jdMy first Radio boss was a DJ by the name of Jimmy Darin who was also the program Director of the Radio Station we worked at in Winnipeg at CKY. Jimmy was married to a beautiful Woman named Babs with whom he had two kids named James and Crystal and because I was only a kid too he was like a father figure to me. Almost everything I was ever lucky enough to achieve in Broadcasting probably can be traced back to his inspiration and brilliant teachings. Jimmy had met Babs early in his career when he was jocking at a small Radio Station in Wichita Falls Texas and when they were first married he explained to her that they would be moving around a lot as he pursued his dream of working in the “Big Apple”. Meanwhile though he impressed upon her their short term goal was to chase the money. He cautioned her not to get too involved in the community or make too many friends because if somebody somewhere was willing to pay him fifty bucks a week more they were as good as gone.

A couple of station moves later, Jimmy who was still in his early 20’s was summoned to the owner’s carpeted big corner office where he was informed that the board had just voted him in as their newest Vice President. Jimmy was thrilled with the announcement of course but was also somewhat shocked and surprised that a special honor like this was being bestowed upon him at such an early age and he could hardly wait to share the good news with Babs. When the meeting was over and all the congratulations were finally done he rushed to the phone and almost shouting into it and said, guess what Chipmunk they just made me a V/P of the Radio Station and I am so stoked about it. She excitedly responded with … That’s great! How much does it pay?

I think if bullets were tougher to get we might have a better chance of surviving.

If it was also tougher to get married maybe marriages would have a better chance at surviving.

Deborah Cremer wrote after reading my Blog “To Tat Or Not To Tat” that she thought I should let Cami have the Tattoo mainly because she had a good cause and she sold it real well. She claimed she is still pissed at her kids because when they turned 18 they got one and it absolutely stands for nothing!

When I posted a recent Blog on Facebook called SCAM ALERT about an hour later my stats page claimed over 2000 people read it. I called my tech guy and told him my stats page counter is screwing up and must be adding 0’s to the real count. He called me back and said no the counter is working fine but now you are up to over 6000 people have read your Blog and it’s gone viral Man. Wow!

This just in, surprise surprise the scammers check bounced and even though they over communicated with me sending 105 texts in two days, when I informed them the check bounced and wondered if they were still expecting my report, they never replied. Strange(-:

Once you understand what it is you are afraid of it is no longer fearful.

Most Artists know the definition of Art is simply the observation of life and your exaggerated take on it. The way you express what you observed determines whether or not you are any good as an Artist.

I know more sex is always the answer but sometimes I forget what the question was.

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate your successes because they will be seldom ever mentioned, unlike your failures.

Henry Ford once said that if anybody thinks they are going to be happy when the Government takes care of them better check out the American Indians first.

My friends can all see what I see in the Hunny Bunny but very few of them can see what the hell she sees in me.

Speaking of welfare, I don’t think anyone on Welfare should make more than the lowest paid American worker. The reason is obvious.

I’m always on my best behavior in front of my Daughters and thats how I always did Radio.

Ivan Braiker of Hip Cricket once said he finally discovered that it was not what George Johns did on his Radio Stations that made them successful it was what he didn’t do. Shhh Ivan, don’t give away the secrets!

I always thought the sound America liked best was a White person sounding Black or a Black person sounding White.

Radio is just like smoking used to be to me. I don’t like it that much anymore but I can’t quit.

Any other words other than yes really mean no.

When I was the PD of CFRA in Ottawa I got a 100 share on a weekend day part. I didn’t believe it for a second but I sure wanted the competition too.

There’s being a lot of discussion about PPM and its ramifications but what I haven’t heard are the words … Finally We Have The Truth!

Was Custer the last General to lead his troops into battle.

Speaking of Generals all I know is the little one is still leading me to places I probably shouldn’t go!



18 thoughts on “MORE SEX IS THE ANSWER!

  1. Best Holiday wishes George!

    Finally on the tatoo issue. 2 word answer. Tramp Stamp! It doesn’t matter what it means or where it is. Instant negative on a first impression. Unclean. Period. There shouldn’t be an argument. Simple solution, when you’re 18 and living on your own, and you’ve gone out and earned the money for yourself, you can do anything you want.

    Every honey bunny’s in this world comes with the same 2 word reason as to what they see in an older man. Supplimental Income. It’s still cheaper to lease.

    Oh, and these days, the American Indian is doing pretty good!

  2. I would like to know the outcome of your response to Cami about the Tatoo.

    And as for the “Scam”, I never tried to deposit the $3,500. The old saying “If it’s too good to be true, etc etc etc” The fake cashier’s check supposely from Wells Fargo where I bank so off to my Bank Mgr to confirm that it was fake.

    Happy Holidays, Geo

    • Debbie I actually took her to two Tattoo places the one she chose turned her down because she was under 18 and lately the law has been really cracking down on them which is a good thing I figure. The next place told her that it couldn’t be done exactly like she wanted it which I’m sure bummed her a little. Meanwhile she is pretty frightened by it all and is trying to work up her courage I think. Today we go shopping for cover up bracelets which will have the words “Don’t Worry Baby” inscribed on it which I’m hoping will suffice.
      The Tattoo places are a bit scary, guys standing around with sleeves of tattoos and all getting more.

  3. “I know more sex is always the answer, but sometimes I forget what the question was.”
    Paleeze. You’ve Never known what the question was! I’m sure you never will! 😉

    Happy New Year… guess who’s about to make a reappearance?


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