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When Kay Ville was but a young lass growing up in the Dallas suburb of Highland Park,
Ron Chapman on occasion would say on the radio,”Ok, get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and when we return, you’ll be joining me on the roof where we will be watching the sunrise together.”Ron would then grab a mic and quickly make his way up the ladder and through the trap door that led to the roof.
When the commercial break was over, he would begin to describe in great detail, every nuance of the rising sun on the Dallas horizon. It was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard on the radio and it so made me want to live in Dallas just to experience that breathtaking moment with them. Even the Beatles couldn’t compete with any of that let alone another Dallas radio station.


It used to be that only strippers shaved above the knees but I doubt that’s true today.
The fact that actor Kevin Spacey is gay is fine, but his acting gay is not. How can he let some kid from 30 years ago, accuse him of something that he has no recollection doing? Be a man, tell the little creep to f**k off?
But then again, now I hear that on the set of “House Of Cards” Spacey was always an ass, so not so fast I guess.
Creativity is the art of letting go.
Have you ever noticed that only ugly guys seem to get charged with sexual harassment?
I know of very few very successful people that didn’t have to give up a spouse or two on their climb to the top. 
All is calm now but from what I’m hearing, if all goes as planned, tomorrow will be the busiest day of the year.
Even though political leanings don’t change what a musician sounds like, you would never know that by reading reviews.
So who’s safer, a black guy in a white bar or a white guy in a black bar?
So now that men are not allowed to notice all the cleavage and legs on display during a job interview, what are they gonna do now? 
So if the reason the NFL players are kneeling at a football game because of police brutality, why aren’t they kneeling at a police station? What the hell has it got to do with football?
No matter who you are and what you may or may not have achieved if you’re known at home as “daddy,” you’re a lucky man.
The only way for you to stay young is by continuing to learn.
Nothing much has changed in the last hundred years, men are still measured by success and women by their beauty.
Silence is golden.
If aliens were to land on our planet, do we want some politician speaking to them on our behalf?
I wonder if government officials tell their families the same thing they tell us?
Why do we seem to remember only the bad stuff mankind has done?
Is there a better motivator than revenge?
Who do you think has been worse since the Shula Marino era, the players or the coaches?
Besides the government and big business, who else thinks we should be sending tons of free money to foreign nations?
From where I sit as a Centrist, the love people have for the Democratic or Republican party must be based on, “My corrupt politicians are better than your crooked ones?”
How weird was it that all through school we were taught to stay in a box but now that we’re no longer in school, they want us to think outside of it.
Maybe what we should do is make the gun seller responsible for the buyer’s actions.
Ok, if not that, maybe some armed undercover guys at places of worship and other places that innocent people congregate. Lord knows what with all the different police departments, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, the secret service, and the National Guard, we have a few folks that could help out.
Did you notice that Governor Brown who recently raised the gas tax plus a few other things in California, immediately gave himself a raise to cover his extra out of pocket?
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