Monica Lewinsky Would Kick Ass. (new for Feb 01/16) #3 Of My 12 Most Read Blogs In 2016 (Re did a bunch)


Back when I was a rookie PD at CKOM in Saskatoon I remember the day Joni Mitchell who hailed from Saskatoon came by the studios to give us her new album. She was accompanied by some long hair and because my guys Gary Russell Keith Elshaw Woody Cooper Ken Singer and Dylan Thomas were huge fans of her’s she happily agreed to tape an interview with us.
While taking a short break Joni introduced us to her long haired friend whom we were shocked to learn was Graham Nash of the Hollies. Graham, it turned out had just stopped in Saskatoon to visit with Joni for a couple of days before heading onto to LA where he was recording an album with a new group they’d just formed called Crosby Stills and Nash.


You can learn how to play the guitar like Chuck Berry but not like Eric Clapton.

Speaking of music, congratulations to my old friend from Winnipeg Burton Cummings who it was just announced is being inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame in April. Burton’s already in there as a former member of The Guess Who but now he goes in as a solo act.

It’s the little stuff that breaks ya!

Why is it that soon as an actor achieves any kind of success they immediately become experts on life and especially politics.

You always lose if you’re accused.
You can’t do a decent Boston accent without swearing.
No NFL player is as good as he claims to be.
I think Aaron Rogers may be in the Hall of Fame before he’ll be in the Superbowl again.
Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player who ever lived was Wayne Gretzky because he changed the game.
Years ago my CPA Roger Snowdon told me that absolutely everything is deductible until the IRS says it ain’t.
The intent of the law means nothing.
When you’re done changing you’re done.
If it doesn’t come with jail time just do it.
Isn’t it amazing how humble and polite the truly gifted are.
The monopolies still can’t figure out how to have a monopoly on music.
While traveling in France for any amount of time you’ll find the “cockney” accent to be pleasantly understandable when you find your way to England.
Worrying about missed opportunities prevents you from taking advantage of the new ones.
If what you’re doing right now doesn’t frighten you, you’re not living up to your full potential.
Unless the GOP begins to distance itself from the 1% ers it won’t have a chance in elections, hell even Monica Lewinsky would kick their ass.
What idiot came up with the plan that Presidents can only serve two terms but the rest of them can serve forever. Oh and the word serve is also outdated. 
Just ’cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
You earn trust you’re given respect and loyalty is best demonstrated but at the mere hint of betrayal all three are wiped out instantly.
Unlike women I know of very few men who ever think about marriage or children before they fall in love.
Has anybody who runs radio ever noticed that most of show business except for radio is about the product. Why do they think that anything else would ever work.
When do you try harder or just walk away?
There is no man more sensitive than me but I don’t think that it’s the kind of sensitivity women are looking for.
The more money people make the less likely they are to give any of it away.
A pessimist immediately recognizes how difficult some opportunities are to take advantage of where as an optimist realizes that probably the reason there even is an opportunity because it’s difficult.
I think the language dispute some countries have is simple enough to solve … If you want and/or need someone elses money you have to learn their language.
Even if you’re a selfmade man you still owe somebody.
It is said that one of the most pleasurable things you can ever do is forgive an enemy but I’m not ready for that kinda pleasure yet, I think I’ll just stick with sex.

I just read somewhere that what Bowie really died of was Aids. Could that be true?

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4 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky Would Kick Ass. (new for Feb 01/16) #3 Of My 12 Most Read Blogs In 2016 (Re did a bunch)

    • I love him but like I say he’ll be in the HOF quicker than he will be in another Superbowl. Still one of my all time favorites but he has lazy team mates.

  1. So many great guitar players in the world, including Clapton. How about Prince on “While My Guitar…”:
    We may not even know the names of the greatest guitar players; studio musicians,etc. There’s at least two impressive guitarists on stage with Eric (check out the guy wearing the old fashioned golf cap) on this tribute to George Harrison:
    You have to click in about 47 minutes to skip all the Sitar stuff. “Wah Wah” is a treat about 2:06 in. George Harrison’s son is the spittin’ image. Mesmerizing!

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