LeBron Plays Small !






As I Write this I am driving up the California Coast with my Daughter Cami and her friend A J. Along the way we popped into Thousand Oaks to see my good friend Bob Christy who is opening a brand new state of the art driving school called “DRIVE” While there we put Cami in a simulator and let her have at it. Had a real driving instructor been in a real car with her he would have jumped long ago.

Speaking of driving with two teenagers, you soon find out that early morning departures mean around noon.

Recently I received a royalty check for a couple of tunes used in a Music Documentary by my old group “The Jury”  The check turned out to be much bigger than any we received back in the mid 60s when we had a few top 10 records on the charts. I hope our record company isn’t waiting for a share. I think they already got theirs and a bunch of ours also.

Most Band members have very little in common which occasionally produces some very good music because it is full of compromises and much more palatable for we the public. The differences in opinion of band members may create some very fine music but in many cases it also leads to the break up of the band.

Years ago when we launched KVIL in Dallas much of the programming was very different and experimental. Consequently it took us almost 3 years to dominate the market. When we put the Daughter of Kay-Ville on in Palm Beach we called her WRMF, she only took a year to win. The reason she was faster was because we left out all the stuff that didn’t work so good in Dallas.

My good buddy Reid Reker has just joined CBS in Vegas. That sure sounds like it has real good possibilities becoming a memorable market visit. I can hardly wait.

Wow I just read that 25 – 64 is going to be the new demo. That’s sure to change billing as we know it.

There are ways around PPM but there are no ways around the truth. Thank God we don’t have to deal with that as we chase ratings.

Back before PPM we used to just pound the call letters trying to get the phantom cume to remember they heard us. I wonder how stupid it must have sounded to our loyal listeners as we kept reintroducing and explaining ourselves to them, over and over and over again.

If your cause is big enough it really doesn’t matter if you’re AM or FM.

Cris Conner says the lesson learned from Weinergate is, “Don’t Tweet Your Meat”

I noticed the press was writing about Country fans were a little bit upset that Justin Bieber was on the CMT’s the other night even though he won an award for a collaboration with Rascal Flatts. On the other hand there was no mention by the press of what the fans thought about Ludacris rapping on the Country awards show. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Is it just me or does LeBron seem to play small.

Speaking of James once again only teams he doesn’t play for win the NBA title.

My brother Reg is back in the laboratory and is almost ready to launch something that will bring radio and the artist closer together than they have ever been.

Looks like somebody is going to have to win an away game if they want to win the Stanley Cup and there is only one of those left.

My good friend Bobby Cole is at it again with his “May Rap Wrap Up”

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