Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part I


Kelley Mitchell: Just finished a workshop with a former CBC guy. You, Canadian radio people, are funny and pretty good at what you do. Happy Canada Day.

Geo: Canadian guys had to be funny in order to get the chicks, Kelley, we never had any money. (No, no, no)

Delilah: George, I hope you and your family are all doing well. Sonny is “Officer Harris” now and the leader of his Swat Team…He and his wife have 4 kids and are now adopting one…Take care, D. (Comments)

Geo: Wow, I still remember when we worked together in Boston, he’d be asleep in the conference room while you were on the air.

Cathy Conley: LOVE your blog, George! BTW, time for a reunion with your Austin radio family. I think RR should organize, don’t you think?! (Sex Sales & Lies)

Geo: Cathy, you know how good Reid is at delegating, you might as well get started.

Crista: Hey Geo, you seem to be a nice guy, but do you know how to line dance?

Geo: No I don’t Christa, but I never tire of watching you dosey-doe in your tight fittin’ jeans.

Robin Marshall: “I know more sex is always the answer, but sometimes I forget what the question was.” Paleeze, you’ve never known even what the question was and I’m pretty sure that you never will! 🙂 (More Sex Is Always The Answer)

Geo: I’m more than willing and able to learn Robin, do you give private lessons?

Hunny Bunny: I really love your blog this week, it finally shows everyone, just how smart your mind is. (The Greatest Radio Promotion Ever)

Geo: And I love when you “pillow-talk” me Laura. Sadly though, if I was half as smart as you claim, you’d still be hanging out at my place on the weekends. 

Lorraine Rey: Honey – you must know that I fantasize about you all the time! I bet that that blows your little fantasy theory all to hell huh? (Men Fantasize About Women They Know, Women Fantasize About Men They Don’t Know)

Geo: You don’t even wanna know what kind of fantasy stuff I’m thinking about at the moment, Lorraine.

Linda Stein: While the Tri-Rail story was riveting, the advice at the end of your blog was BRILLIANT!!! Clearly, you are upgrading your Blog! (What A F**king Day)

Geo: Thank you, but truth be known Linda, I mostly just rant.

Sandy McAdler Great voice! I didn’t know your beautiful daughter could sing. Talking about an amazing singing mama, no wonder you’re proud. (Daughter Candis)

Geo: She is very talented, Sandy, but gave it all up to become Super Mom!

Robin Garrett: George, the guy in the SUV died.. so it’s now a traffic homicide investigation. This usually closes the tracks for hours, but why don’t you let us know why you were you on that train in the first place? (What A F**king Day)

Geo: The reason I was on that train, Robin, was because a beautiful blonde who was done with me for the moment, put me on it.

Margaret Mayer: Nice one Geo- and great pics of you and Ermanno, Ed, and Willy. I also enjoyed the quotes, with the exception of the elbow to women. I will keep marching every year to remind you. I think Wilma and Lilly will too. See you at the Super Bowl!
xoxoxo with Love from the Berkeley Hills, looking over the San Francisco Bay. (Making Movies)

Heather Emrick: George, sorry to hear about your break up with the hunny bunny. Could it possibly be because you referred to her as hunny bunny? Eeewwwww………..just a thought……….. (Comments)

Geo: Actually, she came up with that monicker herself, Heather. She didn’t want her name out there because she had similar tendencies to her Great Grandfather who was one of the Younger brothers and rode with Jesse James? Hey, but I haven’t seen any wanted dead or alive posters about her. But then again, I haven’t been to the Post Office lately either.
Enough about the Hunny Bunny though, let’s talk about you. I vividly remember the time in Dallas when you arranged dinner for the Chapman’s and the Johns’s at the Fairmont where we got to see Glenn Yarbrough. When you came over to check on us during dinner, you looked so breathtakingly beautiful that my wife Lana said, “You can leave me for her.”

Joasia Holotka: I’m still waiting for the beauty and brains to pay off simultaneously??? I’m available right now to be part of a team doing mornings on the radio – lol! (Cami Only Dances For Money)

Geo: As beautiful as you are Joasia, I don’t know why you’d want to hide all your charms on the radio? In fact, we should name a couple of them, “The Jo Jo Twins.”

Jennifer Nicole: Geo, When are you going to get me a record deal?

Geo: I’m sorry Jennifer, but most of the record guys I used to know, are dead now. However, I’m still up for continuing the rehearsals.

Nancy Gregory: George, I’m doing a new musical called, “Chapel Of Love.” It’s about Brill Building songwriter, Jeff Barry, which is going to open up in Vegas and then I’m taking it to Broadway and I think you should be involved.

Geo: Sounds like fun Nancy, but I ain’t a song and dance kinda guy, but I must admit that I still do the old soft shoe pretty well.

Jo Myers: Even though I don’t agree with everything you say, it is so thrilling to be mentioned in your blog, Geo! (I’m changing my name to Joasia though. I love that name!!) (You May Be Lunch)

Geo: I’m still standing by, ready to pick you up at the airport if John does you wrong little girl.

Caroline: OMG, George, you are so funny, my friends in Kenya would love you. We should go there!

Geo: How fun would that be, Sweet Caroline? You and me on Safari.

Embree McDermid: I thought George’s eyesight was failing until I noticed all the pretty young things he’s pictured with, so I decided that he’s just being kind. I don’t feel or think old, but If I had to choose between being a knockout or having my mind in reasonable shape, I’d choose my mind (Everybody’s Talkin’)

Geo: Em, as Joe Cocker sang … “You Are So Beautiful.”

