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12038994_10153327363852893_512481272699200010_oWhen my nephew Jamie pictured above with prime minister Trudeau was 7 or 8 we all went skiing at Banff in the Rocky Mountains back in Canada. Being from Manitoba Jamie had never been on skis before but when we hit the slopes in Banff he soon was going to the top of the mountain and skiing straight down without the help of poles. Even though most of us had skied before we were left behind to struggle with the middle of the mountain but Jamie was a natural.
Seeing that Jamie was born to ski his father who worked for the CNR in Transcona put in for a transfer to Kamloops B. C. which is in the middle of ski country. Unfortunately Jamie’s grandfather had recently passed away so his mother couldn’t find it in her heart to leave her mother alone. Cancel the transfer to Kamloops and any Olympic hopes and dreams that we may have had for Jamie. However less than a year later the grandmother left them all behind when she up and moved to Phoenix. As Chuck Berry once sang “C’est la vie said the old folks it just goes to show ya never can tell.” 
Why do drone pilots wear a flight suit.
I find it so weird that radio stations give away what the client really wants, a promotion, a live read, an interview and/or a personality appearance. But radio just keeps on trying to sell them what they don’t want … Spots!
The only people who appear to be having a good year are the rich and the poor but they continue to whine anyway.
Women are the best at forgetting who they slept with in the past.
If you have the ability to help a woman gain her independence she will usually reward you and the best part is that she already knows what you want.
You’re never too old for a new dream.
You only have to win your last battle to be declared the winner.
All the clients want from radio is for us to send folks to their stores and/or web pages. Do we really think spots do that.
The toughest thing I’ve had to come to grips with was when I was 20 I never hung out with my parents why would my daughter.
Why do religious leaders wear silly hats.
Most men are always right until they make the mistake of telling a woman that he loves her.
We weren’t born to follow, we were born to rebel.
Radio was a lot more exciting when nobody knew what they were doing kinda like the early days of Rock&Roll.
Seeing as there are at least 7 intellects I wonder why the SAT’s are still only based on the old 3 R’s … Readin’ Rightin’ and Rithmatic!
Speaking of intellect, your success will be based more on your popularity than on your intelligence.
Speaking of intelligence I think I’m actually a lot smarter than my my love life makes me out to be.
My oldest daughter Candis just informed me that it now costs $500.00 to renew her green card. Why am I thinking that Mexicans don’t have to pay that.
Now that my daughter is 20 I have to remind myself how lucky I am that she spends any time with me because I spent none with my parents when I was 20.
Making mistakes is still a lot more productive than doing nothing.
Whenever I’m wondering where the hell my life went I’m reminded of what my wee daughter Cami said when I had asked her where my baby girl had gone. She replied … She’s gone to pictures daddy!
The two things that guarantee a wonderful life is be successful or be beautiful. Not sure which is tougher.
The other day when I was asking her if she remembered when she was presenting me with her plan to finish high school in France that her mother was shouting from the kitchen … Tell her she can’t go. She claims that she doesn’t remember that part but what she did remember was that she was talking to the right person.
I wonder if the consequence of doing real bad things was torture if that would change anything. Seems to have worked for the mafia.
Isn’t it strange that no matter where you move to and how many times you do it, the companies that you owe money to always find you but the ones who owe you refunds never do.
Speaking of strange don’t you find it weird that people who lived in their parents basements learning how to play guitar and are dying early because of drug and alcohol abuse feel qualified to tell us who to vote for!
The person who comes up with the 7 perfect words for a billboard should make most of the money.
Even going to Harvard will not teach you how to write a song like “Yesterday” because that’s magic and Harvard don’t know from magic.
When the fans in the stands start to slip away so will the revenues from TV and players salaries wont be far behind. I predict that the demise will begin at the next phony game 7.
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4 thoughts on “New Blog For July 18/16

  1. George, having spent all of my adult life writing and producing commercials and radio programs, I used to love listening to jocks read live commercials. If they were really into it, the client would get more than 30″ or a minute and it usually be fun.

    There are very few, if any, live commercials on radio today.
    I’m really pissed by the radio commercials that I hear on the radio today. There’s very little creativity. It’s all sell, sell, sell. The ones that really drive me crazy are the spots that give the phone number 7 or 8 times. I tried an experiment with my broadcasting class in Toronto. I played one of those multiple phone number commercials at the beginning of the class, and then asked how many students remembered that phone number. Only 1 out of 30 students got it right.

    • I agree Doug, back in the day at CKY in Winnipeg, Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) ad libbed a couple of spots for Tee-Kay jeans every day live on his show. Years later the owner told me those commercials made his whole company because Jim made wearing them hip.

  2. They are all so true George, but listening now as just a listener these 2
    really stand out !
    Dale Heath: I find it so weird that radio stations give away what the client really wants, a promotion, a live read, an interview and/or a personality appearance. But radio just keeps on trying to sell them what they don’t want … Spots!
    What the clients really want, is for us to send folks to their stores and/or web pages. Do we really think spots do that?

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