Let it snow let it snow. (new for Jan 8/18)


A radio buddy of mine, Ted Farr from Canada, was recently telling me how much snow they’d been getting this year in the Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan is a very beautiful part of BC located in the interior of the Province and in fact, it is Canada’s wine country. Ted’s tale of woe brought back many memories of when my brother and I purchased a home there (see above) many tears ago which was located in a small town called Peachland, just down the road from our Mother’s place in Westbank. Mom’s place wasn’t very big so Reg and I who loved the area thought of it as the Hawaii of Canada decided to get a place there big enough to handle our families.
However, getting back to the subject at hand, I’ll never forget the first time I went there in the winter time all by myself. As I arrived, it began snowing, so to be safe, I parked the rental in the street at the bottom of our steep driveway. After getting myself situated inside I fired up the fireplace and before long I had a nice fire going and after having a shot of Canadian Club, I headed to bed. When I awoke the next morning, it had snowed all night and there was a ton of snow everywhere. Reluctantly, I got up, and when I finally found a shovel in the garage, I made my way down the driveway to the car parked on the street, I discovered that the snow plow had been by. Now not only was the snow piled up on the roof and hood of the car, it was also buried in the snow that the snowplow had left behind, up to its door handles.
Deciding to warm the car up before beginning to shovel, I cleared away some snow so I could open the door. Once I got the car started though the strangest thing happened. When I got out and slammed the door shut, all the snow fell off the car. Me not being the industrious type, I immediately said to myself, “Hmmm” and made an executive decision. I decided to try driving out before shoveling my way out. Sure enough, I rolled right out and was soon on my way to visit my Mom in nearby Westbank. It sure never worked like that in Winnipeg.


No political party in America or Canada is for the people; they look out for themselves first.

So the Queen finally knighted old Ringo, talk about feeling left out for so long.

When somebody has their name on their voicemail, you just know that their credit has just got be good.

It’s not about the money with Big Business; it’s about not spending  it.

Wouldn’t it be great if, after an NFL player screws up, they flashed his salary up on the giant scoreboard?
I think its fathers who screw up their girls. They do this by treating them like they are precious which of course is a lie and doesn’t prepare them for the real world ahead. In fact, the only girls I’ve ever seen that were precious were my daughters.
I wonder if women understand that we only buy into their way of thinking if we love them?
Now that I look back the only woman who ever came close to understanding me was the mother of Candis and Curtis. Unfortunately, I thought I needed more which of course I haven’t found, but the search continues.
The beautiful thing about the end of the day is no matter what happened; you have a brand new twenty-four hours coming up to make things right.
Do you think anybody would pay to listen to commercial radio as it is?
Speaking of radio does any PD today play other radio stations as inspiration at their jock meetings anymore?
I loved watching Drew Brees kicking the ever whining Cam Newton’s ass last night in New Orleans.

Speaking of ass kicking, do they even have jock meetings anymore?

So ladies answer me this why does a man’s life after he falls in love with you resemble your life instead of his? In his world, there was always laughter, in yours, not so much.

When a woman marries a wealthy man she lives well but when a man marries a wealthy woman, also not so much.

Speaking of the fairer sex, have you noticed that no matter how well they’re doing, they never seem to pick up a tab.

Doing the impossible always pays big.

Every disaster can be turned into an opportunity.


11 thoughts on “Let it snow let it snow. (new for Jan 8/18)

  1. “Speaking of meetings, do they even have jock meetings anymore?”
    Tough to do when the jocks are all in some other city or cities, e-mailing in the voice tracks. Radio sure used to be fun.

  2. As for “the only woman who ever understood me,” that speaks volumes to Lana’s savvy. ALL of us know You’re one brilliant, but complicated guy!

    Wish you the best brutha man.

  3. George, John Lennon and George Harrison were never knighted. Only Paul and Ringo are ‘sirs’ now. Yesterday, I heard a DJ on the 70’s on 7 channel on Sirius/XM mention Ringo’s recent honour and say “John Lennon sent back his knighthood in 1969”. WRONG! John sent back his MBE medal in 1969. He had no knighthood to send back. This jock lost all credibility for me in that instant and it would have taken 10 seconds to check it on google.

    • Even as rebellious as John was, there is no way that you would send back a knighthood. Besides that, you become a knight there is no award to send back.

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