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The other day I received a text from a person named Mia (pictured above with Nathaniel) who not only claimed to be a friend of my grandson Nathaniel but that she also loved reading my blogs. Before responding, I thought it would be best to check her out with my grandson who said that she was a good friend of his who also went to his school.
When I texted Mia back, she said that we had met at their school last November on Grandparents Day when I attended the 9th grade English class with Nathaniel.

When I mentioned this to my daughter Candis, she brought it up to Nathaniel by saying, “Hey, your grandfather told me that one of your friends texted him to say that they loved reading his Blogs.” Nathaniel  responded with, “Yeah, that was my friend Mia.” Then when she asked him how she knew about me, Nathaniel’s response made her a little wary when he said with a small smirk and a proud grin on his face, “Buppa already has legendary status at my school.”


The only thing that’s strong enough to come between a man and his family is a beautiful woman. Ask former Prince Harry. 

The more times you fail, the braver you become. 

Panic spreads faster than calmness. 

If you don’t know where you came from, you’ll have no idea where you’re going.

Growing old is not for sissies. 

Everything came from nothing and will return from whence it came. 

Every perfect plan has at least one flaw.

When was the last time the FBI arrested anybody? 

Fame has consequences. 

Being kind will take you a hell of a lot further than being educated will. 

You’re judged by what you just said. 

Rich people are like beautiful women; if you don’t want anything from them, they’re easy to handle.

If you only accept the very best, that’s what you get.

I remember when my buddies and I would sit around discussing our dreams, and even though none of them included having kids, here we are now ready to die for them. How the hell did that happen? 

Did any new owner ever make a great radio station sound better? 

Only by doing it wrong do you discover how to do it right. 

Sometimes walking away allows you to see things much clearer. 

Does it ever get better than being young and living in a warm climate? 

The two hot spots for the Coronavirus are Aspen and Vail, which prove once again that the rich only share the downside. 

According to Uncle Brent, nothing is an essential service until YOU need it. 

Sometimes a new reality can be created. 

There’s only one reason to go to school and that’s to learn how to learn.

I just saw the Governor of Florida on TV explaining that a million masks from 3M weren’t delivered because they were diverted to Europe where they got twice as much for them. The unbelievable part was that he said it like he knew that we’d understand. NO, WE FUCKING DON’T!


Doug Herman: Re Hillbilly Music – some years ago, Jack McCoy and I were syndicating promotions, and one of our salespeople landed a deal with the legendary WSM in Nashville. Having almost exclusively worked with Rock, CHR and AC stations, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pretty sure it was going to be heavy-duty hillbilly time, and I didn’t own a big hat or a pair of boots. What a surprise to find a bunch of delightful Radio folks as sophisticated as those in LA, New York, and Chicago. It turned out to be a great client relationship that lasted for years. (Hillbilly Music)

Jed Duval: George, in the late spring of 1984, when the national attention was focused on an accelerative medical affliction that seemingly was targeting the gay communities of urban areas like New York City, I made a financial investment related to the talk about “Safe Sex” practices among all people.  I had noted that The New York Times had focused on the disease, mostly called Karposi’s Syndrome, which we now know is one of the H.I.V. / A.I.D.s disease outcomes, almost always fatal.  I was at WHO-AM, Des Moines, in 1984, which was mainly News / Talk.  So I did my research and bought stock in pharmaceutical companies that made condoms.  Interestingly, even though sales of prophylactics increased monthly, the stocks remained as flat as a pancake.  I sold it off for about what I paid for it when I came back to Indianapolis and WIBC-AM for the final time in 1987. To this day, I wonder why. (Inside The Cone Of Sales)

Jerry Bobo: George, another great chapter in your life events. I want to be the first in line to purchase the book.  Keep ’em coming (Hillbilly Music)

Geo: Thanks for the read, Jerry. I’m finally near the end of editing the book, but it still seems longer than War and Peace.

Bill Gardner: Two reflections on today’s blog, Brother George.
First, during my chance to play Country Music every morning on the radio, I was offered the opportunity to interview Dwight Yoakam.  Heck yeah!  SEVERAL staffers, with far more format experience than I, later specifically warned me that he was “a challenging interview,” and “how disagreeable he’d be.”   Just the opposite!  I had a delightful and overtime visit, although I couldn’t get Dwight to sing the hook I loved of “Ain’t That Lonely Yet” live on my show.
And the second,  I always remember RC Bradley was the very FIRST person I ever heard of using the expression “throw him under the bus” when we worked together in 1986!  🙂 (Hillbilly Music)

Jim Harper: Thanks for the memories, George. You tell that story so well I could “see it” in my mind. But then again, that’s what you encourage: GREAT storytelling. (I Left My Heart At SFO)

Debbie Martin: So sorry to hear this. Lana was a beautiful lady inside and out. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. (Lana Boychuk Johns)

Geo: Thank you so much, Debbie.

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Legendary Status) New 4/20/20

  1. Jack Schell: Hiya, George….uh…don’t get up…it’s only me. I get about two or three of your blog notices every day in the inbox. That’s cool. I get to see comments from Gardner, Bobo and many other of your broadcast pals. What fun! BTW, you wrote that “VALE” is a hot spot (along with ASPEN) for that special virus. I’m pretty sure you don’t mean Jerry Vale, Mr. Al Di La. So, it’s gotta be VAIL…we get it! Of course, with the WEIRD shut down of the ski season, fewer of the folks, you refer to as rich, might need to be quarantined. Also, cool. Bottom line, I wish ongoing good health to you AND all your fans…no kidding. (Legendary Status)

    Geo: Always good to hear from you, Jack, and as always thanks for the read. Fixed the Vail blunder. (tough to put all the letters in the correct order when you’re typing this shit with one finger)

  2. Up North: My favorite part of this post was at the beginning when you wrote: “Before responding, I thought”.
    Most people don’t. (Legendary Status)

    Geo: Thanks for the read and the comment, Mr. North.

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