Ya Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em. (New for March 28/16)


When my daughter Candis turned 21 my gift to her was a trip to Paris.
On her actual birthday though she just wanted to me to take her dancing which was a bit of a surprise, but seeing as she’s never heard no from me off we went to some fancy night club.
I spent most of the evening at the bar drinking wine while she danced the night away with a bunch of guys and occasionally would bring one over to meet me. Around 11:30 she said she was ready to go and as soon as she got in the car she said … Dad that was the best birthday ever, thank you so much. I told her that it was my pleasure but I still didn’t understand why she wanted to go out with me instead of some of her girl friends. She just laughed and said … Because I just wanted to dance dad but usually the guy you’re dancing with starts to hit on you and wants to take you back to their place. When I told them I couldn’t because I was with my father, a couple of them didn’t believe me, those were the ones you met.
Very few businesses become instant successes so as Kenny Rogers sang long ago … “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.
Unhappiness is a place right between what ya’ got and what ya’ want.
You only dream about your wants but not your needs, sometimes though you can dream up a solution on how to have both.
You can almost see success, it’s up the road a piece just a little beyond failure.
A woman’s whole world changes when she leaves her 20’s.
The problem women may have with men can be traced back to their fathers. While they were growing up their fathers convinced them that life was all about them but to the men that show up later, that ain’t necessarily so.
Fathers are the only people who go along with that other special day being bigger than theirs even if the person being honored doesn’t deserve it.
The women who interest me most are those who are interesting to talk to, if not I’ll just stick with the young pretty ones.
The way women can become an even bigger force is to stick together with all women not just the ones who are their age.
The only thing that can bring a man to his knees without being fearful, is a beautiful woman. 
The gift men give the women who love them is their willingness to give up their lives in order to protect them.
I know of no man who wants to support a woman he doesn’t love but unfortunately the law realizes that also.
The only good thing about divorce is that its like having the ability to buy your way out of prison.
Can’t is also a bad 4 letter word.
Why do rules and laws appear to be written for other people.
Do you know any hugely successful self made men who are also nice guys.
I wonder why the folks who harshly criticize opposing political candidates don’t realize that their candidates sound just as idiotic.
Adults laugh about 17 times a day where as children do it 2 to 300 times, just another reason why it makes no sense to grow up.
If you chase what you want getting what you need becomes much simpler.
There is a way of saying thank you that actually means … Leave me the f**k alone!
I don’t think I’ve heard them ever predict a light Hurricane season in Florida, no money in that.
It didn’t take them long to figure out who brought Aids to North America so you would figure by now they would know the name of the person who brought PC.
When did radio people lose their fear of dead air.
It’s a hell of a lot easier to become a good radio executive than it is a good air talent but unfortunately it’s the executive who decides if you’re any good or not.
On air people have to start sounding better or continue to drive a car that’s 10 years older than them for the rest of their life.
What makes something really great is a great ending.
Losing the Superbowl puts you in a category slightly behind the teams who haven’t even played in one.
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6 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em. (New for March 28/16)

  1. Three thoughts, George:
    1. You are a great father.
    2. Some of the most successful people in business and life have experienced big (at least to them) failures in life and still gone ahead and picked up the pieces.
    3. Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills was still a great quarterback.

  2. “Do you know any hugely successful self made men who are also nice guys”… yeah… you do Geo … Me ! … but then again I’ve also learned the art of “feigned sincerity”.. as always you rock bro 😉

  3. One sunny spring day in Boston I was walking, coming toward me was a beautiful woman, our eyes met, we smiled. We walked past each other, I turned and she did too. We went out for a drink a couple of days later, then dinner, a couple of lunches and movies a few times. She was the executive assistant to the CEO of one of the multi-billion dollar long term capital firms in the financial district. She had been Dick Nixon’s last assistant before she moved to Boston. We got into it over her old boss one night. I didn’t see her for a month or so, then we passed on the street again and gave it another shot. Didn’t work the second time either. No two people could have ever had the strong physical attraction we had for each other…I couldn’t get past her loyalty to of Tricky Dick and she couldn’t get past my distain of him. At least mine was based on fact. You may have met her, movie star good looks.

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