It Ain’t Disney Baby!



Wow what a Birthday party my daughters Candis and Cami threw for me in San Diego. 40 good friends from all over North America showed up to roast the s**t out of me. I was wise enough to have both my daughters and my niece Christina by my side though so I only got a slight sunburn.

Speaking of my “Toast & Roast” Ron Chapman who was the perfect MC for the evening’s festivities said if Barbara Hilliard speaks we are going to need to book the room for another full day.

So a few weeks ago I headed for San Francisco and just grabbed 3 – T-shirts from the hundreds I have to run in. I put one on and went running each day. On my final day I got my last T- shirt out of my bag and headed out the door. As I was running in the cool California sunshine I looked down at my Tee and discovered I had unknowingly put on an old WRMF 9/11 shirt. The weird part was it was Sunday Sept 11 the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Very strange but very appropriate.

I would think the 6 field goals the Cowboys got against the Redskins instead of touchdowns has a lot more to do with wimpy play calling than athletic ability.

Here are my 4 questions of the week … Is a Black Man ever a racist, a Woman ever a sexist, a Jew ever prejudice or do I become all three by just asking.

OK OK so maybe Shakespeare wasn’t right and the plays not the thing and Charlie Sheen is the real thing.

The thing is if it’s raining I don’t like to go out and run, if it starts raining when I’m already out there I love it.

Speaking about running, the thing of it is the more you run the stronger you get, the fitter you get, and the lighter you get which all leads to what you really need. Speed!

If I owned the Indianapolis Colts I’d call a meeting to find out what the hell all the rest of the players do that costs me so much.

Love is conditional for everyone but family. Like is conditional for everyone.

Most parents believe we need better teachers and I believe we would all be willing to pay those better teachers a lot more money if school went all year. The way they do it now costs us a way too much for them not to go.

When a restaurant comes out with a new menu it only means one thing to me … The prices have gone up.

A few months ago all we heard was “It’s All Good” Now we over hear “It Is What It Is”

Is being able to take advantage of who and what you are a bad thing?

All the spam comments I get claim they love my Blog but they still want me to buy a bunch of stuff too.

Walt believed that you take care of the customer first, your employees next, and the company last. Most American businesses and our Government do it exactly the opposite.

Why do Dee Jays make such a big deal out of good bye at the end of their show and over promoting the days when they are not going to be on the air. They may like saying it but we sure don’t like hearing it,

I think Indy and Miami are just chasing the # 1 pick in the NFL draft.

7 thoughts on “It Ain’t Disney Baby!

  1. Why do Dee Jays make such a big deal out of good bye at the end of their show?

    The show should never end… why give a reason to tune out?

    • Moto, I know you would never think this way but a lot of jocks I bet kinda hoped the station would tank everyday after they got off the air. Howard was the only one who had that evil secret dream come true.

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