Recently my Winnipeg Jets were in town to take on the Panthers so I thought it was about time I took in a hockey game again. The only changes I noticed since I had last been to one was they have brought laser lights, Cheerleaders and Rock & Roll to the party otherwise its still just the same great game. Hey I could even still sing along with Oh Canada until we got to the parts my old buddies from Transcona claim Quebec changed. I took advantage of the evening to do a little research for my project about what women really want. I was curious about whether or not Women who attended sports events had a different perspective on life than their sisters did. So I quickly gathered together a small focus group (pictured) and continued my deep probes.

What percentage do you suppose of Mitt’s “the very poor” are legitimately poor.

I see everybody is excited about the fact a bunch of people were hired in December to help out with the Christmas rush so the unemployment rate went down. What happens in future months is the big question.

12 year old girls listen to AM Radio

I read in Moto’s Blog that Sgt. Harry Berres HMSC said when he joined the military it was illegal to be Gay, then it became optional, and now it is legal. Harry claims he’s getting out before it becomes mandatory.

I just read that 80% of Women would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl. Wow if that gets around it’s going to make it a tough call for a lot of guys. Luckily for me I didn’t have an opportunity so I saw New York beat New England.

What is it about drinking that one is always one too many and two are never enough.

Bill Taylor said he has living proof that even though Women claim their giving birth is more painful than a man getting kicked in the crotch is simply not true. After a year or two Women tend to say maybe it would be nice to have another kid but no Man will ever say he’s ready to be kicked in the crotch again.

Some of the Women I commented on in my last Blog claim what I was learning from them they weren’t teaching.

Mark this down under sometimes you cant win for losing. American Idol is one of the biggest shows on TV with 20 something million viewers but all you hear is … Yeah but it used to have 35.

Over the years how many and the way they listen to radio hasn’t changed much but how they measure it sure has. I wonder when they’ll finally come up with a method that’s true.

Putting current programming techniques on an already very successful heritage Radio Station may not be a very wise move.

It has taking me years to figure out that as you go through life you should be able to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else.

As good as most Athletes are they still aren’t as good as they think they are and that’s when the trouble begins.

I finally figured out that when women talk about equality they aren’t talking about wanting to be equal with men. What they are really talking about is having the same rights as beautiful women.

Every once in a while I’ll see some cars and trucks on the freeway here in Florida with Border Patrol written on the side of their vehicles. Seeing as the border is in the middle of the Ocean I would think a boat would be a much better idea.

Back in the day when cars got about 7 miles per gallon gas cost about 50 cents a gallon. Now that cars get 30 or more miles a gallon gas costs close to $4. Does anybody but me see a connection there.

Years ago we did a promotion on WRMF with Hemingway’s brother Leicester who claimed he knew where the fountain of youth was. I remember thinking at the time that we already have enough youth so maybe what we really should be searching for was the fountain of smart.

Most of the guys I knew who had reputations as womanizers never even to come on to women they didn’t have to, the women all came on to them.

Are Blondes aware they are having more fun. Chris Duffy also wondered if the reason Blonde jokes are only one line was so Men will get them too.

Mike Kenneally e mailed me a while back saying that while he was watching the President’s State Of The Union address he couldn’t help but think … Hillary needs a new do man!

A lot of Radio people these days are very good at placing blame elsewhere. Maybe thats only because they’re not very good at anything else.

I was just reading that the Big 8 CKLW in Detroit back in the day had 23 people in their News Room. Now there aren’t 23 people in a whole Radio Station.

The big question following winning a championship is what the hell do you do now because the guys you won it with are never ever going to put out as much as they did while they trying to win it. What say you New York.

Even though more folks spend more time watching TV then ever going to the movies, TV Stars are still nothing compared to Movie Stars.

Ronald Reagan said the best social program is a job.

As I write this I am in Las Vegas with my good friend Reid Reker celebrating the fact that once again he is a free Man. It’s always good to be with your buddies for those special moments but I’m just a little afraid of how my head is going to feel tomorrow morning.

13 thoughts on “HOCKEY, FOOTBALL & SEX !

  1. Women & Equality – They want it until THEY HAVE TO PAY THE ALIMONY.
    Hillary definitely needs a new “do” she looks like a real “Frump” Better spruce up the appearance or Bill might wander again.

  2. Reid Reiker is a free man again? He needs to hurry up and buy a bigger boat while he still has the chance!

    When I was a little kid, I remember walking with my Dad thru the yard of the Buffalo Yacht Club on the first beautiful spring day of the season, when we came upon this older man sanding the bottom of his boat. I said… “Gee Mister, that sure looks like a lot of WORK”. The man looked up and said “Young Man…this is not work…it’s called PLEASURE”! As we started walking away, the man said “…and one day when you get married…you’ll understand how much pleasure this is”!

  3. I was just reading that the Big 8 CKLW in Detroit back in the day had 23 people in their News Room. Now there aren’t 23 people in a whole Radio Station.


    I run a clip of the Big 8’s 20/20 News programming in my Capstone Class and always get the same reaction from my students….WOW! I’d sure listen to a radio station like that! The reality of today’s radio is that it’s not as creative, compelling or LIVE. And Geo, I loved your observation that while CKLW had 23 people just in their newsroom that most stations don’t have that many employees — and might I add to that — to run an entire cluster, websites and events department. Radio was great because it was run by people who had passion for the radio business.

    • Dick as Steve Jobs said you are going to work for the rest of your life so find something you love doing. I don’t hear many love struck people on the air now.

  4. Interesting how much different the big 8’s news department was from WRKO’s. Roger Allan was never on the air and was the new director, but he had a sense for hiring talent. The best of those was the late John Masters who had the voice of god, plus he rocked when he read the news…
    I don’t think we will see anything like the showmanship of the drake era in radio today.\
    Not programmed into the computer..

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