It was a cold and snowy night… (new geo Blog for the week of May 28/18)

Having hung around a lot of radio stations with Hall Of Fame folks like Ron Chapman, Jerry Bobo, Larry Dixon, Mike Selden, Jack Schell, Ken Barnett, Bob Morrison, Steve Eberhart, Suzie Humphries, Jeff & Jer, Delilah, Jack Wells, Jim Coghill, Gary Russell, Chuck McCoy, J Robert Wood, Fred Heckman, Sid Collins, Joe Pickett, Jim Shelton, Jack Morrow, Joe McConnell, Art Schreiber, Tom Cochran, Cris Conner, Sunny Joe White, Don Bleu, Terry McGovern, Steve Hicks, and Jim Harper for most of my life, I got to hear some pretty strong lines. However, the most memorable one perhaps may have occurred in the production room of CKY in Winnipeg shortly after the British Invasion.
It all began one frigid January night when dee-jays Chuck Dann and Daryl ‘B’ agreed to record a demo tape for my band called The Jury. We had just recruited Bruce Walker as our new singer after losing Donny Burns to Bill Gilliland of Arc Records in Toronto where he went to cut a Christmas record called “Cool Yule”. Unfortunately, Bruce wasn’t “stage ready” yet so we were only there on that chilly night to cut a few instrumentals. Our plan was to make a bunch of copies of the tape and send them to dance promoters like J Robert Wood hoping to get a few gigs. While we were waiting for Chuck and Daryl to set up the equipment, Terry and I were tuning our guitars when Bruce who was just hanging out at the session asked if we could help him finish up a tune he was composing. His hope was that if things went well, maybe we’d have some recording time left and be able to tack it on at the end.
We managed to lay down the instrumentals fairly quickly after having played them a thousand times or so on stage which left us plenty of time to record Bruce’s new tune which was called “Until You Do”. After going through it with the rest of the guys a few times, we did a few takes and then went into the control room to hear what we had. The playback blew us away, not only did it sound pretty good, more importantly, it sounded British. Chuck and Daryl who were also excited about the song, suggested that I bring the tape back the next day to play for their boss Jimmy Darin, because as they said if anybody knew what to do next, it would be him.
After Jim heard the tape, he asked if I could hang around at the station until he got off the air at six because Hal Ross who was an executive with London Records was coming to town to buy him to dinner. What we’ll do Jim said, is make him listen to the tape first. When Hal showed up at the station to pick Jim up, we dragged him back to the production and rolled the tape. When “Until You Do” faded from the speakers, (click on the link below) Hal said something that I’ll never forget as long as I live, “Hell I’ll release that!”
One of the neat things about the recent Royal Wedding was the lack of politicians attending. As the happy couple said, “This is not a political affair.” How silly do you suppose all the people who were laughing at Trump for not being invited feel now because neither was their guy.

Speaking of the wedding, I loved it when Harry said to Prince Charles right after he escorted the bride down the aisle, “Thanks Pa.”

Supposedly at his bachelor party, Prince Harry was overheard saying, “It feels weird stuffing bills with my grandmother’s picture on them into g-strings.”
I never realized that there are 31 teams in the NHL but only 7 of them are in Canada. Seeing as hockey is Canada’s National Sport, I think they need to have teams in Kelowna BC, Regina and or Saskatoon Sask, Hamilton Ont, Quebec City Qc, and Halifax Nova Scotia.
How cool would it be to see a Yardbird reunion with Clapton, Beck, and Page dueling each other on guitar?
I love when companies turn a negative about their product into a positive. Example, Heins Ketchup making us believe that if it’s not hard to get out of the bottle, it’s no good. Another good one is Uber in their recruitment ads saying, “You get to drive your own car” or others with no office say, “You can work from home.”
Why are we never shocked when an overpaid executive is charged with fraud?

I was watching a special the other day about Larry Bird where one of the NBA superstars being interviewed said,”Here’s the thing with Bird, he couldn’t run, couldn’t jump, and couldn’t dribble. All he could really do well was kick your ass.”

How do people who still vote like their ancestors did even though the times have changed several times, rant to the rest of us that we should vote as they do?

If New York and California are always gonna vote the same way no matter what, why do we waste money counting their votes?

As Garth Brooks once said for me, “I was a little wild in school but not as wild as I wanted to be, I was too frightened.”

The NRA has to figure out how to get people to stop committing suicide with guns so they can get their stats down.

Great Indy 500 featuring new car design that put driving it back in the hands of the driver. Will Power, an Australian won it after Danica Patrick ended her career crashing out.

Wow, the Cavs beat the Celtics at home on their way to the NBA finals. How many times can LeBron do it himself?

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4 thoughts on “It was a cold and snowy night… (new geo Blog for the week of May 28/18)

  1. George, as a natural-born citizen of the Canadian Commonwealth, what is your take on the British Royal Family ? Is it the greatest public relations con-game ever played on a mass of “believing” people (i.e. the British Empire) since essentially after 1945, the British monarchy really has no functioning purpose geopolitically, or, is it a nationally-funded on-going theatre subsidized by every taxpaying Brit ? In some ways, the Coburg-Saxe family (Except by marriage, they are Germans, after all.), i.e. “The Windsors” and their descendants, are the original versions of the Kardashians before the advent of major instantaneous mass media. Do you think the George Johns could sell the idea of a monarchy to a public mass in the era of “23 and me” ? After all, the fable is out of the bag since it is highly likely that every member of nobility has the same basic 23-chromosones as every other poor schlub on the planet.

    • Jed, the Monarchy is Britain’s Disney World and is a living breathing symbol of when England was fab. Who goes to England without trying to somehow get a glimpse of the Royal Family? It is said that a human beings responsibility is to distance himself from the Animal Kingdom and Royalty is about as far as you can get from them. In comparison, I believe that some of the streets in Chicago are about as close as you can get.
      I don’t think Britain sends billions of dollars to other nations as we do, they choose instead to spend it on the Royals who as you saw at the wedding, adore the Royals. Unlike we Americans, they at least get something for their buck.
      Growing up in Canada I still remember listening to the Queen’s message every Christmas morning and singing God save the Queen at the end of movies. Then, of course, there’s James Bond and The Beatles.

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