It’s OK To Lie About Sex !

As I write this its early November and we’re headed towards Thanksgiving, Christmas and yet another Florida winter. We Floridians like this time of year because it cools off plus the Humidity and the Hurricane Season go away. Mostly though it’s still the same old thing as I look out my balcony and watch a rainbow deliver yet another pot of gold to my tiny Condo in West Palm Beach.

Joe Pa certainly found out the old saying that ten Atta Boys are soon wiped out by one   Aw S**t ” is sure true didn’t he.

I’m not a big fan of Harvard Business School but then again I went to MIT so why would I be. OK OK so it was the “Manitoba Institute Of Technology” hey it is but a small technicality. My beef with Harvard is I’m not sure they ever turned anybody people who changed the world. I know a bunch of them rule the world but mostly they just stuff their own pockets. Besides that the Harvard folks needs to come up with some fresh new stuff soon, their old stuff ain’t working anymore.

Back when I worked at CKY in Winnipeg the Music Director’s job came open and a bunch of us applied for it. I got it because I was a musician, they used that as the tie breaker. Being a musician didn’t qualify me to pick the hits but it sure did help me to figure out in what order they should be played and what oldies to use to balance texture and tempo. Doing a music station is like doing a Symphony you only use the research to figure out what tunes to put in your Symphony. The records are like musical notes and some of them don’t belong together, they create a dis chord. It’s sure easy to hear that there are very few musicians putting the music together on Radio right now.

Lets see if I can do the math here. If only 1% of the American population has more than a Million Dollars but 50% of Congressmen are Millionaires why is it the remaining 99% get stuck with the tab for their stupid decisions.

I told Candis when she was growing up that it was OK to lie to me about the sex part but I expected the truth from her about everything else. I think that would work rather well for America.

Bob Christy told me that good content on radio started disappearing during the Reagan era when the FCC decided Radio no longer needed to carry News.

I neglected a few weeks ago to mention while writing about my Father and our somewhat strained relationship how much I still miss him.

I understand there is big movement away from the big banks to credit unions. But wont that make the credit unions big too and doesn’t big always seem to lead to evil.

Good programming makes a good Radio Station but a good premise makes a Great Radio Station.

How true is this. What to you call a bunch of millionaires sitting around watching football. The NBA.

You don’t have to explain who the real boss is to anyone. The ones that claim they are usually aren’t.

It doesn’t really matter whether its PPM or the Diary most of your ratings still come from people who actually listen to your station rather than just hear it.

A woman you adore saying to you … “Hey but we can still be friends” feels about the same as your Vet saying your dog just died but you can still keep him.

Any notion that driving down dusty rural dirt roads is a great experience exists only in a Country song.

I’m sure that Candis and Cami tire of me telling them how proud I am of them but I never heard it much so they get to.

It’s sure easy to figure out that a lot of professional athletes didn’t finish College.

Creativity is not taught in school but if your life plan is to become a multi millionaire your going to need to learn it.

I hear the new criteria is you have to be in the top 3 in the demo or you’re fired. I used to think if I wasn’t #1 I was fired. Fear is a great motivator.

I just read that Keriann Worley was being promoted to Market Manager of CC’s cluster in Melbourne. Her comment that these were exciting times at Clear Channel sounded a little strange to me in the midst the over 200 people being fired at the same time. Oh I see she came up from sales. Never mind!

The reason Dee Jays don’t make as much money as the rest of Show business is because they don’t work from a script like the rest of Show business.

According to Steve Allan, management doesn’t want their employees to be happy, they claim people work a lot harder when they are somewhere between disgusted and dissatisfied. How disgusting is that.

Why would we let people who buy and sell stock be in charge of us. We didn’t vote for them.

I was a little shocked and bummed to read that Buzz was going away until I figured out it wasn’t Buzz Barnett who was leaving it’s Google Buzz.

There are now 7 billion people on our planet but only 13 of them look like the Angels from Victoria’s Secret. How much should that gig pay.

Is it just me or am I seeing more and more new Mercedes Benz’s sitting stalled by the side of the road. I wonder where those particular models were built.

Steve Jobs didn’t believe much in research. He said it’s not the consumers job to know what he wants.

What ever happened to those beautiful elite soldiers Gadhafi had as his personal body guards.

