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A couple of years ago, because so many unusual things have happened, I began writing an autobiography entitled Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. Unfortunately, when I got around to the wild women part, it turns out that I don’t remember them all that well.

Who I do remember, though, are the ones I fell in love with, which, as you may know, is the best and worst thing that will ever happen to you. I know I’ve done it six times, but luckily I also know that like any addiction, you can get over it, which makes none of them worth dying for or over. (Daughters are a whole other story)

Even though I was in love six times, I only married once, got friendship ringed once, was engaged twice, and two of them gave me daughters. Other then they were all beautiful; the only thing they had in common was me. (Four of the six are pictured above, the other two are in witness protection) 🙂 

My first love was my innocent childhood sweetheart, (RIP) followed by a not so innocent who taught me a few extraordinary things, and she was replaced by a sexy fun one who, in turn, was replaced by an intellectual. Next came the smart and happy Meg Ryan type, and then finally, the wild one my father warned me about. (I have a whole book in me itching to get out about her, including the part about her great grandfather being one of the Younger Brothers who rode with Jesse James. She does, though, get a whole chapter in my book.)

However, as I look around me now, none of these beautiful ladies are present, so I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m the problem? Nah, couldn’t be!

Instead of the ten laws that we originally started with, we now have 17,000 pages of them. Did anything get better?

Once you stop learning, you stop living.

Figure out what you can get away with and then do it!

Being good keeps you from being great.

In the last fifty years, has there ever been a movie star or a rock star that has convinced anybody to change their vote?

Is there anybody more unqualified to dispense advice or make recommendations than Mrs. Doctor,  Mrs. President, or Mrs. CEO?

When is Congress going to realize that they’re not a big deal? Almost every person in sports is way more popular than they are. Sad!

Most optimists are a little disappointed about how things turn out but not the pessimists.

An apology that’s followed by an excuse automatically cancels the apology.

What percentage of Americans do you suppose, buy into what the Democrats or the Republicans claim they want to do?

Sometimes it just ain’t about us.

Have you ever noticed that rich people always seem to be angry?

If you buy things to impress, that’s called scoreboarding. Your letting everybody know that you don’t have fancy things is because you’re not into that sort of thing is also called scoreboarding.

The way it works as a runner is; Do long slow runs, and you will become faster. It works the same way in life.

Mysterious women are only exciting until you fall in love with them.

When this virus is done with us, the whole world will be different, not better, just different.


Randy White: If you want to know what’s going on in a radio station, ask the engineer. They’re always around sticking a screwdriver into something, running a wire, being ignored – but listening or overhearing. (The Voice)

Lauren: So much truth to your comment, “The two hardest things to find in life are loyal friends and true love.” (I Prefer Torture)

Tom Hoyt: Loved the KFROG story as I was there for 14 years under three owners, Amaturo Group, ARS…then CBS. CBS sells everything radio to Entercom. Based on what I know, Entercom should be called Entercom for all the BS that was passed out to the loyal KFROG staffers….some of whom are there now, I worked with and were there before me!  Severance does nothing to compensate for the years of market-leading revenues likely not now, and without local leadership in all things, a market-leading station should be. Soon, a Morning Show from San Diego that has no relevance to the Inland Empire. All the cuts haven’t done much for the stock price but certainly have destroyed a solid local station in the 25th market. Riddle me this grasshopper?! (Money Not Brains)

Geo: And the FCC is actually considering letting the big corporations who already ruined radio, have even fewer restrictions. Someone should remind the FCC that their obligation is to protect the people Tom, not big business.

Bob DeCarlo: George, you made the last half of my days in radio so much more fun than the years before. I never did thank you enough for all you taught me (and a lot of other folks, too).Kudos for your blog. (Wanna Fool Around)

Jo Myers: So, your baby girl is back from college and living with you; hopefully, you’ll be okay, Geo. 🙂
If I went to vote without knowing who the Democrat or who the Republican was, I’d still know (by their talk and walk) and vote how I always do. 🙂 I enjoyed the blog! (I Felt The Earth Move)

John Forsythe: I just retired this year after 50 years on the radio. Hanging out in Hawaii right now where radio still sounds original and fun. (although KKCN in Honolulu is big and is programmed like stateside stations but with local music)
I agree that original and fun is always better, but comparing kids in the ’60s to kids today, come on, get real. Kids today have so many media choices. A boss jock “posting” a 42-second intro would not interest them. They will respond to real talent, making them laugh, and sharing a social media or website video that they can share with friends. There is talent out there, but it is a multilayered challenge that most didn’t have to face in the past.
While in Orlando for the back-patting, check out The News Junkie on Real Radio or evenings on XL 106.7. Some talent is still connecting. (Radio, It’s Over)

Steve Eberhart: Reminds me of a time in the late 70’s when Ron Chapman got the entire on-air staff (none of which lived in Ft. Worth) in a ten passenger van and drove us to Fort Worth to “tour” Fort Worth to familiarize ourselves with the “other half” of our huge KVIL audience.  (KVIL was the first ‘Dallas’ station not only to acknowledge but engage and marry Ft Worth, while other ‘Dallas’ stations ignored it or made fun of “Cowtown.”)  We spent all day going by and getting first-hand observations of the city Dallas radio forgot.  The effect was tremendous, and now we were so much more aware of our area and diverse lifestyles of the audience we talk about and to.

It was on the way back Ron finally turned the radio in the van on KVIL, and some part-time weekender was filling in with instructions to play it cool and keep it simple.  The first break we all heard was blown.  At that point, Ron said, “you know guys, if a truck hits this van and wipes us all out, that guy is the new morning man and the station is toast!” That got quite a laugh – as it was so very true! (Designated Survivor)

Geo: Steve, we were the only radio station that was targetting the new DFW rating book. As I recall, we were #3 in the Dallas book and #5 in Fort Worth’s, which made us #1 in the DFW book.

Doug Herman: RE your comment about doctors who didn’t graduate at the top of their class. The late George Carlin had a great truth (actually, he had many), which was, “Somewhere there is the world’s very worst doctor, and he has patients.” (Which One’s The Whore)

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1 thought on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Maybe I’ll Get Lucky With #7) New 3/23/20

  1. You asked: “Have you ever noticed that rich people always seem to be angry?”

    No. Not at all.

    I do see this in the other direction, though. People who make bad choices and then blame the results on others. They are not only bitter and angry, they want revenge on those who made good choices.

    Someone who studies hard to be an engineer is branded as privileged and lucky. They are supposed to feel guilt.

    Someone who drops out of high school and suddenly discovers a harsh life at age 25 is a victim of income inequality. They feel pride.

    This is nonsense, and the media love it for clicks.

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