scan0006One of the bigger thrills of my life was when we “The Jury” opened for the legendary Roy Orbison.

Is it lying when you leave out the truth?

The best days of your life only seem to show up after you fight through some pretty bad ones.

If you want something special that you’ve never had before you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before.

You only begin to grow old when you no longer laugh.

The way I figure it is your Human Rights end right at the tip of my nose!

Most Women want the Men in their lives to change just a little. Most Men pray their Women never change but the reverse is usually what happens.

 One of my Daughters wants to get older the other wants to get younger and only one will have her wish come true which of course falls into the category of … Be careful of what you dream for it may come true.

Men generally fantasize about Women they know. Women on the other hand usually fantasize about Men they don’t know.

Usually the more talented you are on the Radio the less local you have to be but if you are both you are unbeatable.

Every successful enterprise needs 3 types of people leading it. The Dreamer, The Businessman, and the Son-of-a-bitch. Walt Disney was all three.

The Sports Reporters I like best are the ones who tell stories about heroes and anti-heroes, not zeros.

Most big personalities on the Radio are for all things that are good and against all things that are evil.

Last Sunday night while sitting at the bar at Duffy’s waiting for my friend Roger and his beautiful fiance Georgina to show up a fairly attractive young Woman sits down beside me. We begin a small conversation about the Football games going on around us and she tells the bartender to go ahead and bring me another of whatever I’m having on her. Then she stands up and says check this out Man, and proceeds to tug her jeans far enough down to reveal not only a bunch of little star piercings but also the fact that she had shaved a little more than her legs that morning. When she finally pulled her jeans back up she turned to me with a smirk on her face and said … When was the last time you had somebody as young and hot as I am? Last night, was my reply!

Speaking of Roger and Georgina this was the strangest Christmas ever for me because it was the first time in my life I was going to spend it without Family or loved ones. Roger and Georgina when they heard about it were kind enough to include me in their Christmas celebration along with Georgina’s sons Guy and Luke. Roger whose Father was the Head Chef and Co-Owner of the world famous Le Cirque Restaurant in New York prepared a wonderful meal consisting of Duck as the main course and we just seemed to be eating the whole night away as he brought out course after course. Jean would have been proud. My only comment about the whole affair was … Mmmmmmmmmmm!

According to Einstein imagination is much more important than knowledge.

Neil Simon’s play “Laughter On The 13th Floor” was about the death of manufactured bits.

Mark Hubbard claims Women are like crock pots and Men are like microwave ovens.

Wise talk show hosts always lure the guests into saying what they themselves would like to say but can’t afford to.

Movies generally only have two themes, an unfamiliar path leading to a familiar ending or a familiar path leading to unfamiliar ending. Radio also only has two themes, foreground and background.

Radio needs to understand that it must anticipate in which direction the money and listeners are flowing and be there waiting for them if it wants to be more successful.

Even though I believe everything on Radio needs a strong open, a little drama, then a powerful ending sometimes the set up is where the genius lies. Jeff and Jer in San Diego are excellent at this.

My two favorite Radio concepts are the Jack Benny approach which Carson and Seinfeld used so successfully and the Abbot and Costello approach used by Madden and Michaels.

Remember when the NAB was spending tons of our money trying to prevent the merger of the two satellite companies. If my memory is correct I believe they both failed.

The short walk down the aisle does not change conditional love into unconditional love.

A good Radio host needs only to be good highlighter he need not be an expert on anything.

Do the oil companies understand that we notice that gas prices rise much faster than they fall.

The billing on a Radio station eventually follows the ratings.

Just like in football Radio can become fairly successful just running systems but if you have a gifted talent on your team he can take the game to a whole new level called “Greatness”

According to Socrates ratings follow product.


  1. The only fantasy I’ve ever had regarding someone I know, is when I fantasized my ex-wife could be in a horrible plane crash!

    Here’s a thought. The Mayans predicted the end of civilization was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago. Then I saw the headline that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were about to become parents! If that’s not the end of human civilization, what is????

  2. Dearest George,

    Mark Hubbard was correct about the crock pots and microwaves, but you are wrong about the women who fantasize….
    As I am certain that every women that knows you fantasizes about you. You have the package….You make the world a better place….thanks for making us all smile and think about the things in life that count 🙂

    Happy New Year

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