Just Some Abstract thoughts. (new for aug 10/15)

IMG_0700111454919_10152422900024307_1671184071_nGrowing up in Transcona I used to watch the Rose Bowl on New Years and would be more than envious of the people watching in their shorts. My dream was to live in California someday and even though I made it while turning forty I’ve yet to be inside the Rose Bowl so my Grandson Nathaniel did it for me.


Changing America does not necessarily change the world.

The answer is always no if you don’t ask.

Beware of loud people carrying big signs because more than likely they are participating in the same horrendous activities that they are protesting about.

How do I explain to my wee daughter that she is now past the point where a scolding or a hug could actually fix her life.

You learn nothing while speaking.

Interrupting a music sweep on the radio to talk is the same as interrupting a commercial to play music,  just different people hate you.

Being big strong and fast has no effect against a gun.

The only reason politicians don’t carry guns is because the people walking beside them do.

I’m pretty sure those little white pieces of paper they shove at you every time you buy something really have nothing to do with you.

The hunny bunny once told me that the best bartenders in the world are the ones who steal the least.

Dreaming about the future will serve you much better than your memory of the past.

Most guys are very very excited about the possibility of a threesome until the other guy shows up.

The best thing about best friends is you don’t end up giving them half your fortune plus part of your future when you leave them behind.

I am told that there is only a small percentage of Muslims who are terrorists. OK so lets do the math, there are approximately one point six billion Muslims in the world which means that only 200 to 300 million of them are dedicated to the destruction of western civilization so no worries eh!

The quest for perfection is a worthy one even though it’s unattainable.

The gods laugh at those who think that only they know the truth.

The most racist thing white people do is not bothering to point out racist behavior of blacks.

The black man may have brought us the early beginnings of Rock&Role but the white man definitely was the one who rocked it. 

In war there is no good or bad right or wrong, only winners and losers and its the winners who decide what the history books record.

Ratings are only useful when used as statistical justification for a media buy.

It takes a very special person to be able to sell radio without ratings.

The methodology of the researcher has more to do with determining whose #1 in the ratings than programming does.

Most Doctors didn’t graduate at the top of their class so why do we pay them like they did.

When they talk about the United States being the greatest country in the world are they talking about the America I admired while growing up in Canada or the one I live in now because they are completely different.

What is manufactured today in America that we couldn’t live without.

To err is to be human but to be able to creatively switch the blame to someone else is super human.

Thinking out loud is just a more creative way of speaking. 

Memo to all government officials … We didn’t elect you Santa Clause.

Why would you ever buy a stock that you didn’t have some insider information about.

Passion always trumps systems.

Do we have the idiot’s name who invented “Politically Correct’ because not talking about certain things sure hasn’t made them go away and in fact they are a lot worse.

It’s not fatal to fail but not changing after you do may be.

If you want to become successful you have to do what others ain’t.

Beware of women in bars who have young children waiting for them at home.

I guess according to the ratings the GOP debate was the top reality show of the night.

Sad news about football legend Frank Gifford being gone.

It is so sad that Junior Seau wasn’t at his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

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2 thoughts on “Just Some Abstract thoughts. (new for aug 10/15)

  1. George, have you ever noticed in the mirror or maybe one of your many friends (male or female) has brought it up, that if you grew your hair a bit longer (maybe a good grayed toupee) and grew a mustache and beard, you could pass for the “Stay thirsty, my friend” Dos Equis TV commercial guy, protrayed by actor Jonathon Goldsmith. After all, there always seem to be beautiful women hanging around you waiting for you to say the magic words, and in many ways, in your blogs, you could easily compete as “the most interesting man in the world” ! If not, you could certainly pass for his younger brother.

    • Jed it is true I have studied women up close for more years than I care to remember but the conclusion is that even though I know more about them than most men do … I know absolutely nothing about them so they remain a mysterious phenomenon whom I still like to hang around with.

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