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Even though there is only one original member left, the Eagles who are presently touring America continue to sell out stadiums. (current Eagles line up pictured above) I believe it’s because their name and their songs are bigger than any of the players.
Back in the day when the Beatles were invading America, it took all 4 of the Beatles to be on stage at the same time for their incredible magic to happen. I would venture a guess that Paul McCartney’s current band is probably better than the Beatles, but unfortunately, it’s not the Beatles.


I wonder what Don Henley’s take is now that he doesn’t have to split it with Glenn Frey?

I think women may need to work on their social skills a little, hell, most of them can’t stand to hang with each other let alone us.

The law claims it happens all the time but how many women today do you think become pregnant accidentally?

Sexual harassment ends in the work place when it’s illegal to sleep your way to the top.

I love the fact that the critics (you know, the people who can’t sing, dance, play an instrument, or write a song) aren’t capable destroying Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift’s career no matter how hard they try. In fact, they can’t even dent them.

Few men have ever given up their careers to further their spouse’s.

Do I have this right, only white people are racist?

We can’t change our yesterday’s, but we absolutely can change our tomorrow’s.

Isn’t it strange how “never” always happens again but “always” never does?
Have you noticed in the R & MA cable shows, the “B” and “C” words have somehow lost their gender? 
Before research, every radio station sounded different. Now except for format, they all sound pretty much the same. 
It’s not ever gonna be alright if the chemistry ain’t right.
My experience is that people always do what they say they’ll never do.
Most men are searching for a woman who is an ice queen in public but a porn queen in bed.
I understand that Gays and Lesbians refer to the rest of us as “breeders.” Hmmm.
If I’m aware that a lot of welfare mamas live on the 1st floor of their apartment complex so the baby daddies can sneak in and out in the middle of the night, how come the welfare department doesn’t know?
Why does Mr. Businessman think he deserves more money from the art than the artist who created it?
The smallest but most important real estate you’ll ever own is the “Right Now.”
Why is the bill always larger than the estimate?
The only way to get a slow traffic light to change is to start texting.
I doubt very much that Hitler would agree that the supremacists who marched were Nazis.
When dissed, It’s hard for me not to react, but lately, I’ve learned to just mark their name down and wait.
Free stuff always sells well.
If I still had all the money I’ve spent on lawyers over the years I’d be a wealthy man. Can I get an amen on that big Jim?

Who are “they” and why do we care what they think?

Seeing as the cops are looking the other way when Texas homeowners shoot the looters trying to break into their homes, maybe they’d do the same if the folks burned down all the “price gougers” establishments.

Big successes come from doing the little things over and over again.

It’s pretty hard to plan for the future and also live for today, so which is it?

Boy, that preacher Joel Osteen in Houston is sure in hot water. He is accused of Locking the doors of his Mega-Church so the folks looking for shelter from Hurricane Harvey couldn’t get in. Strange how his and the folks’ pictures of the scene are so different.

USF Bulls win 31-17 over Stoney Brook.

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