process of learning.
The brain has only so much room for memories so to have a new one you have to get rid of one. If you could choose which one would that be.
Great morning men like Jimmy Darin, Ron Chapman, and Jim Harper only became PD’s to protect their morning shows from PD’s.
According to long time friend Ken Sebastian Singer the way to true happiness is to have a new wife every decade.
It’s a woman’s love for me that obligates me to her, not mine for her.
A few more sales people can get you more billing easier than any other method.
Radio sales has never been about the rate.
A GM used to get two PD’s and a PD got two books. How does it work now.
It’s fairly easy to fire people but starting fires in them is a whole other thing.
If you can do one thing very well you can become very successful.
If you can control the language you can control the budget.
You have to demand a piece of the rock, nobody is going to offer it to you.
After the age of 30 most women start to lose their appetite for new music.
There are six sides to every problem.
Joe Amaturo was the one who suggested that my having gone to the Manitoba Institute of Technology needed to be shortened up for my resume.
Unfortunately I say this from experience but you can get over true love.
It’s the middle class who is in charge of the economy, no middle class no economy.
Someone needs to explain to the rich folk the pursuit of profit is a privilege, not a right.
One of the lessons winning teaches you is when it starts to happen again, you’ll leave it alone.
The more unique something is the more valuable it is.
How come they don’t have any “Honey” shots of the cheerleaders at the Superbowl.
It is said that forgiving your enemies is the only way you can become great. I’ll have to think about that one for awhile.
It’s wonderful to think big but one should never forget all the small pleasures in life and wallow in them.
Ok, by now there’s gotta be one good thing about consolidation otherwise they would break it up wouldn’t they.

I wonder how many patients the worst Doctor in the world has.

The only things that don’t smell like pumpkins these days are pumpkins

I think when the oil companies lead with the copy about cheaper oil prices is the first time we should consider letting them drill in sensitive areas if at all.

Occasionally my needs interfere with my ability to attend to other peoples needs.

The only way to get women to hit on you is to show up with the best looking woman in the room but unfortunately they’re only practicing their flirting skills without fear of you flirting back.

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4 thoughts on “How to get Women To Hit On You. (new for Oct. 19/15)

  1. A lot of very intelligent people would agree that everything on Earth and beyond was created by your invisible man – the big giant head in the sky. (Blind Faith: the suspension of critical thinking to accept something that can’t be seen or proven.) And since blind faith also comes with eternal hope, why not? I’m more prone to believe that the assumption that “my god is better than yours” will eventually lead to hell on Earth.

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