16 thoughts on “It’s OK To Lie About Sex !

  1. “A woman you adore saying to you … ‘Hey but we can still be friends’ feels about the same as someone saying your dog just died but you can still keep him.”

    Yes, that one’ll be on my Facebook page soon. Now, it’s not plagiarism if I give you credit, is it, George?

  2. One of my classical music hosts at WFYI Public Radio (since departed) was a long-time Mercedes-Benz owner, from back in the early 1950s. He owned an Adenauer
    180 sedan, a 1957 190 sedan, a 1968 220D sedan, a 1972 300 sedan and a 1990 500 SLC. He also owned a few rusted out Mercedes parts cars to keep the older ones running. He had a mechanic who had hung out his shingle after leaving World Wide Motors in Indianapolis who kept his fleet running. My co-worker loved the lines of his beautiful metallic powder blue SLC, but it was in the garage more often than it was on the road, while the old cars just kept soldiering on and on and on and on. Apparently, sometime in the early 1970s, according to the mechanics who worked at World Wide, someone in management at Stuttgart decided that the reason why people bought Mercedes-Benzs was only status (remember the Pam Ewing character in the TV series “Dallas”, Victoria Principal drove a red 450 SL roadster !), not because of their legendary (and documented) reliability as the best and safest production road cars in the world. So instead of building cars with engines that typically lasted over 450,000-miles before an overhaul, they loosened their tolerance and metallurgical standards so that at best the average life of an engine before an overhaul was maybe only 150,000 or so, which matches that of a Ford or Chevrolet if the lesser brands are given oil and coolant changes at Jiffy Lube. Perhaps there is a lesson in there somewhere for companies that lower their standards. It happened to Packard with its image after
    World War II, although it began during the Great Depression. It happened to the Amana and Maytag brands of appliances after they were bought by Whirlpool. It sadly has happened to “Radio” generally as a brand for spontaneous entertainment and excitement.

  3. First of all…the Mercedes question is easy. They learned it from Chrysler!

    Has anyone noticed the new Chrysler 200 is nothing but a Dodge Stratus with a leather interior? By the way…Mercedes is now the fastest depreciating luxury car on the market today…retaining only 23% of it’s original value after 5 years. Lexus is still on top at 34%. (which is still better than buying a house)!

    Bob Christy is spot on regarding the news issue. It was the creative delivery of “information” that always made one station stand out in any market.

    Creativity can’t be taught. Some people have it. Most don’t.

    Want to see change? Just start a movement to get everyone to stop paying for anything to a bank or credit card company for 90 days. Do you think Wall Street and the stinkin’ politicians would blink?

    • Yeah Paul it was a hassle doing news on a music station as it was a hassle doing 30% Canadian music content in Canada, but the playing field was the same for everyone and he who did it best won all the marbles.

  4. Creativity pays…Mario Batali and his business partner Joe Bastianich gross close to 200 million in their 15 restaurants. The food is creative and really, really good.

    Mario is a loose cannon, several customers complained about how loud the music was in one of his New York locations (he loves Rock, classic and new) his reponse, “Fuck em, I love rock and roll!” On the other hand his kitchen mantra is “we buy food, cook it and sell it at a profit”….

    One of my wishes in life is to accompny Batali on one of his legendary hour eating and drinking evenings in New York. Bill Buford in his book “Heat” stopped counting at 15 bottles of wine…the evening started with Mario on the front step of one of his NY restaurants, drinking wine and shooting the shit with his customers, it ended 10 hours later singing old Beatle’s songs.

    • Bobby that sounds almost as good as sitting on the Balcony in Boston having a whisky with the two stars of Boston Legal and discussing with them how the day went.

  5. George,

    Your dad may not have been the best at praise, but I bet he would be very proud of your success and accomplishments, and especially of the father you became.

    That’s the most important work of your life, and I’m pretty sure you aced it.

    • One of my goals in life Doug was to become a better Father then my Father was then when I got to do it again I tried to become a better Father than I was.

  6. As an imaging director, I had to come work at WGN to finally learn the most stop-in-your-tracks method to announce important breaking news is not a powerful drone, stab or sweeper intro. It’s the news guy cutting in saying …’hey can I interupt here?’

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