You’ve Got To Get Out And Do Your Research



Hey my friend Joe Raineri is now the new morning man at legendary WRMF. Joe is a hell of a talent as his new listeners are about to discover.

Its been a tussle but I finally got the perfect place for Cami’s sweet 16 party. It all takes place February 25 at The Royal Palm Culture Center, a cash donation would be much appreciated(-:

Speaking of Cami the thing I’m most grateful for this year is she now lives with me full time.

Hey the way I figure it the police are the ones who protect the citizens of the United States. The Armed Forces are only there to protect our Government. What are they doing that requires so much expensive protection. Have they considered maybe they should stop doing some of it.

I think the best research in the whole world is to get out there and mingle with the folks so as to find out what the current topic is and what’s hot and what’s not. That is exactly what I am in the middle of doing in the photo above. Hey somebody has to do it!

Dennis John Bailey said that just like there is a huge difference between being rich and being wealthy there is also a huge difference between being poor and being trash.

People speak almost the same amount of words everyday but in order to be successful on the radio the talent needs to figure out what those words are. When topics like Penn State roll around it’s real easy to figure out but it’s those other days that separate the Men from the Boys.

Speaking about what the folks are speaking about, only radio people talk about the Grammys, the people talk about the Academy Awards

What’s the name of the guy who decided Norv Turner was a head coach instead of just what he is … A fancy offensive coordinator. Was the person who made Norv the head coach also the same guy who decided Phillip Rivers was a better quarterback than future hall of famer Drew Brees and cut Brees loose. I think we need to make him famous or is a better word infamous.

How come you never see Asians in the Welfare line and how come you never hear about it being so.

I’m thinking of putting a band together again with some of my old musician buddies from Winnipeg and calling it … Bachman, Turner, Cummings, Johns and Young. Ahh too many names so lets drop the Johns one he wasn’t any good anyway. The rest of the guys have well over 3 hours of top 10 hits to entertain us with.

Most air talent talk only about themselves and the activities they participate in. The big problem is if they don’t lead an interesting life they sure as hell wont have an interesting show. The ones I have heard on the air lately don’t get out much.

Doug Erickson told me KOIT’s new big promotion is a coupon for 30 cents off on Knudson Cottage Cheese but there’s a catch, you have to be a loyal listener. Damn!

They already have “The Hot Chicks Of Occupy” on the internet.

Steve Jobs said don’t settle for anything you don’t really love, either in romance or your work.

Seth Godin said you have to seduce your your customers because that’s exactly what they want you to do. At KVIL and WRMF we hung up a huge photo of a beautiful executive looking woman in front of the jox in the on air studio which read, “Seduce Her”

Broadcasters from all around the world used to come to our radio conventions to pick up some great ideas. Now they only come to sell us theirs.

People care mostly about things that are happening on their own street followed by unusual activities in their neibourhood, the city the live in, their country, and finally the world. Media for some reason does it in reverse order.

I Had a great lunch yesterday with Paul Ski who is the president of Rogers Radio in the mother land. Paul used to be for most of his career what we in Canada would call a big “CHUM” guy. I asked Paul if he could give me the names of anyone who got rich while working for Allan Waters. I know for a fact several who did while working for his competitors Ted Rogers and the Slaights. Paul couldn’t come up with one name but with a little help from my friends  I managed to come up with two. Jimmy and Ron Waters.



7 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Get Out And Do Your Research

  1. Congrats to Joe Raineri. If you’re gonna catch any crap from Jennifer for ANYTHING…ONLY do it on-the-air!

    30 cents Off Knudsons Cheese? How do I win????

    It reminds me of a wonderful promotion WKBW did 40 years ago. As a follow up to a big prize “DON’T SAY HELLO” Contest…we did the “SAY HELLO” Contest with even more hype and fanfare than the previous promotion …”Now when you answer your phone…Say Hello…and you win a bag of Delicious Abels’s Bagels!!!”

    Just the on-air comedy surrounding “corporate cheapskate mentality” made the promotion as huge success. The whole premise being that the jocks are totally embarrassed by this…but to keep both the sponsor and management happy…here we go again…dialing up another big winner! It was a hoot!

    The audience had to be catching on…we had a winner every time!

    • The great thing about radio Paul is you can almost do anything you want on the radio. Just pausing after you say something you don’t believe lets your fans know you are being forced to do it. Sales always thought that more promos would make their silly sales contests work. Hell it only takes a couple of promos of something the jox believe in to melt the phones and run out of the offer. Hype never ever sold anything!

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