It’s Not The Length It’s The Quality!

Over the past few years I’ve tried to impart some wisdom to my 9 year old Grandson Nathaniel. Nathaniel lives in California and I’ve tried to teach him a few of life’s lessons so as to better prepare him for his future. You know the important things like, the real meaning and purpose of life is … Faster Cars, Older Whisky, Younger Women and Mo’ Money! I’ve also advised him that he should only say the words “I Love You” to his Mother as his life will begin to go down hill the moment he utters it to any other Woman. But I’ve saved the biggest lesson of all for today because we have a large Hawaiian Pizza bet on today’s big game and he is a Seahawk fan. You’re going down kid!

Charlie Minor once told me that the record industry is the only business in the world where 9 times out of 10 the executives are wrong but they are all billionaires anyway.

The reason for the popularity of albums in the 60’s I think was only because the dopers didn’t want to get up and change the record every two and a half minutes.

Are there any white people besides Pete Carroll on the Seattle Seahawks team.

Even though religion violates every law known to the universe if you’ve got any smarts at all ya gotta believe there has to be more to all this than just us.

Isn’t it weird how scary some of the things in your life were but the retelling of those adventures turn them into fun.

Life is measured by it’s quality not it’s length!

Do you ever wonder as I do how the President Of The United States manages to come out of the office a millionaire even though he probably wasn’t one when he went in.

So I wonder how putting the old and new together on the Grammys in hopes of a wider audience worked out. I rather doubt it did.

Speaking of the Grammys why does every pop song need one third of it to be Rap.

A Woman usually has a long list of what she wants in a Man. Men on the other  hand only have two requirements … She’s beautiful and she adores him.

Now that White Males are rapidly becoming America’s newest minority I think we should band together so we can and get a little of that government protection the others enjoy so we can sue the s*it out of everybody for discrimination.

I really don’t care who our politicians sleep with it’s who they are accepting bribes from (campaign contributions) that concerns me. Besides when they are f**king their lovers they’re usually too busy to f**k us.

Only the middle class can fix the economy but our government is too busy looking after the rich and the poor to inspire us to do so.

The middle class became big  after World 2 but Mr Fairbanks (old money) claimed it was the worst time in American history. As the economy soared so did inflation so everything in his world  just cost more. The middle class didn’t care what it cost because for the first time in history they finally had some money. The way I figure it is … If the rich don’t like it we better do it coz it’s probably good for America.

I got a text from Cami a while back telling me they were studying Elvis in their History class but she claimed because of me she already knew it all. Talk about feeling old!

Even though America has the richest poor people on earth they sure don’t look very happy so maybe we should try something else.

Income tax began during the Civil War and started back up again during world war 1. Could the reason be that we have non stop wars so the government can continue to collect income tax. I wonder what the Canadian government’s excuse is.

Speaking of Canadians on the latest “Justified” series, the Marshall from Kentucky who was up in Detroit had interviewing a suspected drug smuggler from Canada asked the local law if they were going to hold him or let him go back to Canada. The Detroit Policeman said no we’re gonna send him back for that free health care, we’ve already got too many Canadians down here what with Justin Bieber Celine Dion and Steve Nash

If you can make a blind person see what you’re are saying you can make a lotta money talking on the Radio.

When you follow your heart may I suggest you also invite your brain along.

After hearing all the reactions from the Democrats and the Republicans about the President’s state of the union speech, it’s hard to believe they were watching the same guy.

The most expensive Women in the world are called wives.

The first rule of show biz is to get the folks attention but until you hold their interest you’re still nowhere man.

I love strong feisty beautiful smart Women but they make me crazy.

Walt Disney claimed that the way it worked best was when you put the customer first the employees next and then management, but what the f**k did he know … Right guys!

Have you ever noticed when you are trying to solve something you always look up.

Sales folks can sell anything they are excited about but I’d advise getting some ratings anyway.

You can’t get the credit unless you’re also willing to accept the blame.

How the hell do the food companies know how many calories are in their products.

I wonder why they don’t hire the homeless to wave all those big “we buy gold” or “we do taxes” signs. They’ve already got all the best locations.

The worst person to ever lie to is yourself.

Scan on your Car Radio does not stop for very long on unfamiliar.

I left the Superbowl in the first half when it was 2nd and inches and Denver ran it. I bet millions soon followed me and the sponsors will all want a refund. John Fox said it best “we ran into a buzz saw”.

By the way the Colts beat both these teams, watch out for Indy next year.

Turns out my Daughter Candis was in the same theater group as Philip Seymour Hoffman at NYU. Very sad.

Wow Bob Dylan drives a Chrysler, who would have thunk it!



6 thoughts on “It’s Not The Length It’s The Quality!

  1. As an independent widow for the last 7 years, I realize most men are looking for a nurse or a purse. I am not a nurse and my husband and I worked dam hard for MY purse . So I will spend it on myself and my kids and grand kids .

  2. This was the worst super bowl in years I want my four hours back and the beer ads did not sell the product at all ahh to cute but I want a bunch of sonos wireless speakers

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