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The pictures above? They’re from CKY, CFRA, and CFTR.

I wonder what the news would be like if the media were Centrists? 
If politics and politicians were as interesting and exciting as the actors and singers would have us believe, don’t you think there’d be a few more movies and songs about them? 
If Russia meddled in our election, what do you call what we’re doing in Venezuela? 
Seeing as there doesn’t appear to be any terrorist attacks in China, maybe we should do whatever they’re doing to prevent them? 
Speaking of China, they have ten times our population but a 10th of our crime? 
Do you find it as strange as I do that the only thing the Democrats and Republicans agree upon is campaign financing, lobbyists, and the War in Iraq?
Since the Gulf war began, we’ve sent 650,000 American soldiers to the middle east. Where the hell are all the protesters? 
Speaking of protesters, do you realize that since they discontinued the draft, there doesn’t seem to be any? 
Speaking of Nam, is there any other band that represents that era better than CCR? 
I wonder how many of our politicians are involved with the various Cartels? 
How much money do you need to be happy? The answer to that pays more than you’ll ever need. 
Don’t you wonder why they keep trying to come up with a way to pay the medical companies that are gouging us? Shouldn’t they be working on how to bring those creeps to their knees instead?
You’ll never receive that what you don’t ask for. 
Seeing as dreaming is free, you might as well do a bunch of it. 
As Ricky Nelson sang, “You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.”
To have some things you’ve never had you’ll have to do some things you’ve never done. 
Sometimes you have to look back to see what lies ahead. 
As you improve so does your life. 
You spend most of your life looking forward until the one day you catch yourself looking over your shoulder. 
No matter how hard you hang on, eventually you lose everything.
The more specialized radio becomes the fewer listeners it attracts.
It’s the things that stand out on a radio station, good and bad, is what makes a particular radio station outstanding. 
Even though I have more freedom than my parents, they were much safer. 
Taxes are not an investment. 
Being motivated is good but being a motivated seller, not so much. 
Courage and stupidity are confused with each other at times. 
Most countries who have peace within their borders are planning for war outside of them.
Almost everybody wants to walk through a door marked private. 
The good thing about guns is that they make you bigger than the biggest bully. 
Lawyers are just like everybody else who is desperate for money. Untrustworthy.

With just 7 games to go, the Winnipeg Jets lead their devision.

You can’t beat the system by just shouting at it.


Doug Thompson: George wrote: “I believe in and love local radio but what I don’t believe in are carnival barker car commercials and tire store remotes.”
Bad ads have driven/are driving listeners away. Most commercials on local radio are terrible.  My solution is I push the button and move on to another station or switch to Sirius/XM where, at least on the talk or news channels, the commercials are equally as bad if not worse.  Ever hear the Bronx accent guy, Jimmy from Zyppah?  Annoying to the nth degree.  I worked with one of the best writers in the radio biz, my former creative partner Bill McDonald.  I’m embarrassed to hear some of the so-called ads on the radio today.
Geo: I was lucky enough to work with Bill in Toronto at CFTR Dougie. His commercials were better than some of the tunes we were playing and the two of you together must have been outrageous.
Doug Herman: Loved the story about the “Cri.” In those long-ago days, I think most radio stations had a “chief joint of staff” to which the crew adjourned after work. When I worked WOKY/Milwaukee, the official bar was The Annex, across the street. There was even an extension of the PD’s (George Wilson) office phone over there. Later, at WRIT, where the late Bob Collins and I did PM drive, the next stop was Orlando’s, where we’d usually find half the station staff when we got off the air. Fun times that I’m pretty sure don’t exist in radio any longer.

Geo: Ahh yes, Doug. In Indy, it was the Grog Shoppe right across the back parking lot from WIBC & WNAP. I  think the main reason the Grog was popular was because we had trade there and it was the only time you ever saw the sales and programming folks hanging out together.

