Racist! (new Blog for Nov 14/16) #11 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.


Other than a couple of red necks from Alabama the most racist person I ever met lived in California. I was consulting an oldies-based AC station there at the time and they had just hired a new program director who was originally from South Africa. After meeting with him where we discussed the station’s concept and a little philosophy he seemed fairly competent so I headed back to Florida thinking the station was in good hands. About a month later though when I came back for one of my regular visits I noticed that the station sounded a little strange and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Every tune was perfect and true to the format but then it finally hit me. It was what the station wasn’t playing that was causing all the strangeness so when I went in the next day I asked him where the Motown music was. He told me that he had pulled it all and when I asked him why he claimed that white people don’t like to listen to black music. I tried in vane to convince him that the most popular music in the world was actually the fusion of the black and white music and that the most popular tuned were white people sounding black and black folks sound white but he stuck to his guns anyway. I couldn’t order him to play any of it because I wasn’t his boss I was only his consultant however my ultimate responsibility was also to advise station management which included the ownership what was happening at the station or in this case what was not happening. When I next returned, he was gone. Whew!
The closest you’ll ever get to being confident is pretending to be.
It doesn’t matter how many times you fail all that really counts is the time you win.
I’ve always liked the way Alicia Keys sang but really disliked how she talked. However, now that she’s on “The Voice” I truly love the way she talks so you can color me in love!
Selling your dream to others takes brass balls especially if you need their money.
The thing that brings a group together the quickest is laughter.
For every bad story women have about men a lot of men have a matching story.
A trot down the aisle does not change love into unconditional love.
Sharing your dream with others is the beginning of a new reality.
If one could live beneath their means there would be no need for credit cards.
Everybody wants to project an image of always being calm and collected but the truth is that we’re all uptight.
Fear is not very inspirational but it sure is a great motivator.
Do you think the Clintons are welcome at the Obama’s?
Subtleties don’t work as well as exaggeration does on the radio.
All great fiction is rooted in truth.
Unfortunately, tattoos last a lot longer than the person whom you got it for.
Do well-endowed ladies have any outfits that don’t have a plunging neckline?
Most guys get into bands and even sometimes politics for free beer and chicks, not sure why women do.
Why don’t we just let Israel do what we armed them to do?
How come the play by play guys don’t call out the coaching staff for stupid play calling.
Gifted people aren’t necessarily smart.
The most popular people on the radio tend to be the folks who are for all things that are good and against all things that are evil.
Wise radio hosts lure their guests into saying what they can’t say on the radio.
Great radio hosts are the ones who know a little about a lot.
Neil Simon’s play “Laughter On The 13th Floor” was about the death of manufactured humor on the radio.
Systems may be able to prevent you from losing but only talent can give you a shot at greatness.
I’ve never heard Michael Jordan disclose who he thinks was the greatest basketball player ever because I think he already knows it was him. Wayne Gretzky on the other hand disagrees with those who claim that he was the greatest hockey player who ever lived. He gives that honor to Bobby Orr who he says changed the game.

Well I guess the undecided decided huh?

Speaking of Trump, it is a little known fact that in order to succeed one must be First, Best, or Different. It appears though that a lot of people must have made the mistake of underestimating the importance of different.

I think that Trump may have also beaten Obama for his second term.

Oh and by the way Bernie won the popular vote also.

I wonder how long it will be until Google stops asking me if I mean George Jones whenever I Google my name.

You seldom see what you don’t expect to see.

Damn, Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell are both gone now. Very sad!

Wow, the Dolphins are all by themselves in 2nd place.

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  1. When I first heard the news about Leonard Cohen, all I could think was: who the heck is Leonard Cohen?! Every news station seems to be doing a tribute so how did I miss his entire career?? I’ve since learned he was basically a (talented) crooner and show tunes guy. That would have gotten me up off the couch to turn the channel until I found the Dave Clark Five on American Bandstand or something.

    Charlie Tuna? Never heard him. Sssh, Larry Lujack’s on!

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