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Growing up in Canada as I did, it didn’t make much sense having a swimming pool. However, after moving to Indianapolis, I started to give it some serious thought because summer lasted almost two months longer in Indy than it did in Winnipeg. Also, we’d just moved into a beautiful new home (see above) so what the hell!
What an exciting time. I thoroughly enjoyed just watching the construction and will never forget during a heavy rainstorm, the pool contractor calling me and saying, “You better get the garden hose out and get some water in the pool before it pops out of the ground.
So armed with a garden hose there and a bottle of Canadian Whiskey, my friend Bob Christy began filling the pool in the pouring rain. Before long and with the aid of the whiskey and a what the hell attitude, there we were fully clothed sitting in the spa with construction stuff floating around us in the dirty water and we were so wasted that we just sat there laughing our asses off. It’s a wonder we didn’t drown.
A couple of weeks later when only the fence around the pool needed finishing, my wife Lana and I headed up north to Muncie Indiana where our daughter Candis was attending a Gymnastic Camp at Ball State. We thought we’d be there for the whole day, but it turned out that it was only a luncheon thing.
After lunch, we jumped back into the car and headed home. Upon our arrival, there was our whole neighborhood having a big pool party at our place. They had lawn chairs, coolers and towels everywhere, and were cooking dogs and burgers on their barbeques as they frolicked in our pool. I’m sure you can imagine how surprised we were when we arrived home, but not as surprised as they were whem they spotted us pulling into the driveway. You should have seen the looks on their faces.
Friendship may turn into love but it seldom goes the other way. 
When is the government gonna figure out that they should take good care of the middle class? Unlike the rich and poor, we’re the ones who buy all the products and pay most of the taxes.
Speaking of the poor, why do they need to collect welfare when there are one point five million charities registered in the US? 
You can educate yourself by reading novels because at least half of it is true and informative. 
We all believe our own truths. 
By the time my ship came in, I’d already left the dock. 
There is no such as a good war. 
Your dreaming a new dream does not come with an age limit.

How come the men who do right by women don’t get to debate those who accuse us of doing wrong? I’m ready when they are and have my check stubs standing by.

Now that Andrew Luck is retired and the Colts are gonna let him keep 17 million of his new contract. Hell, who couldn’t live on that?

Just sitting here in Jacksonville waiting on Dorian.


Ron Below: “Candis was a singer-songwriter working for a record company and yet couldn’t get any of the A&R guys to come and see her, let alone get a record deal?”
If that ever comes up again here’s a tip… tell her to mention to one of A&R guys she was thinking about listing them as a “co-writer” on one of her songs. (My List)

Geo: Ahh the old plugola game huh Mr. Below. 

Ken Sebastian Singer: Truly one of the great ones. He and his kid sister used to live across the alley from me when we were about 12. Who knew he would go on to be a radio legend. Miss him. (Remembering Daryl ‘B’)

Geo: Daryl kindly talked management into making me the music director of CKY before he left for Vancouver. This eventually led to my getting the PD job at CKOM in Saskatoon where I ended up working with you, Ken. 

Chris Duffy: Actually you hit it right on the button. Hitler did indeed have one of his famous hissy-fits upon learning that the Japanese had bombed Hawaii…..with absolutely no advance warning to Der Fuhrer. He supposedly said some rather unflattering things about their race, hinting that sneakiness was what you get when you were dealing with ‘non-Anglo Saxons’  (Poland, as well as Josef Stalin, would probably take issue with that comment, considering Germany’s deceit against both of them.) What happened next though was unemotional and methodical….and perhaps Hitler’s greatest blunder. He was convinced he would be fighting America eventually, FDR had already firmly planted our policies in favor of Great Britain. So he referred to the Tripartite Act between the Axis powers…which was mostly just a marketing scheme and didn’t require automatic belligerent obligation….and almost matter of factly declared war on the US by December 11th. Now, instead of a nearly crushed, exhausted island nation as his sole western enemy, he had a massive industrial and resource-rich nation beyond the reach of his lethal Luftwaffe that was about to use England as its’ unsinkable aircraft carrier to bring the war to him.
His post-Pearl hissy fit would not be the last. That would come 41 months later in a bunker in the ruins of Berlin. (Weird People?)

Moto: – Decolletage.. so that’s what those things were called. Even though we tried, we were always and famously outnumbered by them and obligingly so. (Decolletage)

Geo: And they still have us on the ropes, Cris.


Brent Farris: Cami, now that you are graduating, I can tell you that you changed the way radio sounded in America. Your dad would always tell us how you listened to the radio. He would ask you questions about music and tell us your thoughts. If you would pick up on a new band or artist your dad would alert us to Americas changing tastes.  I guess he thought that because the sun rose and set with you, the least the world could do is make sure that when you turned the radio on it would be playing a tune you liked. So congratulations from the guy in the yellow ’67 convertible who took you to dinner with the giraffes. Now go out and change the world so your dad can tell us how to be your soundtrack. (Cami Graduates Today)


Bob and Jan Christy: Cami,
Congratulations on your graduation and your bright future.
I’ve known your Dad for years. (sometimes it seems like we were boys together) The first time I met you was on Clematis Street in West Palm, your sister was holding you, your Uncle Reg was there and of course your Dad. So I’ve known you almost your entire life. You have no idea the changes your birth caused in your Dad’s life and they were all for the better, so congratulations on a job well done.
Jan and I feel, having known you since you were a baby, that you’re kind of “our kid” too. We’ve watched you grow from a little “binky” baby to a strong and confident young woman. (And thank god you’re not afraid of dogs anymore!) By the way, I almost went into cardiac arrest the first time I saw your Dad change your diaper, he could barely do his own laundry at the time. See how much you changed him for the better!
Love you kid, I know you’ll make us all proud. Here’s your girl pal Janny Cakes.
OMG – I am SO proud of you. You shine, really in so many ways, you are beautiful, calm and take everything in before reacting.. We have loved you dearly since you were a baby girl of 3. Please know that I am always here for you on the following: boys,( they are boys until 50 so please beware)  clothes, makeup, manicures and the occasional decision of whether to go ahead with something you are not quite sure of, get my advice first! Have a lovely graduation and look to the future in the hope you make permanent and life-changing good. You will touch many people in your life and the goal is to be remembered for heartfelt, honest, sweet words. I LOVE YOU DEARLY,
Jan. (Camera Anne Johns Summerfield Graduates Today)
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