Keith Elshaw Remembers Lou Reed !


Regarding deciding to play Walk on On The Wild Side …

It was the perfect song for us to play at CFTR, the new little guy trying to get noticed, so we jumped on it. The sound and musical ideas were so inventive; the lyrics so provocative. We knew CHUM wouldn’t play it for a long time – so we wanted to “own” it. We played it every hour-and-3-quarters right out of the box. The phones went nuts.

I spent a couple of hours one evening in Lou’s apartment the next year, having dropped by with Bob Ezrin. Bob had brought the final mixes for the Berlin album to play for Lou. Lou sat on the floor deep inside his headphones listening through. He seemed a bit frightened at its power. “Bob, do you think we can release it?”

I told him about us sitting in the radio station the first time we heard Wild Side, a little frightened. Do you think we can play it?

Bless you, Lou.



2 thoughts on “Keith Elshaw Remembers Lou Reed !

  1. “The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band.” … haha. Greetings, Keith.

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