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No, I am not drinking, well at least not yet, but​ I am noodling, and what I’m noodling about is probably wild and crazy, or is it?

What I’m thinking about is, even though the whole world shut down for more than a year and a half with covid, our planet didn’t get any better.
So now what I’m worried about is, maybe that Mother Nature has come up with a new plan

In the beginning, she really screwed up when for whatever reason she made most of the creatures on earth much too large.
After realizing that the Dinosaurs were probably going to eat themselves into extinction which would also leave the planet inhabitable, she came up with a new plan.

What she did was create a giant comet, and poof, just like that, no more Dinosaurs.

Next, her new plan consisted of putting much smaller creatures on earth which included us. Unfortunately, what with our wars and such, we turned out to be even more destructive than the dinosaurs.

Now I’m fearful that she’s come up with another new plan.
I’m thinkin’ that she was thinking that we were probably going to take ourselves out with Global Warming and is now pissed at us because we’re trying to slow it down?
Hey, somebody got Covid 19 started, and it sure wasn’t me.


The lines only get long at the airport ​when ​you’re running late.​

The four words a guy never wants to hear are​, “We need to talk.”

If you move with confidence in the direction of your dreams, eventually, you’ll smell success.

I can’t afford for anybody to fall in love with me at the moment, but I am saving up.

Men only have one reason to get married whereas women have several.

Is leaving the truth out lying?

Has anybody seen an approval rating of slow old Joe lately?

The only people who are not afraid of Mr. Businessman are the people.

We all understand how tough it is out there for radio salespeople but do they realize it is for us to get somebody to listen to some of the shit they sell?

Speaking of bad stuff, we spend too much time moaning about it and not enough time celebrating the good stuff.

Never ever sanction incompetence.

When my Cardiologist asked me if I would have done anything differently, I replied, “I would never have got divorced, I would have spent more time with my kids, and I would have celebrated my victories just a tad longer.

Why does the service at a bar always get worse when there’s hardly anybody there?

The further radio continues to drift away from showbusiness, the more unsuccessful it will become.

Nobody should ever have to apologize for crying.

My old pal Socrates told me long ago that it’s really all about cause and effect. Then he went on to explain that’s it’s above the bottom line that causes the bottom line. So with that in mind, what causes racism?

You never know how long you’re gonna be the best, so it would be best to put a little away.

Always start small and then go big, really big.

As Leon Russell said, “You’ve gotta earn the right to wear shades at night.”

Wars may end, but they’re never over.

So do I have this right, white males are only responsible for the bad stuff but none of the good stuff?

If I didn’t have daughters, I doubt that I’d give a damn about women’s rights.

Sometimes it’s good to be selfish.

Hey Ladies, never forget, Wives trump Moms.

Oh, and guys, when you give your daughter’s hand in marriage, you are giving up all rights to her.

Women who marry for money deserve all the bad stuff that awaits them.

Only when you operate outside your comfort zone, do you grow.

Trust is the ultimate winner.

It started with Maurice Gibb, then continued with Glen Frey, Dusty Hill, and Charlie Watts. They all went in for routine procedures, but none came out. I, for one, am gonna skip routine procedures.

Sweet Connie Hamzy, who passed recently, must have been a piece of work, huh?

The two things that you can never learn how to do are, sing or draw.

Sometimes just the sun coming up in the morning is enough.

Maybe the US should remind the Taliban that in order to rid the world of some bad people we dropped the Atomic bomb on some good people.

I’ll know the world has changed the moment white people start moving into black neighborhoods.

Winnipeg is in 1st place in their division of the CFL. Go Big Blue!

Doug Herman: George, a couple of things: (1) Sadly, there are a lot of RIPs in this article. A certain sign that we’re getting old, even as hard as we’re fighting it. (2) Radio was also much better when the owners were afraid of the FCC. That’s why we all had hired guns like your old friend and mine, FCC Attorney John King, on our team. (Swan Song)
Geo: Geo: Doug, John is the best. When he was finally assigned to me at Fairbanks, it set me free.

James E. Duvall: At first, George, I thought the group photo was of an old Fairbanks Broadcasting management conference, but then the only face I recognized was you!
Geo: Damn, and I was all bearded up too, Jed.

Larry Macinnis: You’re right George. The window of opportunity doesn’t open by itself. In my case, I had a lot of help opening it – from Stan Carew, Doug Freeman, Mike Kornfeld, J. Robert Wood, Warren Cosford, Allan Waters, and Fred Sherratt. Just to name a few. Never forget the people who help you jimmy that window. (War What Is It Good For?)
Geo: Ahh, watching me while I work again, Larry. 🙂
I too had a lot of help from people like Mark Par, Jimmy Darin, (Hilliard) Chuck Dann, (Riley) Daryl ‘B’, J Robert Wood, Keith Dancy, Ted Rogers, and Jack McCoy. They changed my destiny.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (New Mother Nature) New 9/06/21

  1. John King: George, your and Doug Herman’s promotional exploits in radio were a delight to work with from an FCC perspective because of one primary criterion: creativity. We worked together to make it a success, from an audience, sponsor, and regulator’s point of view. (New Mother Nature)
    Geo: And per your request, John, we did have a winner. 🙂

  2. Douglas Herman: George, re our FCC attorney John King: He kicked ass for us because he was a RADIO GUY long before he became a lawyer. I worked in Radio with John even before he went to law school. He and I knew each other at the University of Nebraska School of Journalism and worked together at Lincoln, Nebraska’s KLIN AM/FM, a leading adult-oriented entertainment and news station. I was the piss-poor PD and even more piss-poor morning man, John was a news guy in Lincoln’s biggest and best radio news department. We were both getting paid (not very well) to learn the Radio craft. I think we both learned it pretty well and John found a different route to taming the Radio beast. I hope we both left positive marks on the business. (New Mother Nature)
    Geo: Both of you sure helped me kick a little ass, Doug, I’m positive about that!

    • Doug Herman, you are too humble. You and news director Dick Benedict breathed new life into a staid and tired program service. There was, as they say, excitement in the air. The wonder of the stations’ owners was that they gave the mic over to young guys like you and me. Yeah, we were cheap, but I think they were attracted to the fresh vim and vigor we brought in the door.

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