My Brother Reg has this new thing going which at some point will be world wide called the Local Music Wall. He is currently Beta testing it in Winnipeg and seeing as my Daughter Candis was born there some of her stuff is on the special chart. Check it out here

When Hurricane Irene was headed for Florida 8-50 WFTL jumped into complete storm coverage but when she swung west of us and headed for New York, GM Steve Lapa came up with a great concept. He got a hold of Randy Michaels and Walt Sabo and arranged to simulcast their new FM News 101.9 in New York on WFTL here in South Florida. This is probably the only place in the World where broadcasting a New York station would even come close to making any sense. Most people who live here are from and have family still living in the North East. ( try getting a ticket when the Yankees come down to South Florida to play the Marlins) The whole weekend sounded great !

The thing about marriage is you really have no choice you have to back your partner even when they’re wrong and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Just because somebody is too expensive doesn’t mean they’re not worth it.

Sean Ross claims the summer song of 2011 is Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

I wonder how many people there are whose only goal is to survive.

You often hear the phrase “Over Worked and Under Paid” If you could erase one which would it be.

Rich Stevens told me he couldn’t understand why my stuff is all over the place. I guess it’s because thats how I think. But I can put a name and a story to every line plus take over an hour to tell it.

The only way a human being changes is when something very emotional happens to them. Deciding to change which takes a lot of repetition.

I think both Males and Females are having a lot of difficulty with the new order of things. Who should stay at home with the kids and who should work. The easy call says “show me the money” but mother nature may have a different call.

I was born a Wasp in Canada and I sure don’t remember that affording me any breaks. So when a person who speaks another language or is of a different color or both thinks they are owed some special rights and deserve to cut in front of me in line … Ain’t gonna happen!

In 1965 it was decided that Paul should sing Yesterday all by him self on the Ed Sullivan Show. He was a little apprehensive standing backstage waiting to go on because he had never sung before without the rest of the Beatles before. A stagehand came up and asked him if he was nervous. Not really Paul answered … Well you should be there are over 73 million people watching.

Bob Lefsetz says information is beautiful but it’s not always right.

The greatest teacher of all time still is Father Time.

Just because you love your family unconditionally doesn’t make them good people.

The best voice over demo I think I have ever heard was from The Jury’s original singer Donny Burns.

To do good radio you must study life.

I wonder if our founding Fathers would like how America turned out and would agree with the way it’s being run right now.

Bobby Cole told me that Henry Kissinger once said that the nice thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people they think it’s their fault.

In radio like most businesses you have 3 shots at becoming something special. 1. Be First. 2. Be Best. 3. Be Different. If you can be all three I guarantee double digits.

So a CPA was explaining to me tonight that she is not allowed to lie because she could go to jail. A lawyer even in a court of law is allowed to lie. Unless you can find one other person other than a Crook, a Congressman, ( lawyer) or a Senator, (lawyer) who agrees with that then I think we should go with Shakespeare’s suggestion.

When I heard that John Lennon had said “The Beatles are just a band and Yoko’s my life” is when I knew he must have been doing some very serious drugs.

If you asked either of my daughters if they thought their Dad would cancel a dinner engagement with either of them them to dine instead with most beautiful woman in the world. I’m pretty sure they would both claim absolutely not. The sad thing is they would both be absolutely right.

Giving up your virginity is neither a breathless nor a magical moment so you may as well hang on to it for as long as you can. (Hmmm who is this one for?)


4 thoughts on “LAWYERS LIE !

  1. I have always found it interesting that when one is sworn in to testify in front of a judge and officers of the court, that we are asked “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help you, God ?” And yet, every attorney wants you to answer every question with a simple “Yes” or “No”. It is difficult to tell the whole truth with a “yes” or “no” answer, as most things in life are usually shades of grey and likely require explanation or clarification. I guess “the sins of omission” are not lies. If officers of the court (attorneys and judges) are not required to tell the truth, yet C.P.A.s are, by extention, I guess that means that officers of the government (local, state, federal including the Internal Revenue Service are not required to tell the truth either, so why is lying to Congress a criminal offense ?

  2. I’ve just spent 8 long days in the boatyard following storm preparations from the threat of Hurricane Irene. 3 more days to clean the usual boatyard mess off of PIZZAZ, now that she’s happily back IN the water. … and “standing tall” once again. Time to take a rest and check out George’s latest blog…

    Item One. Overworked or Underpaid??? The choice is Underpaid of course! If you are truly passionate about what you do, there is no such thing as overworked.

    Item Two. John and Yoko. I would almost bet that Yoko was Johns “first” “nookie”! My first nookie ended up being my first marriage! (we all know what a mistake THAT was)! John was further entrapped by his relative agreement with Yoko’s basic life philosophy. Double Whammy!

    Item Three. You don’t need to defend your partner’s actions when they are clearly wrong, just be prepared to suffer the relationship consequences! However, If you take it one step further, in more cases than not, you’ll discover you were with the wrong partner to begin with. Short term misery beats the hell out of long term misery.

    Item Four. Lies. If you don’t have anything TO lie about, you sleep better at night. I would probably fail as a lawyer or politician.

    Paul Cavenaugh

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