Love The One You’re With! (Valentines week.)


Love ya babe, love you, I love you and I’m in love with you all sound nice but have totally different meanings.

Love is very conditional.

Women don’t make sense until you love them.

Explain love if you don’t believe in magic.

If you ever wonder if the person you are making love to sleeps with anybody else you’re done for.

The only reason to get married is for love, nothing else ever works out.

Women spend a lot of their early lives thinking about and planning on falling in love whereas it just happens to men.

All men unfortunately need to be unconditionally adored because there is always a young “tart” standing by claiming that she will.

The first time I ever thought about women’s rights was when my daughter Candis was born.

A slow trot down the aisle does not make conditional love unconditional.

Just because you love your family unconditionally doesn’t make them good people.

The thing about marriage is you have to back your partner even when they are in the wrong.

Our deepest personal relationships are dependent on our ability to listen.

Giving up your virginity is never a magical moment so you might as well hold on to it for as long as you can.

All most men want from the women they love is their love in return.

When John said that The Beatles were just a band but Yoko was his life was when I figured he must be doing some serious drugs.

Women forgive but they never forget, men never forgive but always forget.

Just because a person holds the same beliefs as you doesn’t make their actions forgivable.

Watching Walter Cronkite you had no idea if he was a Republican or a Democrat but watching the news people today you sure can tell.

The only bad thing about hearing I’m sorry is why somebody had to say it in the first place.

People dream about their wants and worry about their needs.

Henry Kissinger once said that the best thing about being a celebrity is when you bore people they think it’s their fault.

I wonder what our founding fathers would think about how America actually turned out.

If you have any hopes of being an artist you must be able to observe life and have the ability to comment on it.

Father Time is still the greatest teacher of all time.

Information is a wonderful thing but unfortunately it’s not always right.

Most folks would give up most of their gadgets except for their smart phone.

Genius must always be tolerated.

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself.

A creative person is ultra sensitive to everything.

Who is it I wonder that rich people fear other than each other.

No new social network was launched today.

The guys who are the best at “chatting up” women are usually the worst at everything else.

Your world is only normal to you it’s bizarre to the rest of us.

The more successful you become the more you tend to stop doing that which made you successful.

Is there any person whose main goal was just to survive that ever became anybody special.

A lot of talented people have a problem recognizing that other people are also talented.

It’s not necessarily the strong that survive it’s mostly the adaptable.

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