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Sadly, Madame Nora Venchi (pictured above) passed away last week at 92 years of age. Madame, for as long as I’ve known her has been the Secretary-Treasurer of our Condo Association and because she had no family to leave behind, we became her family and she took good care of us. Nora who was unusually petite, was originally from South America, spoke six languages, and was a prima ballerina who also taught at Harvard.
She adored my daughter Cami ever since she was a little girl and every time she saw her, told her how beautiful she was. I’m sure Cami adored the fact that Madame was one of the very few adults that she ever got to tower over. I miss you already Madame and can only hope that you are now dancing with the angels.


I guess we’re lucky that Trump wasn’t at Waco Texas back in the day huh? He may have beaten Clinton’s record for the killing of kids.

Is it only wishful thinking that keeps the government treating us like they did our parents?

Have you ever stopped to think how much money the government spends on its own protection? They have the Armed Forces, the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, DEA, NSA, DIA, Treasury, Office of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, Department of Defense, NRO, Airforce, Army, Marine, Naval and Coast Guard Intelligence, plus some secret ones. All we have protecting us are the police, and they don’t look that friendly. 
Things must be going well in Korea; otherwise, we’d be over hearing about it.

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it truer.

It’s too bad President Bush had to miss all the great things they said about him at his funeral.
Who you are is what you remember. 
Nobody becomes successful all on their own.
Growing up in Winnipeg, the only black people we ever saw were all on TV. When I saw Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and James Brown amongst others on the Ed Sullivan show, not to mention those who played Basketball, Football, and Major League Baseball, I just assumed all of them were special. Imagine my surprise when I moved to America. 
When you’ve had more points scored against you than you’ve scored, there’s no sense you being in the playoffs; you’re just wasting our time. 
The applause you receive for a job well done is in direct proportion to how much more you accomplished after doing what you were expected to do. 
Knowledge comes from experience, but great knowledge usually comes from all the bad experiences. 
One must believe in something. 
What people believe is their truth. 
You are what you can’t stop doing. 
A lot of folks are loyal until it’s opportune not to be. 
Even the worst of us wanna be loved. 
It’s a lot easier to steal when you’re on the right side of the law. 
There are plenty of reasons to hit a woman, but you just don’t do it. 

Talkers don’t change the world, doers do.

The Winnipeg Jets are still first in their division, and the Colts move forward, all is well.

Great personalities talk about how much they love where they live, and the people who also live there, talk about how much they love them.

Hey Mr. Dee-Jay, how does that old song go, “When you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing at all.”

People who know how to balance the books, unfortunately, have no idea how to innovate or inspire.

You know you’re getting old when the only name you recognize in Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band which is filled with oldies acts, is Ringo’s.

How did Hitler grab the top spot as being the worst guy on earth? Hell, he only killed six to nine million people, Stalin killed twenty to thirty.

Speaking of Hitler, when he got himself all lathered up at all his rallies, I wonder what the hell he was yelling about? 

I wonder if my music sounds as weird to my grandson today as my as my grandparents’ music did to me yesterday? 
Have black folks ever acknowledged the white people who have helped them over the years?
Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Some folks are very upset that Russia may have meddled in our election even though over the years we’ve meddled in almost every election all over the world. Aren’t we due?
So when we finally go all electric, just how friendly do you suppose our government will be with the Arabs?
How can thousands of Catholic Priests be charged with sexual improprieties but not one Nun? 
Are there any intellectuals who weren’t voracious readers? 
Why do they bother interviewing the players after the game, they all sound like they are running for office? 
How do find out how much money is being funneled to politicians from the oil and electric companies to slow solar down? 
Do the Vikings actually pay their QB 84 million, are they crazy? In fact, none of the NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacks made the playoffs. 
I wonder who’s ranked lower, politicians or the news media? 
How much will a car that burns fossil fuel be worth in 5 years? 

How do the lyrics in Hip Hop and Rap slide by without anybody slamming them?

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Mostly Life-Liners) 1/7/19

  1. First of all, every car is worth about 25% of it’s original purchase price after 5 years. (12% actual trade value). Electric and Hybrids depreciate even more because of the eventual cost to replace the battery. Yachts are even worse!

    Down at my condo pool, the music playing the loudspeaker is from the 60s and 70s. The Frank Sinatra station is number one at Hospice!

  2. RE your comment about your music — I do PA for local high school baseball team. My pre-game music covers the players (18 years old and under). Parents (40-50) and others up to ancient. What goes into my batting practice and pre-game playlist?

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