(new new done)Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women! (inside the world of radio&records) Chapter XLVIII July/17)



Who Dat?
Hey it looks like a man
don’t say it’s just another friend

This time
I’ve got you for sure
Open up
or I’ll break down your door

Who Dat baby
it looks like a man

Some nine months after the big wedding, I was flying back to LA for yet another big event, the birth of my grandson Nathanial. After checking into the hotel, Candis called saying that she was coming by to have dinner with me. This came as a bit of a surprise because her Doctor planned on inducing labor the next morning.
After dinner, Candis asked if I could take her back to work because she had one more end to tidy up before becoming a mother. Her mother and Charlie had refused to take her because they thought that she should focus on becoming a mother. Because Candis had ever heard no from me, and I didn’t think that this would be the time to start, I, of course, drove her.
When we arrived at Warner Brothers, Candis immediately went into her office and I wandered around checking out all the gold records and posters that were hanging on the walls. When she came out of her office a short time later, she handed me a box set of CDs. When I looked at them  Then with a tear in her eye said, “Dad your grandson is going to be so proud the day he discovers that his grandpa was once a Rock Star.” The collection was titled, “Nuggets II” (see above) The amazing thing was that this collection actually contained a track called “Who Dat?” by my old band The Jury. How cool was that!


Early the next morning, all those concerned headed to the hospital for the big day. However, the induced labor thing wasn’t going very well, so they went the cesarean route. As the Doctor said to me, “Mr. Johns, your daughter is much too tiny to be giving birth to a big guy like this.” Thankfully, the cesarean went well and soon I was welcoming my beautiful grandson into the world. ( pictured above with Candis and me)
Because Candis had her Mom helping out, I headed back to Florida. The next day when I picked the new aunty Cami up from school, I told her all the details about Nathaniel’s birth including how cute he was. After also telling her about the surprise gift her sister had given me, I asked if she would like to hear “Who Dat?”. When she excitedly said yes, I slipped the CD into the player and cranked it up. 
When Terry’s thundering fuzz guitar filled the car with sound, I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. When I turned it down, she asked, “Is it almost over?” When I inquired why, she said, “Because it’s not very good, Daddy!”





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