Monopolies Are Un-American!

There is no way CC can have the only traffic reporting system in the land isn’t that Un-American. Didn’t we all learn a long time ago that Monopolies are bad for America. Hey If I have to start a new one myself I will and better yet I know a guy who can get it done.

So here’s the dilemma as I see it. PPM incorrectly measures mornings and gives what’s left over from what used to be huge numbers to radio stations who just roll the tunes. What do you do, what do you do. The way it works of course is the agencies only buy cost per point and they just love how cheap they are getting mornings for now. So Bean counters are saying … Hey we don’t need those expensive Prima Donnas anymore how exciting. But the thought I have is in this New Media World it will soon be impossible to survive with out some kind of direct sales but direct clients only buy the action. They don’t care much about ratings. I don’t think It is going to be Yin or Yang it’s going to be Yin and Yang. The only way though to get Direct money is you have to have a name talent telling the folks where they should shop or direct Sales doesn’t work and you soon will be at the mercy of the agencies who can hardly wait to have a field day with you about the rates. Good Luck with Yin!

Speaking of direct you really don’t need ratings you just need 200 loyal people listening to your station who do what ever the talent tells them to do. I mean what local business could ever handle anymore people than that anyway.

Are research companies taking into account that at least 70% of Americans are some form of passive and I doubt would attend a focus group but would wear a PPM device. I often wonder if the folks who do attend focus groups are in there designing a brand new Edsel for radio.

One of the neat things about America is if you want to get rich there really is no one who can prevent that but yourself. The other neat thing is they let you keep most of it.

Speaking of getting rich I remember that being a tougher thing to do in Canada. The reason for that which I painfully found out was because they didn’t let you keep much of what you earned. I’m sure because I’m no longer there it’s much different just like the Winters in Transcona warmed up shortly after I left. At least thats what they try to tell me.

Doug Erickson says you need 4 things to go viral. Authenticity, Surprise, Emotion and Story Telling.

There are only two things a woman will get up for in the middle of the night for … Her sick child or a Royal Wedding.

When Leonard Bernstein was asked about Rock&Roll he said 95% of it is trash but the other 5 % is simply irresistible.

I’ve always believed and agreed with the quote … “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” But as good as that is I feel it left out a very important part so I added it. Teach a man the philosophy of fishing and he will soon open a chain of seafood restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, radio is like a restaurant, certain kinds of foods (tunes) just cant be served up there no matter how popular they are.

Paul Barsky told me he liked working in Houston more than Dallas because Dallas had too many 35 Thousand Dollar Millionaires for him.

Artistic people when left to wonder always wonder the worst.

One of the things over the years I became fairly proficient at was how to turn a sales promotion into a programming promotion and a programming promotion into a sales promotion.

Watching the pro athletes play makes me think that the weight of all that money they are making must be whats slowing them down because they sure aren’t as fast or as intense as they were in College.

I was at my favorite sports bar last night, Duffy’s watching the Heat on the big screen and the Red Sox on another screen with the Yankees playing on the flat screen above. It dawned on me that all America really wants is for The Yankees and the Red Sox to play on the same flat screen every game. The hell with the rest of the teams.

Roy Laughlin told me he can sell anything if programming will promote it.

Bob Schuman pointed out to me that he noticed when Kate got out of the car on her Wedding Day the proof that it must have been a little chilly in old London town. Nice!

I think if Mr. Business Man wants to do anything that doesn’t help America should be illegal and if in fact it hurts America, should be prosecuted.

I love Capitalism and hate Speculism.

6 thoughts on “Monopolies Are Un-American!

  1. You’re right, George.
    I think we mostly have ourselves to blame.

    There’s our failure to prosecute cheats and liars in American business and government.
    And our proclivity for electing greedy jackasses and complete morons to public office.

    Then we pave paradise and put up a parking lot.
    If we survive, we have to agree – it was DUMB LUCK!

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