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Recently I told my grandson Nathaniel the secret of life, “Figure out what you would like to do, then find someone to pay you to do it.” However, if you’re lucky enough to get that done, unfortunately, your life flashes by, and like me, you’ll wonder what the hell happened?
When I was a young lad growing up in Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg, all I dreamed about was being in a Rock & Roll band. So I bought a guitar, learned to play it, and then started a few bands with my friend Rolly (Termite) Blaquiere. The next thing I knew our band, The Jury was signed by London Records, and soon we were releasing records along with the Guess Who, BTO, and Neil Young. Wow, what a heady experience, but unlike how I dreamed it, it did not come with a lot of cash, so I needed a day job too. Luckily I got a part-time job at CKY which was very fun.
However, when my daughter Candis was born, and even though we had the #1 Canadian record in Canada, I decided to leave The Jury. The band thing just didn’t look like it was ever going to pay enough to support a family so I thought that I would give radio a shot. It turned out to be an excellent choice because not only did I love doing it, my radio career exploded. Not only did I own a syndication company, I also owned several radio stations and was headquartered in San Diego.
None of that was easy of course, and because I was working hard and trying to stay focused on my company’s future, I never thought about my old band days much. Then I got an invitation in the mail to attend the reunion of all the Winnipeg bands at a concert which was going to be held at the Winnipeg Convention Center. Not only that but the whole thing was going to be Televised. Wow, how fun!
Now, not having touched my guitar for twenty years, I only planned to fly back to Winnipeg for a couple of days to see some old friends and hang with my old bandmates. When I arrived home, the whole town was just buzzing about the concert and the press was all over it. 
The highlight of the evening for me was watching Randy Bachman of BTO, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who and Neil Young on stage together doing a twenty-minute version of American Woman. The scariest moment though was when Randy and Burton strapped a Strat on me and pushed out on stage to join the rest of the Jury who were laughing their asses off. Standing there in front of a sold-out crowd and a bunch of TV cameras, I was scared to death. I told the roadie to make sure my guitar was turned off, and as our lead guitar player Terry Kenny hit the first few notes of our first record, the strangest thing happened. After twenty years of not touching my guitar, I had no idea what the chord progressions were, but my hands knew them all. (to view some of what went on that night, click on the link at the bottom of the Blog.)


Radio Consultant Tracy Johnson said that Kidd Kraddick told him that he gave some of his funniest stuff to his co-workers because it didn’t match his image. Wow!

The folks listen to the radio for 227 minutes every week. Can you imagine what it would be if it was any good?

Your true value is measured by how many people became successful because of your success?

If you want to accomplish something, you’ll find a way. Otherwise, you’ll find an excuse.

Making magic memories is what our life’s mission should be all about.

We all respect that which we cannot do.

The Loss of your word is the biggest loss of all.

Marriage makes no financial sense to a man.

Little girls are fun and easy to make happy, but when they turn into women, almost impossible.

Why is it that its the not so good looking women who complain about men hitting on them, whereas the beautiful ladies never mention it?

Do women stop being naughty when the moment they no longer can conceive or were they never naughty?

If the ladies really do like sensitive men the best, why do they always go home from the party with a Clint Eastwood type?

The only women I can handle attitude from are my daughters and even that’s kinda tough.

The government is the same as its always been but unfortunately, we the people are smarter.

Before escaping to Canada you may want to consider this, the far right is a little bit left of center.

Is it just me or do all the presidents upon leaving office, live like, and near all the people they railed against?


Telling me what’s wrong with this picture pays a dollar an hour but fixing it pays a thousand.

If you can’t change the situation then it is you who must change.

NFL kneelers ain’t gonna get the police’s attention, only what threatens their pensions can do that.

(For a little taste of what went on at the band reunion in Winnipeg, click on the link below.)

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  1. What great days in music history. Unlimited resources, Imagination, and a love and passion for what they enjoyed. Thanks for sharing the secret path to success.

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