Stacey: Oh shit, I missed Bob, boo…Glad your daughter is a college graduate, now the fun begins with her looking for a job. If I don’t see you this week, have fun in Palm Springs.

Geo: Stacey, I can hardly wait to see you again so we can resume talking about my favorite subject.

Debbie Martin: George, I enjoyed reading your blog very much and I also enjoyed our time together. You are a great teacher and love what you do, always striving to improve things. You believed and supported me and helped me achieve the confidence I needed to go out on my own. Thank you, my friend. (Thank You)

Geo: Awww, you’re getting me all mushy, Debbie.

Lorenda Rae: Some more of your great quotes… You should put them all in a book George.(Blondes Are Charity Cases)

Geo: The book’s almost done, Lorenda, I’m in the middle of editing it right now.

Georgina Pugh Palmer: I’m at the Raindancer Restaurant where I’ve met a very nice (older lady) whom I think you would also enjoy meeting. She lives in your complex.

Geo: I’m kinda partial to the younger ladies such as yourself Georgy Girl.

Betsy Cameron: I’ll always remember meeting you. We were all out in California with Joe Amaturo for meetings at KFRG, and you were supposed to bring me into the radio station with you in the morning. Obviously, you forgot, so I made my own way in and upon arrival, and confronted you by saying, “Hey I’m a six-foot blonde and I’m not used to being forgotten.” Your only response was, “I didn’t forget about you, it’s just my way of hitting on ya.” (Comments)

Geo: And I have enjoyed every breathless moment of it, Betsy. xoxo

Nurse Ashley: Hey Baby, do you want another glass of wine?

Geo: Does the Pope sh*t in the woods, Ashley?


Lindy Rome: Hey Geo – I’m honored to be in a blog titled “…To The Ones I Love.” Right back at ya, my friend. 🙂 That said, this “leading” stuff is getting tiresome. I think I’m ready to follow! (This Is Dedicated To The Ones I Love)

Geo: I’d pull out front, Lindy, but you’re still pretty fast.

Heidi Reever: Cami, For years we have loved seeing you and your dad at the graduation parties for our boys and, wow, now it’s your turn to graduate! We have enjoyed watching you grow and change over the years and become the smart, beautiful young woman that you are today. You know we love your dad and I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have him as your biggest fan and supporter. We know that you will do well in whatever you pursue! (Cami Graduates Today)

Geo: I’ll pass this on to Cami, Heidi.

Camera Anne Johns Summerfield: Daddy, thank you for buying me all the lavish dresses over the years, scaring away every sales lady when I gave you the “look,” sitting for hours when I tried on hundreds of outfits, pursuing through “uppies” even when your arms probably were about to break, answering every phone call no matter the hour or the situation, putting up with my April Fools jokes that gave you heart attacks, all the vacations, activities, sports and hobbies you paid for just to prove I could do anything I wanted, all the life lessons I told you gave me headaches, for all the stories I’ve heard a hundred times and still ask to hear a hundred times more, and for being the chauffeur of teenage girls to every mall, movies, and skate zone trip. Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for and letting me have dreams bigger than my 5’1″ self. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad and grandpa I know. (Comments)

Daddy: If you’re trying to make me weep, honey, you’ve succeeded. xoxo

Diane Shanon: The 70s were quite exciting. I was so young though I didn’t know any better. Working at WNAP was an experience for me. I was really inexperienced and was in over my head. I needed more mentoring before being thrown in with Chris, Buster, Freddy, and Booger. But… I learned a lot and have some great stories from those days. Ann and I have been friends since before WNAP, we worked at WIFE together. She has been a great friend and I love her dearly. And the fact that we survived the same Yancey car ride is a bonding moment.

Geo: Riding with Dick was always a trip, Diane.

Diane McCulloch: I’d love to come up and see your place when we get back to West Palm in about two weeks.

Geo: Your gonna love the million-dollar view, Diane, plus you’ll get to see all my old records hanging on the wall.

Rollye James: I thought I was doing a show tonight. My body apparently just made other plans. Apologies. I hope to talk to you next Friday.

Geo: Miss you Rollye.

Deputy Kari Pallotta: Mr. Johns, you are under arrest, are you going to come quietly or do I need to cuff you?

Geo: Could you cuff me later at my place?

Twin Peaks Girls: Hey Geo, when are you coming back to the “Peaks” so we can serve you properly?

Geo: I’m on my way!


Maureen: Thanks for taking me to California to run the La Jolla Half Marathon with you and Candis. (Comments)

Geo: That Torrey Pines hill was a killer, Maureen.  Whew!

Samantha: Geo, don’t you think that I’m a little young for you?

Geo: I can’t help it Sam when I was 15 I adored 20-year-olds and I still do.


Cathy & Josie: Hey George, Tom & Bonnie said that they’d do our favorite song, “Walking In Memphis” if you promise to show up at Island Jacks on Friday.

Geo: Only if you’ll dance with me, ladies?

Irene Nys Lester: I last saw Bill Wakeman, about 10 to 12 years ago. He was with his wife and was entertaining a group of TCI alumni at a restaurant. We used to get together once a year but I haven’t heard of any more get-togethers in years. They were quite good and apparently did this for a living. I’m sorry he’s gone, we have lost a lot of good people including my husband.

Geo: Miss the old Transcona gang, Irene.

Misty & Trixie: Do you have any idea what we’ll do to get that backstage pass you have?

Geo: Dare I ask?


Sherry Yanez: So Geo, am I going to be a story or just part of your Blog?

Geo: Well so far, Sherry, you’re just part of my Blog but the night is still young.


Let’s Hear It From The Girls (Part Deux) continues next week, or you can sneak peek it right now at Geo’s Media Blog


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