Jim Harper: Speaking of “shitload,” that would describe my career before we started listening to your wisdom as our consultant. Every great Radio jock needs a Brian Epstein to become a Beatle. That is the best way I can describe, you George. Someone who can see the potential in others, recognize talent and how to optimize it and then, the most important part: How to manage and HANDLE success. Add to that all the Life-wisdom you so generously share with anyone who will listen, and all I can say is: I’m glad I know you, George. And I’ll never stop being grateful.

Geo: I pride myself in quick comebacks Jim, but I ain’t got nothin’ for this so I’ll just go with thank you.

Pat O’Day: Back in my Concerts West days, I was arriving in Oklahoma City with Three Dog Night late on a Saturday night and driving from the Airport listening to WKY.  This guy caught my attention.  Strange, such a talent on so late at night and on the weekend.  Sunday night after the show, on my way to the airport I hear the same guy and I’m impressed.

Returning to Seattle where I was the GM of KJR and KISW FM, I had my Assistant call WKY under the guise she wanted to hire the guy for a school record hop.  Now with his phone number, I called him and after a short visit, asked him if he would come up to Seattle and get acquainted.  He said he had a problem. He was still in High School but could maybe come during Easter break. He came, I hired him to do 6 to 9 PM which he did, AFTER HE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL A MONTH LATER.  HE BECAME A BIG SEATTLE STAR UNDER HIS NEW RADIO NAME, KEVIN O’Brien. (His choice)  Years later, he went back to being Kevin Matheney.  He was a great PD, but he should never have left the air.  Kevin was spectacular with a voice that stunned with its love and charm. Loved ya Kevin and we miss you so!!!

Geo: Kevin worked for me as a PD in Philly, Pat. Wish I’d known at the time that he was also a great jock, great PD’s are a lot easier to find than great air talent. Like you, I also miss him.

Dee McGinn: George, I knew you via Don Garrard (Dandy) back in the late 70s/early 80s. I was married to him while he was in Indy at the buzzard through his stint with you in San Diego. I still have a note you sent him asking, “Don, you haven’t caused any trouble for a while…are you ill?”

I only met you a handful of times, but you were just delightful to talk to, and Don thought very highly of you. I spotted your blog while trying to see what Tom Cochran and buster are up to now, and thought I’d just say hello and wish you well. Take care! Dee (Garrard) McGinn.

Geo: Dee, how nice of you to reach out to me. Don truly was a memorable character which I’m sure you’re well aware of. The thing that helped make me successful Dee was surrounding myself talented people like Don and then trying to handle them as best I could. They, in turn, were very loyal and I remember them all fondly.

Robert Woyna: Hey! Just a terrific blog. I grew up with you guys in the Jury and Burton Cummings back in those great days.  We lost you to the states but got now we have you back again via your blog, witty and smarter. Great on the Canadian shit, keep it up, my friend. Rob Woyna. Transcontinental.

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    • Doug, I’ve always thought that fear was a huge motivator, so it stands to reason that if the penalty for committing a crime was harsher than the crime, maybe it would slow crime down a little?

  1. When I visited my primary-care physician this past December for my annual physical and renewal of the too-many medications I have to take to keep myself around for the next few years, I really hit a nerve with him when I showed him how my insulin co-pays have increased since 2011 even though the basic prescription has remained the same. It was to the point that I could no longer afford the preferred insulin pens per month and had to revert back to basic insulin formulations from Wal*Mart with separate syringes for my injections. My doctor is a very frank guy and even though the healthcare group has tried to find ways to muzzle him, force him into retirement and generally make his life miserable while all he wants to do is help people, he stated that it is the healthcare provider groups in concert with the government (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) that prevent transparency in pricing of medical procedures and medical prescriptions. He said that everything keeps getting more and more controlled and micromanaged to the point that it would be easier to wipe out the whole system and start over, but that there are too many special-interests (lawyers and financial officers) that will never let it happen unless there is a mass revolt. Only those who can pay outside the medical establishment system out-of-pocket will receive the exact level of treatment and care they wish to purchase at the price they wish to pay. In other words, the rest of us are screwed, and we are not going to enjoy it !

    • Sad Jed, but until lobbyists and corporate fundraising is banned, it will get even worse. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few things that both the Democrats and Republicans agree upon.

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