The “I” word Didn’t Work For Jesus Either!

I was having a couple of glasses of Wine the other day in Ft. Lauderdale with Gary Bachman. He was telling me about the time  he told his Brother Randy he had to lose the wimpy James Taylor sound he was doing since leaving The Guess Who. You’re a rocker Randy, you need to hear Fred Turner sing “House Of The Rising Sun” cause thats the kinda stuff you really should be doing. Randy claimed he would love to hear Fred sing it sometime somewhere. You’re in luck cause Fred is playing in Club right near you Gary told him, so you can pop in and see him anytime. Randy a converted Morman said … I cant go into a Night Club! What are you talking about Gary asked you’ve been playing in Night Clubs your whole career. Oh I can work in them Randy explained I just cant hang out in one. The next night Gary arranged to have Fred sing the tune right when he opened the fire escape door at exactly 11:00pm. Randy who was standing outside in the parking lot heard Fred sing “House Of The Rising Sun” loud and clear through the open doorway. Bachman Turner Overdrive was born at that moment.

If you’re struggling with some task it probably means you might not have the necessary talent to complete it. Find something easier for you to do that’s what you may be talented at.

Boy a big day coming up November 6 and I can hardly wait. It’s my Daughter Cami’s 17th Birthday … What do you mean there’s something else going on, surely it’s not as big as her Birthday.

Don’t you just hate being taken for granted.

Motivation is a lot like Chinese food in about an hour you need to do some more. Inspiration lasts much much longer.

One of the weakest words in the dictionary is “I” Jesus of course used it when he said, “I” am the Son of God. How many Christians other than visitors do you find in his hometown now. The Disciples on the other hand got to say “He” is the Son of God the result is there are  Christians all over the rest of the world.

Unfortunately the only known cure for a Woman is another Woman.

There is no such thing as a 50-50 marriage the best you can do is 60-40. You just have to figure out who should have the 60 for the next 24 hours..

The trick to have good looking Daughters is to have your way with good looking Mothers.

Tom Clancy says that sex is one of the most beautiful natural wholesome things that money can buy.

The most distracting thing to a Man is a pretty Woman.

Keith Elshaw reminded me that just when you think life sucks think of Ronald Wayne who in 1976 on this day sold his stake in Apple for $800. Today it’s worth$ 58, 065, 210, 000.00.

There is no such thing as a Wise Young Man nor a Young Sugar Daddy.

There are two days you cant do much about … Yesterday and Tomorrow.

In 1924 Ida Cox wrote and recorded “Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues” I do believe it still may be true.

Both my Daughters at one time or another have heard from some very big Super Stars how much I had helped them in their early years and how grateful they are for it I thought that was nice of them to mention it but my Daughters  question to me is … Dad how many of them helped you.

So answer me this? Dwight Howard gets his coach fired so maybe he’ll stay with the team then he leaves anyway. What kind of good will do you wish this creep for the rest of his career.

As Hunny Bunny told me age is just a number, you’re never too old to dream a new dream.

I wonder what my late Father would have thought about Hurricane Sandy being named after him. When I was growing up sometimes he was just like a hurricane and I was very afraid of him. He had the original “Johns Rage” which he passed on to me and I have since passed it on to my Daughters Candis and Cami.

It is said that the Wives most likely to cheat are the ones whose Husbands do everything they want exactly when they want it and how they want it done. Every once in a while these Women just need a real Man.

Being gifted doesn’t mean your brain is equipped to handle it.

8 thoughts on “The “I” word Didn’t Work For Jesus Either!

    • Thank You Gar. Unfortunately what I know comes from the mostly painful experience of learning it and I’ve still got all the scars to prove it.

  1. ” Being gifted doesn’t mean your mind is equipped to handle it.” If this insight is an original “GEORGE JOHNS” philosophical thought,then I’m really impressed George. As an old school teacher of English, I never heard it, but it resonates.

    • I never heard it anywhere Ermanno but I sure experienced it a lot. Many gifted people can’t handle their gift so they just stop using it which is a shame.

  2. The Tom Clancy quote reminded me of this from Rex Early: “Sex should be a private matter between the three people involved.”

  3. Hi George,
    Interesting conversation with Randy about Fred Turner. I bet Randy was listening to a band I was playing with at that time called Purple Haze. Fred told me that Randy wanted him to go out West and join his band. I said pack your bags and get going. It wasn’t long after that the band broke up and Fred went to join Randy. Fred was not certain about leaving Winnipeg since he had just gotten married. We met a few days later and he was still in town. I again told him to get out West and he finally did it. I really don’t think that my prodding had a huge part in his decision, but I’m glad he did it. He’s a great guy.

    • I saw them a couple of months ago and they sound better than ever. Hard to have 60 year old groupies distract you and they don’t drink or do drugs so they are focussed. Remember when the only reason we did it was for the Booze & Broads. They do it for the money now.

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