The Mythicals. (new Blog for Feb 06/17)

When I was growing up there were so many bigger than life mythical figures around that I just thought it was normal. I’m talkin’ giants like Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Rocket Richard, JFK, John Wayne, Martin Luther King, Joe Dimaggio, Robert Kennedy, Bart Starr, Mohamed Ali, the Beatles, Johnny Carson, Clint Eastwood, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson. These people were so magical and all of them had such an aura about them that it was very difficult to breath let alome speak in their presence. If they did nothing but just stand there I would still stand in line to buy a ticket.
Who would that be today?

The only reason I would ever allow either of my daughters to walk 10 paces behind a Muslim is so that he could clear out the land mines.
Isn’t it weird that the best and worst thing you can call a Jew is a Jew? 
You are judged much more on what you do than what you did.
When you live in a world where you are rewarded for merely participating while others are even given bonuses for losing, of course, a guy like Trump was gonna come along.
Wow, I can’t believe that CBS is hanging in there with Colbert and are actually trying to rebrand him. Don’t they realize that just appealing to California types ain’t enough?
Some of the funniest radio shows I’ve ever heard were Ron Chapman’s on KVIL in Dallas and Jim Harper’s in Detroit on WNIC. The most interesting part though is that neither of these legends ever told a joke.
You can’t let content get in the way of great music just as you can’t let the music get in the way of great content.
A tune is either up or it ain’t.
As I’ve said many times the first rule of “Show Biz” which only leads to the even tougher job of trying to hold their interest.
If Germany and Japan had won the war what Americans do you suppose would have been on trial for War Crimes?
It’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game said Bill Belichick to no one ever!
Life continues to turn out just like we didn’t plan.
Very little greatness came from cautious behavior.
Your rights end right at the tip of my nose.
If liberal politics don’t work on radio why do they assume that they will on TV?
I think we finally reached the point last year where the bands in Rock&Roll heaven are definitely much better than the ones left here on earth.
Being the best in the world at anything pays pretty well.
Only one thing wipes away all fear, irritations, and resentments … Laughter!
If you get to stir it you get to say it’s homemade.
So far the word awesome continues to stand the test of time even though crazy and epic gave it a run.
Taking advantage of who you are ain’t necessarily a bad thing.
Walt Disney took care of the customers first the employees next and then the executives. That’s just the way radio does it. Right!
The biggest radio stations always figured out how to make their clients cash registers ring.
Unfortunately, the road to success is filled with detours and is always under construction.
Anybody can say no because only very special people get to say yes.
I’ve been told that cocaine is better than sex so I’m glad I didn’t try it because I can’t even handle sex.
Watching the Young Pope recently on HBO reminded me that Jesus once said, “it’s not about me it’s about my father.”
If we really are what we remember that makes me a very naughty boy.

Very few people realize that most actors can also sing as my daughter Candis told me when she was studying drama at NYU and said … “Dad nobody who goes here can’t sing.”

Wow the Pats pulled it out.
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4 thoughts on “The Mythicals. (new Blog for Feb 06/17)

  1. George:

    Playing not to lose ensures you will. Why then is this the over-arching strategy of so many groups?

    As some coaches say, “the ‘prevent defense’ accomplishes only one thing: it prevents you from winning.”

    • Tim, I think coaches must sign an agreement with the NFL that once ahead by a certain score they must revert to the prevent defence ’cause they all do it even though it never works.

  2. George: I remember that you and Jim Hilliard were avid fans of “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. While Carson would sometimes make a reference concerning what was going on in the political world in his monologues, I do not remember the parade of political candidates being booked on his program nor do I remember the focus of the monologues dwelling on politics, unlike his predecessor, Jack Paar. Carson and his producers seemed to appreciate that viewers in late night were tuning in for light entertainment and a chuckle or two, and that following the 11:00 p.m. news meant that it was time for something different. At least James Corden is not airing a political rant every weeknight.

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