Cami’s Christmas Card.



Merry Christmas To My Wee One
And Happy New Year To You Too
This Year My Christmas Wish Was Granted
So I’ll Be Spending It With You
Holidays Are Usually Very Joyful
There’s Always Something Brand New
Although Every Day’s A Special Day
Whenever I’m With You.

I Remember Doing Your Very First
Which Is Pictured Up Above
We Did It At Your Poppy’s House
And We Did It With Much Love.

We’ve Had Some Joyous Holidays
Of That, I Can Be Reasonably Sure 
But Most Of Them Will Never Match
The One We’re Gonna Have
On This Year’s Christmas Tour.

We’re Traveling To California
To Be With Friends And Family Too
We’ll Watch Nathaniel Open Many Gifts

Which’ll Take An Hour Or Two.

We’ll Spend Christmas Night At Bob & Jan’s
And I’m Sure We’ll Ooh & Ahh
Jan’s Decorations Are So Beautiful
They’re Probably Against The Law.

You’ve Been Hard At Work At College
At Least That’s What I Always Hope
But Now That You’re Twenty-One
It’s Time for some Rum and Coke.

We’ll Do A Little Christmas Shopping
Of That You Can Rest Assured.
Although Getting Us To California
Has Made Your Daddy Very Poor.

I Can Hardly Wait To See Your Sister Candis
And Your Nephew Nathaniel Too
‘Cause Whenever We’re Together
It’s Almost Too Good To Be True.

We’ve Done Nineteen Of These Together
And Only Missed Out Last Year
When I Did My First With Nathaniel
And You Did Yours Back Here.

This Year We’ll Be All Together
In Los Angeles By The Sea
And I Only Hope This Special Day
That We Make Memories.

Here’s Wishing You A Merry Christmas
And A Very Happy New Year Too
But This Year I Get The Special Gift
‘Cause I’m Spending It With You.
I Love You!



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