Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (Last Dance) Chapter XLIX 2/21/20 Under Construction

The time has come
for my return
back to the place
where I started to learn

An overdue reunion
at old CKY
And probably our last chance
to say our goodbyes.

Jimmy-chartA few years ago, Jim Hilliard and I flew back to Winnipeg for a CKY reunion. (Jim pictured above with Deno Corrie, me, and Burton Cummings) We’d worked together in the mid-sixties when I was beginning my radio career, and he was the PD of CKY.
After we landed, he said, “Hey Johns, I think we’ve lucked out, the ground crew’s not wearing parkas.”

Michael Gillespie Ron Taylor, with some help from Ron Taylor Embree McDermid, did a super job of putting the reunion together. Unfortunately, we were a little late because most of the first team were already gone. Sadly my old friend Chuck Dann (Chuck pictured above on the bottom left) who taught me how to do production and along with Daryl ‘B’ who is also gone, helped produce my first record.   
Also missing in action is Frank Roberts and Mike Hopkins, (shown above interviewing the Beatles) as are fellow newsmen, John Pierce, and Bill Trebilcoe. Bill Grogan, who was my PD after Jim left, is gone, as is my good friend Jim Coghill (pictured below), who stayed up all night with me waiting for the birth of my daughter Candis.
I sure miss singing background with my old buddy Daryl ‘B’, whenever he’d make an appearance with the Jury.” (pictured above with me)
Hey, and what I wouldn’t have given to see Cactus Jack Wells (pictured below with Marvin Miller) so I could thank him for teaching me that if I could handle him, I could handle anybody.
I genuinely do miss all those people who filled my young head back then with all the radio knowledge I still use today.
The only bad memories I have about my early days at CKY is that just like the rest of my radio career, it went by too damn fast.

I had a great time catching up with some of the old crew like Deno Corrie, Roy Hennessy, Embree McDermid, Warren Cosford, and even a couple of my former bandmates from the Jury, Bruce Walker and Terry Kenny showed up.

Superstar Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) had the best line of the night after asking me to introduce him to Jimmy Darin. (Hilliard) Jim was pleased to see him, but when he said, “Hey Burton, I’m not a starf#cker, but my wife Barbara wanted me to say hi to you.
Burton responded with, “Jim, I can certainly understand you not being a starfucker, but perhaps Barbara is?”

Unfortunately, Burton’s mother wasn’t doing well and not expected to make it through the night, so he had to leave early.
Before leaving, though, he did sing a couple of his hits along with a few bars of our first record, “Until You Do,” which he claimed he purchased with his paper route money.

Ray St. Germaine, who had Winnipeg’s first Rock & Roll hit, “She’s A Square,” which features the legendary guitar work of Lenny Breau, was also in attendance.Quail-Johns

My special guest that night was my best friend from high school, Jim Quail (pictured above with me), who surprised me the next day with a luncheon with our favorite teacher from George Darenchuk. (pictured below) George was a rookie teacher at TCI when Jim and I first went to high school.

Wow, it was so good to see him and get caught up on all the things he was doing, like leading a rebellion of cottage owners against some foolish ordinance.
It turned out that after he had ridden himself of the likes of Jim and me, he had gone onto becoming a principal and eventually the superintendent of schools. Good on you, Mr. Darenchuk, May you rest in peace.
Inducted Chapman
into the Hall of Fame
Did it on National TV
which is sure not my game
Now I’m blogging
and writing three books
Also prayin’ God’s
not getting ready to give me the hook.
Life’s been wonderful
but it’s gone by too fast
So I’m hopin’ my rhymes
will help make it last
Not done yet
got a few chapters to go
But now I have a Grandson
so we’ll see how it goes.





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