A long time ago back in my hometown of Winnipeg Monarch Wear who made faded Jeans called Tee Jays which Jimmy Darin helped make famous with his very unique Radio commercials sponsored a concert featuring all the best local talent called The Tee Jay Cavalcade Of Stars.
They took a photo of those of us involved in the project and I happened to be standing next to Burton Cummings which I just recently did again albeit more than 45 years later at the CKY Reunion along with Jimmy Darin and Deno Corrie.(see pictures) Boy some of the tales Burton and I could tell about all the great things that happened to us both during the years in between would just amaze you.

Sometimes you just have to walk away from the people who cause all the drama in your life. You need to only hang out with the people who make you laugh and make you feel good. Your goal should be to love the people who treat you right and ignore all the others. You only pass this way once enjoy yourself!

When a Woman is done with you sometimes she can get very mean and nasty because after all she is never expected to act like a Gentleman.

It’s pretty funny when Women use “Man Talk” to describe certain situations. I’m pretty sure they don’t fully understand what they are really saying when they to refer to a sales presentation as a “Dog & Pony Show” or talk about a good looking Mother of their child’s friend as being a “MILF” or even saying they are really “Up” for a certain project.

Most people think we are all born with good instincts and the bad ones are learned later in life. We are all born with most of our instincts already in place and most of these instincts are very self serving and are based solely on our own survival not Mankind’s. There is after all nothing more selfish or demanding than a so called innocent child.

The guitar my friend Randy Bachman used on American Woman is in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame but he ain’t. What Bullshit!

It really doesn’t matter how many times you fall because your job is to get up again. Being the last man standing is what it’s all about.

I truly believe that we as Men become less interesting to Women when we finally give them what ever it was they most wanted from us in the first place.

40 years ago today the Internet was born at UCLA.

I think the first mention of PMS was in the Bible because it stated rather clearly and without a lot of fanfare that Mary rode Joseph’s Ass all the way to Bethlehem.

A long time ago when my Brother Reg and I were partners in a company called Fairwest. At some point we started going in different directions because he was tiring of talking to the so called talent who were really just Dee Jays. I was still OK with most of them but Reg started moving more and more into promotions that delivered both Ratings and Revenue. I was still just chasing Ratings and needed a guy like Sam Zell who once told Randy Michaels to give up chasing ratings and chase money instead. All I know is it sure turned out a lot better for Reg than it did for me. I gotta wonder though what Randy wouldn’t give for some super great ratings today.

You just cant stop talking about all the things you care about.

The other day my Daughter Cami sent me a picture of some beautiful Roses she received from some guy named Daryl. Her accompanying quote was …. Daddy, You’re now not the only Man who has ever sent me flowers! In further inquiring about Daryl as Fathers tend to do I found out he is a Senior, not so good news but glad he’s still in school, but the real good news is he recently moved to Australia. Ahh ya gotta love those long distant relationships unless of course you are in one.

I think the main reason you need to go to school is to discover what was taught to the generation before you thats not true anymore or maybe never was.

I’m either extremely excited or kinda bummed.

Wow at 300 Million Ringo Starr is the richest drummer in the World. I guess Mick and Keith don’t share real well Charlie.

One of my “good” friends must of signed me up for a dating service because I keep getting e mail invitations from women my age who want to meet me. I’m sure they are very nice people but I’m a little distracted at the moment by the Hunny Bunny!

As you go through life you discover people around you generally fall into 3 categories those for you, those against you and those who don’t give a s**t. Your quest should be to always take care of those for you and keep your eye on those against you.

Years ago we all thought fellow Winnipegger Marshall McLuhan had said “The Medium Is The Message” and a few of us modeled our Radio Stations using that which worked out rather well. Turns out what he really said was “The Medium Is The Massage” What the hell do we do now Alfie?

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  1. what a great blog george. i really enjoyed it. wish i could have spent more time with yu at the reunion. it still bothers me that i had to leave early. i had a room booked for the night and was ready to party into the wee hours. toast the dawn and things. anyway the couple of hours i did have left me with a ton of memories. i wanted to get to the mike and burst into a newscast. dave jacobson CKY contemporary news is how the intro went. we wrapped it up with and that’s the news from manitoba’s authoritative news voice CKY. that first year when we were on main street was the most enjoyable of my whole career. and it was because of greatest collection of talented and down to earth people ive ever worked with. so thanks for the blog george. i learned a lot and it took me back to the glory days of radio.

  2. George – you were like a sponge. & Dave you were such a big hit with the girls that night & of course you know you were one of the people I especially wanted to see & find out what is going on with your life. I was so sorry I had worn new shoes that night & my feet were killing me & that all the girls I was with went home early. I stayed a little later, than they did – but I had called #2 son to pick me up when I hooked up with Brenda Liwiski – so I too would have stayed later. Went to Lunch the next day with a group that Warren Cosford had put together & was glad I did because I got a chance to spend a little more time with Bev & Dino Corrie & also Chuck McCoy. Hopefully our paths will cross again Dave as we had a lot of fun & I really think in all the years I spent at the Station, the earliest were probably the best. Although I still think Roy Hennessey was the best G.M. I ever worked for. It was funny how the night went & I don’t think the seating worked that well so many people I & didn’t even realize they were even there until I heard later. The girls I was with were from both your & George’s era though. I have been following George’s blog almost since he started I think as it was originally his idea to have the Reunion & included Chuck & myself initially.

  3. I thought you were dating with Hunni Bunny?? Anyway good for you Geo. In my opinion anything that makes you happy & the negatives you get rid of – which I did – I was dating an old boyfriend, but he was very negative & we were always arguing. I was spoiled by all the interesting people I have met in Radio.

    • I meant Em that maybe I’ve finally learned enough about women that maybe now I would be a good date(-: As for the Hunny Bunny she falls into the “If something is to good be true it usually isn’t” category so we will see but so far I have to admit we have almost got a year in so I’m ready to almost relax but I wont.

  4. George, my man. just as an item of interest(ioi), when I was in high school with you, during those heady days in Transcona, I had a summer job at Monarch Wear. I was getting paid .75 cents an hour working on those very Tee Jays Jeans you are talking about……….Small world

    • Ermanno my Man you and I have shared many things in our life except Women and I’m not starting now I’ve got a great one and I’m not giving her up without a struggle.

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