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I work with some great people who run radio stations in the wine country in California. Every spring meet up at the owner’s place down in Palm Springs for our “Confab in the Desert.” (shown on top)We kick it all off with Mojitos friday afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend discussing our plans for the upcoming year.
This year the “Confab” was in March and when we finished up on Sunday morning, I began my long drive back to LA where I was going to hook up with my Grandson Nathaniel. Seeing as interstate 10 goes right by San Bernadino I decided to check out KFROG which I used to consult years ago when Joe Amaturo owned it and Tom Hoyt was the GM.
As I drove along listening to the Frog, it brought back the memory of my first visit to the station. As I drove from LAX to San Bernadino, I got to listen to the station for most of the trip and when I arrived at the hotel, I spent the rest of the day listening around to the market. The next morning, bright and early, when I went in to meet with Mr. Amaturo when he asked me what I thought of the Frog, I told him that I had good news and bad news and bad news for him. The bad news is that the other country station sounds better than you do Joe, but the good news is they’ll never beat you. All those corny frogs names you’re using as names for the jocks are wonderful. I’m sure that the names must be pretty embarrassing for the air talent to use but I bet ladies love them because they’re cute, and cute trumps macho every time. Your ratings are going to be huge. I was right, the ratings were huge and almost every woman who lived in the Inland Empire listen to the Frog.
There is nothing finer than working with the #1 radio station in town and my market visits were almost too much fun but the adventures Tom Hoyt and I had are better left for another Blog. However, as George Harrison sang, “All Things Must Pass” and pass they did when CBS, who like to do things their own way, bought KFROG from Joe, that’s all she wrote for me.
Anyway, here I am driving along and once again listening to the Frog which is now owned Entercom when it suddenly hits me, the Frog names are gone. What! Well, I guess this only proves what they say is right, “It doesn’t take any brains to buy a radio station, only money.”

Radio has to figure out what it does the best and then do it all the time.

As far as I’m concerned Neilson only does 3 things wrong. They under measure mornings, they over measure the rest of the day, and because they’re for sale, they probably cut corners. 

Being gay is ok but it’s not special enough to warrant all the activity that surrounds it. 

The person who can handle responsibility always ends up with a ton of it.

You know you’re getting old when you’ve never heard of the current singers in Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band.

When a company starts cutting back to become more profitable, somehow the executives’ salaries always survive. 

I think we middle-class white men should get organized and have a parade. We could carry signs reading, “We’re tired of paying most of the taxes and getting nothing.” Just our sheer numbers should be enough to scare the sh*t out of the government.

Even though a lie may sound like the truth, it ain’t.

Past behavior is a predictor of future behavior. 

Wow, the Saudis are considering allowing their women to fly without a male companion. How progressive of them huh?

I understand that depression is sometimes caused by a person’s inability to deal with how they are going to handle the future. I guess I’ve never suffered from depression because whenever I wondered about the future, I got excited.

Hollis W Duncan: Andy was paired with Ben Laurie while I was at KVIL and & he & I enjoyed several lunches and many good conversations.  Andy was so confident in his intelligence that he felt no need to prove it to anyone, so our conversations (with me mostly listening) consisted of stories that showed a high level of knowledge & understanding paired with deep insight.  When we were sitting in a Deli in University Park, Andy taught me the proper pronunciation of Gefilte Fish.  When KVIL started charging for parking, Andy left the memo on Dave Spence’s door with the typed note: “Thank you for helping KVIL make another million.”  Spence went around to all of the typewriters to find the culprit.  Andy was a great newscaster and a very good guy. (News To Me)

Dave Spence: George – I don’t know who Hollis Duncan is and he certainly doesn’t know me or the story he attaches to me. While I was there, we never charged for parking. What he is referencing was when we went up on the cost of cold drinks (5 or 10 cents as I recall)  from the “Coke” machine. The note was on newsprint which was only used in the- wait for it – newsroom. I agree that Andy was a great newsman. Very well educated, expansive vocabulary, and voice inflection that left no doubt what side of the story he was on. (News To Me)

Jim Quail: Bruce: What a great tribute to our fallen fathers. They gave us such an incredible gift of a free country and your gift back to them will probably reach up to them.
God Bless,  Easter Quail. (In Flanders Field – Bruce Walker, The Jury)
Peter McLane: George,
Please give us a bio on Jim West. I always wondered what happened to him.
He was a friend and great Pam’s jingle salesman. Like so many others in our industry, they are gone but not forgotten.
I programmed for Stoner Broadcasting and Ken Greenwood’s Ventures’ (About George Johns)
Geo: Jim was responsible for my consulting career taking off so fast Peter, and he was also one of my partners when we bought Fairwest from Mr. Fairbanks.

Earl Mann: What I’m going to say will make ‘progressives’ reach for a brown paper bag. But, here goes: Trump is doing an incredible job especially considering the headwinds the liberal media throws at him 24/7. “It’s the economy stupid”! (Comments)

Paul Barsky: Cami…..Congrats on your graduation!  Your dad is so proud of you, and you’ve got the Johns genes, so you’ve got a nice head start as you look toward this new journey.
All the best! (Camera Graduates)

Terry Kenny: George that was great…..I loved the entire history, although I remember some of it differently.  That could be because of my history with one of my first groups, the ChorduRoys, which was a great experience for me until the Phantoms/The Jury. What a heartwarming legacy! (I Remember The Jury)

Barry O’Brien: I appreciate your concerns, but I’m wondering how many people would listen to a radio station that focused on the negative all the time. Then again, I just sold the stuff you put on the air, so what do I know?  It all worked out ok. (Writing The Wrongs)

James Ford: I love this blog. I remember KLZS in Wichita using the “The station you are helping to build” approach. It was a great concept. (K103 Part II)

Terry Styles: I always meant to ask you, Geo, where do all the above sayings come from in your blogs? Hard to believe that one man has that much knowledge about the world…..original opinions as well! OMG so, so many!!! (Decent Women)
Geo: Terry, I have no idea where they come from. Maybe I read them or heard them somewhere, but most mornings, I have a few of them in my head bursting to get out.
Lesley Palmiter: I absolutely had that dream- All the time! And still do sometimes, although it’s been over fourteen years since I had a regular on-air gig.
The record would end, with none cued up on the other TT. No carts loaded (music or otherwise)… Mike on, but somehow would not work (or capture my audible mutterings OR screams). Try to cue up another song on the disc that just ended- disc disappeared… Go look for more records or carts- anything! But none to be had. The DEAD AIR NIGHTMARE! (Earl Mann Has A Dream)
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