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GeoOFTheRadioOK do I have this right, only white males are racist, pro athletes unlike their image are actually very nice, America can fix global warming without China and Mexico’s help, so goes the stock market so go us, its manufacturing things in other countries that keeps prices low not competition, slaves figured out how to build the white house all by themselves, what’s good for big business is good for America, no body in this years Olympics is using performance enhancing drugs, they caught ’em all.  Muslims want us all to have religious freedom, being PC has made America much less racist and prejudice, the government is about to focus on the middle class in a good way, we can’t survive without Arab oil, pharmaceutical companies are charging a fair price for their products, it’s OK to burn and loot if you have a justifiable cause, we have an absolute right to happiness, banks only have our best interest at heart, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are welcome in most home as babysitters, you can count on the government to do the right thing, special interests groups are good for America, we no longer have an unemployment problem, if you can sneak across the border you have the right to stay in the US, health care is the cheapest it’s ever been, the CIA only kills for the greater good, the courts treat everyone equally, our giving money to the countries who hate us is a good thing, the United States is only assisting and training the Iraqi army, Hillary & Trump care only about what we want. So you’d think with me coming to grips with all that I must be happy right. NOT!
America acts like we’re a gun for hire except we more resemble a video game because we actually pay to play.
Most Americans don’t realize that almost half of the United States think exactly opposite of the way they do for what they consider good reasons.
First there were the 1%’rs then came the even more powerful 20%’rs who will control who our next president is. The Hillary and Trump lovers may as well step down ’cause it’s out of their hands now.
If only half the stuff they are saying about Trump and Hillary is true it makes Nixon kinda look like a pussy huh!
Don’t you just love how the politicians suck up to the middle class while campaigning but go right back to the rich and poor once elected.  
Have you noticed that even the owners who used to be our last radio rogues have gone quiet.
Even though you can’t change the beginning of your life you can change the ending.
Most marriages aren’t strong enough to make it through the death of a child, I don’t know how my folks did it but I”m glad they did.
The greatest thing that ever happened to me were my kids but I don’t ever remember wanting them.
Good enough is the mortal enemy of great.
“Epic” is the new “Crazy” “Killin’ It” and “Hitting It Outta The Park” are still there but amazingly “Awesome” is still hanging in.
I  think I’m almost old enough to buy another Corvette.
I would suspect that the employees of CBS are now spending a lot more time working on their next job than they are trying to make the numbers look better so CBS can sell it.
America can have a health care program as good as if not better than Canada’s. All we have to do is pony up 10% more of our earnings. The line forms to the right, no pushing or shoving please.
People who accomplish a lot should be paid a whole lot more than those who just try.
Isn’t it not so funny that most protests end with the demand for free money. 
Things appear to change very slowly until you start looking back.
The reason the world is so confusing is because there are actually six sides to every story but we live in a two sided society.
Trump proves that beautiful women prefer the bulge in your jeans to be your wallet.
Women only hate the double standard until they can take advantage of it. 
I understand that there is a woman in the upcoming Olympics that naturally over produces testosterone whom they are trying to ban as being unfair. Hey when God is doping ya, who ya gonna call.
I’ve always been intrigued about and study phenomenons which women are a part of. While spending most of my life studying them one of the more interesting things that I discovered about them is the fact that they forgive but they never forget except for one thing. They remember having five lovers but have no memory of any one night stands.
You know the industry is in real trouble when the folks who have no debt start running their radio stations like the ones who do.
Free money fuels racism.
Speaking of money, the folks who use other peoples money to further their agenda always act strangely. I’m sure the Donald and the Hill know exactly what I’m talking about every time they look in a mirror.
The older you get the wiser you get and the wiser you get the more you realize how much crap you were taught in high school.
I don’t miss being in a relationship, what I miss is being in love.
How ironic that our first gold medal is for shooting.

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8 thoughts on “NEW geo Blog for August 08/16

  1. The sarcasm in your opening statement is apparent, George, and I mostly agree with your (opposite) point of view on most things – except “Global Warming”.
    If it were possible for every nation, including America, China and Mexico, to immediately stop deploying greenhouse gases, it probably wouldn’t matter much for our grandchildren’s future at this point. It’s been determined that greenhouse gases linger for thousands of years; refrigerators, air conditioners, pollutants from industry and automobiles only add to it on a daily basis. So whatever might happen as a result of all that is going to happen no matter what we do today.
    There are streets on Miami Beach that have already begun flooding, especially during winter months when tides are at their highest. Similar flooding has been occuring worldwide, including at our largest Naval Base in Norfolk, VA affecting national security. Solutions are in the hands of our genious entrepreneurs and engineers. Meanwhile, it’s probably better to keep listening to wierdos like Michael Savage, Senator Inhofe and a handful of paid scientists who continue to assure us that Global Warming/Climate Change is a hoax and everything will be just fine.
    Too PC?

    • Ken when I lived in Coronado California they had real strict laws about what what you could put in the Ocean but 7 miles south of my house Mexico was dumping raw sewage into the ocean. Sometimes that sewage and more would drift up to our beaches forcing them to close but nobody said a word to Mexico, PC at its best/worst. America’s playing a good game about Global Warming with us but until our government starts shaming other countries nothing is going to get any better and that’s the real reason PC was invented. A shield to hide behind.

    • What I learned in high school John was that Russia was a very poor country filled with nothing but peasants. All of a sudden these peasants put up Sputnik. How the hell did they do that.

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