Faster Cars, Older Whiskey, & Younger Women! (new geo Blog for week of Feb 27/16)

As I sit at Duffy’s in West Palm beach I enjoy watching the all the young couples when they come in and trying figure out where they are in their relationship.
If the woman is doing most of the talking it usually means that he has already told her that he loves her but if she’s still hanging on to his every word he obviously hasn’t.
I believe that one of the responsibilities of all grandfathers is to pass along sage advice to their grandsons. Now that Nathaniel (pictured above with me) is 12 it’s time to tell him that even though he’s crushing school, he needs to know the real meaning of life as Tom T Hall once explained to us in the song “Faster Cars, Older Whiskey, Younger Women, & More Money.” When we’ve finished that I will wrap it up with my final recommendation which will get him the fun filled life he deserves. Nathaniel never tell any female other than your mother that you love them.

The fact that Jim Hilliard with all his successes is not in a Radio Hall Of Fame somewhere leads me to believe that the must all be phony.

Speaking of radio, old friend Joe Martelle has a book out that you can get on called “Radio Pro” that is a great read if you like back stage stuff.

Thinking must be difficult which would explain the reason why so few people do it.

To be remembered as a good person you’re only required to be kind.

While growing up in Winnipeg I promised God that if he would put me wherever I could put the top down this time of year, I’d do it every day. He did and I do!

As Reid Reker was told, “carrying a briefcase in this day and age screams old.”

The fewer facts the folks have on hand the stronger their opinion seems to be.

I may bitch a lot but I don’t whine much.

Why would you ever enroll in auto pay with your cable company?

I wonder if black folks noticed how many white people marched with them back in the day to end segregation and racism because If they did they forgot to mention it.

Wow, so some players from the Patriots are refusing to go to the White House to be honored by Trump. If Obama was still president they’d be labeled racists.

So knowing that Bill Belichick only cares about football I wonder how it’s gonna go for the players who refused to go during training camp next summer. Bill has rights too, the right to cut you or trade you.

If I wasn’t paid to do so I rather doubt that I would listen to much radio anymore.

Great leaders mostly support what their staffs wanna do which of course puts enormous pressure on the staff to come up with something worthy of supporting.

Have you ever noticed that no matter who’s in power nothing changes much for we workin’ stiffs?

Ya kinda figure out your baby’s all grown up when she orders Grey Goose and Cranberry juice at dinner.

So if America was to align itself with Russia how long do you think Isis would last?

The only people who make big money in radio today are the executives but I remember when it was the air talent, that’s how old I am.

Just ’cause it ain’t left don’t make it wrong right?

Speaking of liberal, what’s the press gonna do for a living when Trump denies a bunch of them access.
Speaking pf Trump I understand that he’s considering telling all the people on welfare that they have one year to find a job.

Being originally from Canada I’m getting a little tired of paying for a bunch of southerners who were too lazy to pick their own damn cotton.

Why does it seem like you can only have the women you don’t want.

Leon Russell claimed that you have to earn the right to wear shades on stage.

Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree.

I bet Trump jumped right on that call from the defiant Jerry Brown who was calling about federal aid for California.

I started smoking at 15 when a very beautiful 17-year- old picked me up and I needed to look older as quickly as I could. When I was in my 30’s a beautiful 13-year-old made me quit when she saved up all her babysitting money and bought me a thing called smoke enders.

I’ve heard a lotta great things about a lot of great people but I’ve seldom heard that they were especially nice.

It used to be that when two young ladies walked into a bar together you thought it was your lucky day but now you just assume that they’re lesbians and move on.

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  1. Speaking at a broadcasting performance class at Butler. I told them that when they do the station tour in a few days, the Cadillac’s, Audi’s, Lexus’ and so on… those were the salesman’s cars.

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