Love & Marriage Part 2 (new geo Blog for the week of Aug 06/17)

The only thing that a man wants from his woman is a little lovin’ and a whole lotta adoration.
When John Lennon once proclaimed, “The Beatles are just a band but Yoko’s my life,” was when I realized that he must be doing some very serious drugs.
Tom Skinner claims that the only thing men want for Valentines is for women not make such a big deal out of it.
Women forgive, but they never forget where as men don’t forgive, but they do forget.
Just because a person loves you doesn’t make their actions forgivable.
I’ve always been a one woman man, however, one may have to go through a few before finding the “one.”
The sad thing about hearing I’m sorry from a loved one is finding out the reason they had to say it.
Besides everything Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”
Most women would give up their gadgets and perhaps a lover or two before they would ever give up their smartphone.
The guys who are good at chatting women up are usually the worst at everything else.
Why would you ever think that a guy who drives a Ferrari, wears a three thousand dollar suits and lives in a Penthouse would be out hunting for a wife at a night club?
The girl of my dreams is beautiful, intelligent, an ice queen in public and a slut in my bed.
Even though your world to you appears to be normal, it could look bizarre to your new love so tread ever so lightly.
Beware of women with cats for they may be all out of love.
True love is your having your partners back even when they’re wrong.
Daughters always try to protect you from beautiful women even when you don’t want them to.

It’s really easy to figure out if a guy has told the lady he’s with that he loves her because she’s doing all the talking. If she’s hanging onto his every word, he hasn’t yet.

If a woman could climax in less than five minutes would she seek therapy? Just askin’.
Women know the color of their bridesmaids dresses at 11 and spend the next decade or so hunting for a guy to play the part of the groom.
God may have given us the gift of love, but I’m pretty sure it was the Devil who gave us lust.
Most women would give up a “stud” in a heartbeat for a guy who would make a better father.
Even though we love them all dearly, there is no such thing as a 10 the highest score a woman can ever achieve is a 4.
(1) A woman you’d never sleep with still is a 1.
(2) A Woman that you’d make love to is a 2.
(3) A woman you’d be seen with is a 3.
(4) The woman you’d love to take back to your high school reunion is the 4.
A man is soft when he’s hard and hard when he’s soft.
Most women will do almost anything as long as they don’t have to talk about it come morning.
Men love telling their story because it’s the only one where they’re the hero.
I’ve always heard that size matters, but I’m pretty sure the ladies prefer that the bulge in his jeans be from his wallet.
Men are very much like microwave ovens whereas women are like crock pots.
Most women except for my daughters are not as innocent as they appear to be.
The sexiest part of a woman’s body is her face.
A picture of one or two naked ladies is usually breathtaking, but a photo of a bunch of them just looks odd.
The first time a man ever hears about PMS is shortly after he tells his lady that he loves her.
I know of no beautiful women who want to be equal.

The greatest honor a man can bestow upon a woman is asking her to marry him.

Sometimes a rejected marriage proposal is just an unanswered prayer.

Who says not tonight, I have a headache, in a gay relationship?

Wild women don’t get the blues!

I know of few men who think of marriage or children until they fall in love. 

A woman is only happy when a man is making her dreams come true whereas a man is at his happiest when his woman is supporting his dreams. Sh-boom!

Men troll for tramps and women tramp for trolls.

The only real interest women have in cars is that their man has a decent one.

If marriage isn’t about money why does it come up so often at the divorce hearings?

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