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Back in the day when we launched America’s first AC station in Dallas on KVIL we had Bill Gardner doing mid days for us. Bill won Billboard’s Personality Of The Year Award right out of the box but as wonderful as that sounds unfortunately it came with some errors.
We weren’t a top 40 radio station, we weren’t an AM and they spelled KVIL wrong on Bill’s trophy.(see picture) KVIL was so new that except for our listeners nobody in radio had ever heard of us, but that sure didn’t last long did it Claude Hall.
Hear Bill and a bunch of the other legendary staff members during our first year by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


So is it exercise or genetics.
In public a woman mentions the fact that she has a husband a hell of a lot quicker than her husband admits that he has a wife.

Now that Yoko has claimed that she had an affair with Hillary it appears that Bill had better taste in women than did John or his wife.

If Yoko’s rumors are true it looks like we can solve two more politically correct things we feel compelled to do by making her president. Then we can just get on with finding the best person for the job.

Figuring out exactly what it will take to make you happy is actually tougher to do than doing whatever it is you have to do in order to achieve it.
Nothing mysterious ever seems to happen in the sunlight.
When faced with how to be better than Carson and Leno on the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon chose to be different instead and is kicking ass because of it.
If you could actually take a peek at the future and see at all the things you’ll have to do to become successful you probably wouldn’t do it.
To become successful one must be obsessive but being obsessive doesn’t lead to much happiness and so starts your day.
Unless you are beautiful or a member of the lucky sperm club being talented will not be enough.
Speaking of beautiful which the Hunny Bunny was but it was her mind that really excited me.
A worthy goal may simply be to try and become some one’s great memory.
No matter how good fathers may be “Fathers Day” doesn’t move very many cards off the shelf but it does win the most collect calls ever made in a single day.
Commercials about entertainment don’t sound like commercials.
I’ve never been to a one on one session with either a psychologist or a psychiatrist but I have a feeling that a few of them may have heard of me. 
Not so long ago when you watched a TV show it had one story line which included a beginning and an end. Now while watching Game Of Thrones on HBO I realized that there are 4 or more story lines going on all at once and you have no idea where the hell it’s all going, I just hope they do.
You’ll know instantly when you have “The Woman” she will be the one worth dying or killing for.
The definition of management is “The Accomplishment Of Work Through People” 
It amazes me that California is in the middle of a drought but everywhere you look all you see is water not to mention all the lakes up in the Mountains. I think what they really mean is that there is a drought of free water.
It was a sad day for radio when Dan Mason announced his retirement because we all know that he won’t be replaced by another product guy even though product is everything. Ask HBO!
It’s a hell of a lot easier to piss people off than it is to please them.
Taking a chance is very scary but regretting that you didn’t is even scarier.
If you don’t demand excellence I guarantee it wont show up.
Only adults are amazed by magical tricks, children are merely amused by them because they believe in magic.
None of the things I chased ever came true but as my brother Reg once said … Maybe you didn’t chase them hard enough.
I think it’s rather apparent that I have a serious thinking problem.
Some companies have a few executives around simply to blame.
Money wont buy you happiness but it may buy you some time to figure out what will.
It’s stupid to argue with an idiot because he’s a hell of a lot better at it than you will ever be.
Ya gotta give it to men, even when they are old bald and fat they still do it with swagger.
The moment something becomes big it begins to become bad.
Just because someone doesn’t mention it ladies doesn’t mean we didn’t notice it.
Normal people make much better listeners than they do story tellers.
When the 4 judges got up to pay tribute to BB King on The Voice with “The Thrill Is Gone” it was very apparent that none of the 4 finalists were as good as them.

The funniest line on The Voice came from eventual winner 16 year old Sawyer Frederick when he and the other finalists were given new cars and he said … I don’t even have a drivers license yet.

The only name missing from “deflategate” is Bill Belichick, how can that be!

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  1. Genuinely appreciate your kind words and the mention.

    Interesting to me that since CBS no longer invests as much money on personnel and the product as you and Jim Hilliard chose to,, once again in 2015, no one has heard of KVIL (down in 15th place 🙂

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