The F#*king Hat! (for July 25/16) #9 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.


Back when I was a board op (gopher) at CKY in Winnipeg one of my weekly jobs was to go over to Chuck Dann’s (Riley) apartment and bring him to the jock meeting otherwise he wouldn’t show up.
Chuck (far bottom left) and I had a great relationship so I believe that probably the only reason that he came back to the station with me was so I wouldn’t get in trouble. One morning as we were about to head for the station the phone rang which he answered with a grunt and then listened for a little while without any comments. Then with a very pissed off voice he said … This is how this works pal, at the end of each month I put all my bills into a big hat and then I draw one out and pay it, but if you don’t stop bugging me your name’s not even going into the f#*king hat!
So how would’ve Hoover handled the Hillary situation.
Old age begins the moment you realize that you’re older than the president.
What current politician would you trust to babysit your kids and/or grand kids.
There is no limit to how much home improvement you can make on yourself.
I believe that all our war on terror has succeeded in doing so far is create more terrorists.
Over praising an ethnic persons artistic endeavors is just reverse discrimination and does not make the artist or their ilk dislike you any less nor absolve you of any guilt you may have.
Little known blues singer Arthur Crudup received sixty thousand dollars in song writing royalties when little known singer Elvis Presely recorded one of his songs. 60 thou though was probably ten times as much as Elvis got when he recorded the song that changed the world “That’s Alright Mama.”  
I know a whole lot about a little and a little about a whole lot.
The actual group who keeps track of world time has put an extra second on our clock for 2016. It’s not to late to make plans.
Isn’t it weird that the first place you tend to put some extra weight on is the last place it comes off. 
Does the Department Of Justice still exist and if so what do they do. I remember when all businesses were scared of them.
Equality only guarantees you an equal shot at success, not an equal result.
Nobody was born courageous.
Has worry ever solved anything?
We have to figure out how to fix us not the planet. The world will still be here long after you and yours are gone.
I don’t think host is the correct name for a sales guy who has rented his own weekend radio show.
Don’t even bother to open the mic if you haven’t prepared the closing line.
If you’re not embarrassed by your old air checks you’re not keeping up.
If you don’t have sex/and or greed on your web page you don’t have a lotta visits.
Informing the staff that the beatings will continue until morale improves unfortunately has never worked.
A lot of people may pay attention to what we say but even more are aware of what we actually do.
When you’re not sure of anything then anything is possible.
When the first rule is put into place, creativity begins.
I’m very proud of my involvement in lot of projects over the years but it’s the ones that I’m not proud of that make much better stories.
The only difference between making 50 thousand a year and 50 thou a month is the knowledge of how to do so.
You are what you’re acting like this very moment.
I have spent most of my life pursuing happiness so it should be showing up any second … Right! 

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