Marnie! (new for Feb 22/16)

537200_10152112763464307_947836849_n I heard some exciting news from my friend Marnie Howard today (of course I wish she was more than that.) Marnie left South Florida recently to join a new cyber security company in New York city which is involved in the kind of stuff that I thought only existed in movies.
For those of you who understand what Marnie sent to me below or know someone who could use these services please pass the info on. The rest of you can do what I do and just gaze at her picture.

Hi George,

It was so great to catch up with you today!  As mentioned, I am reaching out to you to see if you have any contacts (CEO/CTO/CIO) in the communications industry that I can speak with regarding my company Global Data Sentinel, which is currently
at the forefront of cyber security.  We have a unique solution that has been very well received by government organizations and companies across many industry sectors – including financial services, media & entertainment, healthcare, and insurance, amongst others.

We benefit from having Valerie Plame, former CIA Operative under the Bush Administration, along with Tim Murphy, former Deputy Director of the FBI on our Advisory Board.  As you are certainly aware, both of these individuals are recognized
leaders in cyberterrorism, cybersecurity, cybercrime, counterterrorism, and intelligence.

Interested parties will be forwarded a full presentation but meanwhile you can visit our website

Have a fabulous week!

Thank you,


Marnie Howard


The hell with it! Things don’t get fixed by just worrying about them.

Over thinking something usually leads to negativity.

You can only be successful if a lot of people want you to be.

Envy is the result of counting other people’s successes rather than your own.

I wonder if Steve Jobs was onto something when even though he didn’t know how to run a business he fired Mr. Businessman and started running Apple himself

Does anybody remember a memorable quote from Ryan Seacrest other than “Seacrest Out”.

This is a very strange time in radio because even if you have great ratings you still could be fired.

I’ve never liked the Jew word because I’ve heard it used like the “N” word, but then again I’ve never heard of Israeli Americans.

It doesn’t appear that our President is very color blind.

So do I have this right, most Germans didn’t buy into Hitler, most Japanese were horrified by Pearl Harbor, most Cubans were against Communism, and most Muslims love Americans.

It was the mistakes in the music that made Rock & Roll great.

Unlike while making love I prefer a fast beginning with a slow ending during my restaurant experience.

Most men have sex because they like it where as some women have it hoping it will lead somewhere.

Most women like professional athletes can only really count on 10 great years.

My daughter Cami surprised me by attending a Trump Rally at USF recently and knowing that the Donald was not her cup of tea I asked her why she went. She replied … To keep a Trump supporter from getting a seat.

My goal as a father was to try and make some great memories for my children.

I think Rap should be categorized as spoken word or maybe modern day poetry because it’s certainly not music. I mean how are you gonna sit around the campfire singing along to it.

I don’t think beautiful women are very interested in sinking to the depths of equal rights.

When you date a pretty girl from Transcona you better be very careful because she may know how to throw a mean body check because she probably plays hockey.

If the highest court in the land can’t rise above political bias why would we bother to respect them.

If only half of what the liberals and conservatives say about each other are true we are in deep doo doo.

How do politicians manage to look so comfortable when they lie. Is that a gift?

If you have the ability to be great it’s your responsibility to use your gift to create some greatness.

When I was growing up I was exposed to 3 phenomenons, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and the Beatles so I say to the next generation … Time to bring what ya got!

The time to stop using all your talent is when you’re drained.

What a strange sight it was to see Havana listed on departures at MIA recently.

One of the things I’ve always heard about men but I’ve never heard about women is … She was a foolish girl she wasted all her money on men. Oh oh am I trouble with women again for bringing this up?

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8 thoughts on “Marnie! (new for Feb 22/16)

  1. Kanye would tell you that he and Beyonce belong on the Millienials’ list of phenomenal talents…and then there’s Justin Beiber (a Canadian), but at the end of the 21st Century, will we instead be remembering Adele from this period ? I don’t thjnk Taylor Swift or Rhiana will be there in 2099. The 20th Century phenomena, Sinatra, Elvis and The Beatles each did not follow one path to become legends. Maybe Lady Gaga will be remembered. Seth Grodin has written that trendsetters that become legendary do not ask to be leaders, but they:
    1. Challenge the status quo;
    2. Change the culture…in or out;
    3. Exhibit great curiosity;
    4. Want to be missed when they are gone and remembered; and,
    5. Commit to high standards.
    Reminds me of a couple of radio guys for whom I once worked, Jim Hilliard and George Johns.

  2. Way to go Cami. Interesting how the media is unwittingly permitting Trump at every opportunity. He’s had much more media coverage than all the others put together. They may have convinced enough idiots to make him President if they can figure out where they have to vote.

    • There is a lot of bad things about Trump Bruce but the good thing about him is no politician is ever going to be able to hide behind Politically Correct ever again.

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