Geo’s Media Blog (My Bucket List Adventure)

My bucket list adventure begins on Friday, Sept, 04 when I fly from West Palm Beach to Burbank California where I catch Amtrak to Oxnard, (see train route below in red) to spend a few days with my good friends Jan Hall and Bob Christy.
Once there, I’m sure Jan will continue my retraining sessions, but I’m hopeful that I’ll still have time to tour LA with my Grandson Nathaniel and also get to hang with my daughter Candis.
Then on Wednesday, September 09, I Catch the Amtrack train to San Jose, where I’ll spend a few days with Jim and Barb Hilliard. (see train map below) Once there, I’m sure Jim will bring up what he calls, “The day I f**ked him, and Barb will pick up on where Jan left off by reminding me that my choice in women over the years hasn’t been good and it’s now time to get an age-appropriate one.
Saturday, September 12, once again I climb aboard Amtrak, find my bedroom, and head to Portland Oregon. (see my room on top and the train map below)
Upon arrival, I’ll have a couple of cocktails with my old pal from Winnipeg, Chuck McCoy and his wife Kim. Chuck and I started out in radio together at CKY and hopefully, Kim will be able to tolerate the stories that are sure to come up about how he got his name, and why to this day he still drives a convertible.
After hanging out with Chuck and Kim for a little while, on Sunday, September 13, I board Amtrak for a magnificent ride through the mountains of Washington and Montana on my way to Chicago. (see photo on top and red train map below) Hey, I even get as close as 150 miles from my home town of Transcona. Salute!
On Tuesday, September 15, I arrive in Chicago around 4 pm, but even though my connecting train to Syracuse (see map below) doesn’t leave until 9:30, I’m staying in the train station.
Yes, I did once own a radio station here for about 15 minutes, but Chicago just ain’t my kind of town. In fact, I’d recommend that the folks better think real hard about defunding the police department because they’re gonna need more than a gun to defend themselves.
Anyway, when I arrive in Syracuse, my snowbird buddy Bob Thomas is picking me up and taking me to his home in Northern Pennsylvania. I’ll spend a few days there with him and his wife Josie, and reunite with all of his friends who visit West Palm in the winter while doing some serious drinkin’.
On Sunday, September 20, Big Bob is driving me to Philly, where I’ll board the train for an overnight ride to Jacksonville. (see map below) Once in Jacksonville, I’ll spend a few days with the Executive Vice President of CSX Railway, Jamie Boychuk, along with his beautiful wife, Lindsay, and their gaggle of precious daughters. (Jamie, of course, is my nephew)

On Thursday, September 24, I’ll board Amtrak again for the final leg of my bucket list adventure as I head back home to West Palm Beach. (see map below)


Why would you worry about something you’ve never experienced?

The people who forgive atrocities are only those who weren’t involved. 

We may not like the bad guys, but we love bad girls. 

There are three types of beautiful women, those who, when they walk into a room, suck all the oxygen out of it. Then there’s those who you’d kill for and those you’d die for, but If any of the above show up, run! 

Speaking of three, most of us are three different people, the person you think we are, the person we think we are, and the person we really are. 

Is there anything sweeter than revenge? 

After being the National PD for Fairbanks Broadcasting and then becoming a consultant, I quickly discovered that I must have lost it because now, less than half of my promotional ideas were not airworthy. Also, according to most of the PDs, they’re already doing everything else I recommended, I must have listened at the wrong time. 

I wonder how police recruitment is going these days? 

Claiming that you’re not racist doesn’t make it so, especially if you’re a politician.

Nowadays, nothing is true, absolutely nothing. 

Because Biden has no charisma, campaign funding is going to be slow, and in fact, most of it is going to come from big business. Unfortunately, those cats don’t do it for free; they expect favors.

What a weird world. We grew up thinking Cops, Boy Scout Leaders, Priests, and Presidents were God-like; what a shock, huh?

What the hell does the CIA and the FBI do that we can’t live without?

One of the ways to improve your life is to simply mimic the people you most admire.

Folks who listen more than they talk are usually successful.

Jed Duvall: So would you classify Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Mozart as Level Seven? (Hey Who Dat?)
Geo: Maybe the Penthouse, Jed.

North: “Do I have this right; there are no Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Arabs, Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, or Women who are racist, just white males?” George, you should tweet this and see if Drew Brees re-tweets it. (Just Another Day In Paradise)
Geo: North, I think Drew should concentrate on football, he’s got a big game coming up this fall with Brady.

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